Maggie Cheung and Wayne Lai Film Fire Scene for “Forensic Heroes 3”

Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee filmed a fire scene for Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>in  the early pre-dawn hours in Yuen Long. Due to investigating a criminal case, the pair were trapped in a burning house by the culprit.

Wayne laughed, “Wow! It was so difficult to film! I accepted the wrong role! I thought my role only involved office scenes [as a forensic scientist]! I didn’t know the scenes would be so strenuous! To ensure that the final results are good, I have to put in my best efforts though!” Were the scenes very dangerous? Wayne said it was difficult to assess. Since the props were prepared in advance, the procedures were safer. To ensure convincing results, Wayne did not use a stunt double for the fire scene.

Maggie Cheung was not afraid of danger either. “It was very exciting! Some artists find wire scenes very strenuous, but I find them to be fun. The most important thing is that the final results are good.”


Jayne: There are requisite fire and explosion scenes in every TVB drama, especially if it is a police series. Undoubtedly, Wayne might even have some combat scenes in Forensic Heroes 3 as well.

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  1. I really hope the third one will be better than the second one. The second one was rather a disappointment and the added cast didn’t help. This is the first time Wayne is acting in as a professional expert with a big role as most of his past characters are quite straightforward and rude.

    1. And Wayne played a lawyer in ‘When Rules Turn Loose’.

      1. Fox, truth of course. I can take it since I already have an answer.

      2. Truth is: Half convincing, half not.

        His face isn’t serious enough. Lack the pro feeling. His acting helped to cover this. However, the pro image of him isn’t too convincing.

        So I give 50 points, lol.

      3. I thought he was very convincing. If I remember correctly,his character was very real, i.e. not your typical smart, handsome, witty lawyer who leads a carefree life (think File of Justice) but rather, an ordinary middle-age man who was facing marriage problems.

  2. I look forward to this series because of the new cast. Just wished they named it something else as it doesn’t connect with the previous series.

    Glad that Wayne is so professional not to use a stunt double for more realistic effects.

  3. Because Wayne is in it I look forward to it. But because TVB technical series are crap, I don’t.

  4. TVB stunts in modern series..haha:

    Fire/Explosion Scene
    Drowning/Water saving scene
    Jumping into the sea
    Free fall from buildings
    Jumping from bridge/overpass
    Hanging/Roping from high buildings
    Stand on edge of buildings
    Car-car chasing
    Car-man/man-car chasing
    Fighting in/on a moving car
    Thrown out of car
    and others

    1. Other than car-car chasing, I don’t think I am capable of any of the stunts you listed. So, they ARE stunts! Not easy you know…hehe

      1. If you want to be a TVB actress you need to do these stuff, or at least half of it..haha. The stuntman is only there to fill in the most difficult part.

        Among the newer batch of actresses, I remember that Natalie Tong and Aimee Chan has done free fall from a building before – Aimee did with a partner.

  5. Is FH3 going to reused or recycle some old cases back in FH1 and FH2 or other related series?

    TVB IMO still lacks creativity!!!

  6. I dunno if I’m the only one who thinks this, but I’m not all excited for this. Each time TVB makes a cop series where there is a specialist, they barely havee timw to act, since they always give them these huge pages and pages worth of lines, to explain the cases and all and it gets boring. And i’m kinda getting sick of Wayne Lai, and he’s EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I actually like it more that way. When TVB gets too into drama and relationships, they get SUPER cheesy and boring. I’m a fan of crime/detective dramas, so I’m actually really looking forward to this. I didn’t like FH2 because it focused a little too much on Charmaine Sheh-Kevin Cheng. This is probably why I liked Every Move You Make so much because the relationships played out in that drama was so casual and not overly dramatic. 😀

      I’m not getting sick of Wayne Lai yet (but it’s getting there because he seems to be all over the news), but I am getting sick of Moses Chan and Raymond Lam… @[email protected]

  7. Does anyone know if FH3 will be released this year or the next?

    1. @scarlee Not exactly sure, but a friend told me it will air during the summer. Since it’s almost, if not already done, filming, it would air after post-production period.

    2. Likely NEXT Year 2012… one year from now.

  8. YAY! FH3! I watched 1 and skipped 2. This means i may watch half of 3 if i average it out so it means 0. No idea how i got the numbers but then again TVB also doesn’t have any ideal how to make a series on specialists so we’re even, 0:0 (Me:TVB).

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