Mandy Wong Hopes to Film Modern Sequel of “Captain of Destiny”

TVB actress Mandy Wong (黃智雯) attended the wrap-up dinner for her new series Dad Has Something to Say <爸B有話兒> in Tsim Sha Tsui today. Speaking of having viewership ratings peak at 31 points when Raymond Wong (黃浩然) appeared in the finale of Captain of Destiny <張保仔>, Mandy admitted she is extremely happy and that the cast had texted each other to celebrate the good results.

Furthermore, Captain of Destiny earlier won Best Drama at Singapore’s annual TVB StarHub Awards, and costar Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) was crowned TV King. When asked if the cast would have a dinner party, Mandy replied, “That depends on the TV King! Of course he’ll have to treat us. He’ll also have to treat TVB and Astro. It’s going to take him a while!”

Speaking of how netizens proposed to have a sequel filmed, Mandy expressed, “I haven’t spoken with the producer yet, but I wish to film a modern sequel. If it happens, I hope all our characters would be scrambled! It’ll be more interesting.”

In one scene of the drama, Mandy said to Joel Chan (陳山聰), “Husband, your foreign gun is so powerful!” Netizens took screenshots to made fun of its implied obscenity. Mandy laughed and remarked, “My friends sent me screenshots too! People have good imagination! We laughed for a long time while filming the scene as well.”


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  1. mandy looks great.

    first there was 步步惊心 then followed by modern sequel.
    I don’t mind watching MORE of Ruco but LESS of grace please.

  2. Please no more Grace, Tony, and Kelly. If there’s a sequel they should find new leads and only keep Ruco, Mandy, and Joel.

  3. In which universe TVB exists? Well received because of an award based more on one actor and ratings of 31? All I can see is disgruntled WTF JUST HAPPENED reaction with the acting, story and ending.

    1. @funnlim LOL. Typical media and TVB to make a big deal out of one minute of one scene reaching the over 30 mark one time….the average ratings of the series as a whole was only 24 points, but I guess that fact can get swept under the rug now.

      Sad to say that, as much of a disaster as COD was, it will likely be ‘the series to beat’ at the TVB Anniversary Awards aside from LOS…

      And no sequel please, especially if it’s going to continue to have Grace and Tony and if the scriptwriter (who obviously did a poor job with the script) is going to be the same….

      1. @llwy12: Agree. The COD script was a disaster, and Grace & Tony were totally miscast as leads. They are definitely not lead material (yet). The wisest thing the producer did was casting Ruco as the 11th prince. I dare say he single-handedly saved the drama. Of coz, the supporting actors in the palace scenes were also good. Anyway, i doubt there will be a sequel. If there is, Ruco, Joel Chan, Kelly Fu and maybe Otto Chan should be in the sequel. Otto’s acting is still quite stiff but he is Ruco’s best bud in COD, so he’s gotta be in. The best thing that came out of this drama is Ruco’s popularity soared to new heights and also won him the Best Actor award in Singapore.

  4. Well, if you people do not want to watch Grace and Tony on scene.Brace yourself that you will find more newcomers that randomly starts to be on scene.

    Appreciate that at least Grace and Tony are recognisable face and do not give you a hard time watching COD.

    Tbh, I see some potential in Grace, however she does have some room to improve. Having more expression is at least better than having minimal.

    As for Tony, maybe he can improve on expressing the emotions of his character and be consistent.

    1. @alien there is no chemistry between Mui and CPT…they are more like siblings standing together….but Mui and 11th prince are more likely as lovers.

      the peak on the last episode cannot be due to Raymond’s appearance…who is he? captain hook?

      1. @janet72 I agree with you that they have lack of chemistry.But,overall I find them watchable, hope that if they film together again their chemistry could be better.
        Actually after watching COD I find that 11th prince and Mui have slightly more chemistry. But, many commented Mui doubts Ruco for everything he does and I agree on that too. Mui doesn’t deserve the love from Ruco.
        I find it quite abrupt when Kelly suddenly ends up with Ruco. Although on my previous comment I stated that Ruco to end up with Kelly and Tony with Grace.However, the relationship between Kelly and Ruco did not have any progress or much hint in the show. Kelly always shows that she is just his servant and have Ruco’s best interest at heart and maybe slight feelings but these were not emphasised.
        Actually though out the whole series, the emotions and love interest of the characters other than Ruco’s are not consistent. And if I were to say messed up. Although Tony ended up with grace, but his feelings towards her are mild and feels like following the script blindly. I can’t feel any emotions by watching his performance.
        As for Raymond, I thought I was the only who find it weird. It totally had no link towards the storyline? Who is he? Just a cameo for the rating points to increase?
        If there were to be a sequel to COD, however I wish that Mui might end up with 11th prince, I hope that the plot would be logical and not a random twist that make no sense. Unless they make 11th prince come to the future before he marries Kelly.
        But like mentioned by @happybi making Raymond a lose pirat that came to the future might be an interesting plot. And Ruco can go to the future and fight Raymond with Tony? And at the same time fight for Mui?
        Tbh, I’m actually fine with Mui ending up with Tony or Ruco I find them both an attractive choice for Mui to be with as they both sincerely love her… But in terms of chemistry, Ruco and grace indeed have more.

      2. @alien Don’t want a sequal for COD! I want something like a modern spin off with just Raymond in it and of course Ruco but if possible no connection to COD! make it a comedy and add some mystery I’m sure more people will watch!

      3. @happybi haha, got your message wrong XP Good suggestion you gave there! You remind me of a comedy roger filmed something like D.I.E? You give a good point here, shows like those are rare these days…

      4. @janet72: Yeah, Mui and CPT has no chemistry at all. It doesn’t feel romantic at all in the scenes where they were alone together. Mui and Man Ho have so much more chemistry together. At the costume fitting of COD, Grace did say that she was was hoping to film a drama with Ruco after she watched Brother’s Keeper. And she certainly didn’t contain her excitement about Ruco at the costume fitting. She was gutsy to admit her hots for him!!

      5. @lml1977 I remember that interview too. Grace obviously liked Ruco and didn’t hide the fact that she was thrilled to be acting with him. She was so gushy and direct that the poor guy looked embarrassed and tried to change the subject. Lmao.

  5. Aiyoh. No lar…… I can’t bear to watch the 0 chemistry between Tony and grace AGAIN. If only the sequel is about what happened to 11th prince in England, then OK!!!

  6. Sequel ? Ok
    Same cast ? Can handle.
    Same scriptwriter ? HELL NO
    The characters need to have more depth!! Except Ruco’s character.
    So whoever is writing this story better know how to tell it well !!

    N non of those cutesy act pls ! Its a disgrace to any woman. The producer should know better.

    I really hope Mui n Bowie end up together in this one. I dun mind CPT but i rather they just stayed as really close frens

    1. @jlimcyt not all sequels are successful. for sequels, you need to have the same casts…but Mui and CPT look more like siblings than lovers.

  7. I got really hooked onto this show.. I actually really liked CPT and Mui together, i found it very annoying however seeing Mui fall for 11th prince, that just came out of no where. I don’t see how can you fall in love with someone that quick like literally 2 episodes and you fall in love? how does that happen.. and they really need a better script writer, everyone’s pointing their fingers on Grace but who wrote the script and who directed it? No one stopped her, so the director is at fault for not stopping her. Another thing is, the whole background in the palace, i felt that was unnecessary to waste so much time on the palace. they could’ve literally taken out some of those parts to help the characters develop more chemistry, so scripting failed (of course not because of that only)
    Overall, I think the show was a success, people are complaining and saying the show sucked but yet there’s so much viewers. People are still watching, so it cant be that bad. I mean honestly theres shows that were so annoying that you cant even watch like that new show “every step you take” that was unbearable. and I still can’t believe people are saying Raymond is the reason for this high viewership at the end. Raymond appeared for literally 2-3 seconds, i doubt the ratings jumped so much because he came out.

    1. @lavender16 the palace has more screen times were due to ruco. The title was supposed to be cheong po Tsai but it didn’t retell his story at all. It’s more like telling Prince 11th fictional story. Viewers only watched coz of ruco and the scriptwriters knew this. i assume the love for man ho Prince with grace was added to the script to please some of the viewers too. Yes I agree it was too fast. If Prince’s love was written the other way round and focused on Kelly it would have been much better while po Tsai with tai Mui. I’m not a big fan of ruco nor I dislike him, I’m just voicing my opinion. No hard feelings to all ruco fans out there.

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