Mat Yeung and Lisa Chong Shop for Home Together

After being caught going on a date back in May, Mat Yeung (楊明) and Lisa Chong (莊思明) no longer bother to hide their relationship from the public. Although the couple has been dating for only four months, the two are already looking at apartment homes together.

Very open about their relationship, Lisa and Mat frequently express their love on social media platforms. In one blog post that Mat dedicated to Lisa, he even hinted his intentions of marrying her in the near future.

With Lisa being pressured to move by her current landlord, Mat hopes to give his girlfriend a place of their own. Earlier this week, Mat and Lisa were seen outside a real estate office around Happy Valley, looking at posters of various apartment listings. Shortly, they followed a sales representative to a series of different apartment show homes, while chatting quietly and offering their opinions to each other. The couple went their separate ways after lunch.

Reporters followed Mat back to TVB studios where he is currently working on thriller series, Mind Hunter <心理追兇>. Asked if he had already proposed to Lisa, Mat quickly said that he has not thought about marriage yet but he always had the habit of saving money for a wedding.

Although both are currently busy with work, Mat and Lisa will vacation in Thailand after he completes filming his current drama.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. wow they are moving fast.. he dated his ex-gf for a very long time but never married her.. this one he only dated for 4 month but already moving in together? That’s why I always think.. dating for a long time doesn’t mean anything.. if the person is the one, he would have married you a long time ago.

    1. @happybi

      “dating for a long time doesn’t mean anything.. if the person is the one, he would have married you a long time ago.”

      Perhaps the thought of marriage never came across his mind, but that thought changed when he met his current gf? Not every couple seeks marriage.

    2. @happybi

      It’s very unfortunate that Matt’s relationship with his old girlfriend didn’t come to fruition. They were even up to the stage of getting married. But his postponement of the wedding cost his relationship.

      1. @kidd in a way its good that his ex-gf broke up with him. As honestly if he is too busy to make time to marry her then there is a problem. Better she broke it off then waste her time waiting for him. He move on and hopefully his ex is happy too.

      1. @anon
        I guess we can say she’s prettier and sexier than the previous one. The previous non celeb one looks very cute and innocent kind and this is like a complete opposite. They must have sparked after the comedy drama right? Come on love right? She looks that like dump front desk girl they played in there if I am not wrong. Didn’t know she’s well off, no wonder she’s more of the ONE? lol….

  2. She isn’t pretty but she’s pretty rich, pun intended. Her family is into property development in Malaysia and her parents ate datuk and datin. Matt has caught a big fish.

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