Mat Yeung Goes to Court for DUI

By on March 4, 2021 in Hong Kong, NEWS

Mat Yeung Goes to Court for DUI

Already charged with driving under the influence in 2005, Mat Yeung (楊明) was again arrested last August. The actor had crashed his car into a stone curb and appearing to be driving under the influence.  Appearing in court for the latest hearing, Mat and his girlfriend Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明) looked sober when they were confronted about the latest developments.

Mat was charged with three offenses, including refusing to provide a blood sample after declining a breathalyzer test, careless driving, and excessive tinting of his windows. Mat has pleaded not guilty to the first offense, and pleaded guilty to the second and third charges.

The court had scheduled a translator and Mat answered all questions in Chinese. The judge ruled that there is strong prima facie evidence against the defendant, so Mat would be required to defend himself. When Mat decided to not give a testimony, the judge declared that closing remarks will be heard at the next hearing date on March 11.

In the afternoon, Mat, Lisa, and his legal team exited the courthouse. Reporters asked if he was worried that the prima facie evidence was accepted for his DUI case, and also brought up allegations that his stew shop only has a factory canteen license and has been breaking the rules by serving outside customers. Without responding, Mat continued to remain tight-lipped and left quickly in his car.


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Mat Yeung Apologizes for DUI Car Accident

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    1. exodus says:

      Confused as to why Mat needed a translator? Is it not in Canto? Don’t tell me the court is now speaking in Mando only ugh.

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      • melody replied:

        @exodus I think he needed a translator to translate English to Cantonese and vice versa.

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        • exodus replied:

          @melody Oh got it, kind of surprised he doesn’t know English…

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    2. gnomageddon says:

      Honestly, maybe he needs some jail time. Just for a few months or something. DUI can lead to some really bad and serious consequences and he seems to be a repeat offender. A slap in the wrist will only allow him to do it again, and not teach him a lesson because obviously he hasn’t learned from his 2005 offence. I don’t want him in jail but how else will he learn? Should the courts continue to let him off the hook until one day he commits manslaughter? Then that would be a failure of the justice system to wait for a tragedy to occur before placing serious penalities. Better to teach him now than to wait for him to make a bigger mistake later.

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    3. It’s not his first DUI and he is now 40. Enough said.

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