Mat Yeung Resumes Work After DUI Crash

Despite injuring himself during his DUI crash in August, Mat Yeung (楊明) has already resumed work for more than a week. Today, he appeared in good spirits while shooting on-location for his upcoming drama tentatively titled No Problems in My Family <我家無難事>, in which he portrays Grace Wong‘s (王君馨) romantic interest. Joking and laughing with the crew, he expressed that he has already moved past the incident.

In an interview, he said, “In the early days after the accident, it was difficult to recover from it, but the company and producer Amy Wong (王心慰) are really good to me. I am thankful for them. I am back to filming now, and I feel great.”

Though he plays the role of a designer in the drama, he still has to film an action scene requiring him to roll down the stairs. Given that he injured his tailbone and pelvic bone in the traffic collision, Mat expressed that the crew accommodated him by postponing that scene.

He said that he is still in pain, but he has found an orthopedic specialist to help him realign his joints. He said, “I went twice already. When he moved my neck, I could hear my tailbone make a sound. It was more comforting than painful. There are so many old injuries that got fixed, but I still need to go back.”

Mat’s “HeHe” Scenes

In the drama, Grace and Mat’s family speculate that Mat is in a gay relationship due to his bromance with Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂). When asked if they have any “HeHe” (Cantonese slang for gay) scenes, Mat said, “I haven’t seen the script yet. At the moment, there is a scene where we wake up in bed together, making my mom misunderstand that we are gay. There are a lot of scenes of us walking around the house in our underwear, but I used to do that with my friends during camp too. We have some intimate acts like hooking arms and slapping thighs.”

Reporters were then curious to know if Mat has ever attracted gay men before. He replied, “I did when I was younger, but now that I am older, I haven’t. I have been touched before; some were ill-intentioned while some weren’t. I also know a lot of friends who are gay, and they are very respectful of me.”

When asked what he meant by ill-intentioned, he said, “When they look at you, they want to eat you. They want to harass and touch you. I don’t know how to respond because then their eyes become very invasive.”


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  1. He could have killed someone and gets to film a drama…. pakho says nothing harmful, doesn’t even really take sides or call out the government and gets his lead role taken away…… that seems correct. -_-

    1. @tt23 omg don’t get me started. To this day I still have no idea what Pakho did that ended up costing him a year’s worth of work. This Matt guy is obviously a pos with multiple DUIs.

      1. @bubbles23 didn’t he, like Ali, said something that was deemed political too? That’s what I heard cost him the role in LW3…

        I like him and I think I need to stop liking TVB artiste cos I seemed to “curse” them from getting casted in shows LOL

      2. @conan2209 hahaha it’s the like the good old football jinx where the team you support loses. Sidenote I saw on YouTube someone with the same username as you o.o
        I don’t like Pakho’s music that much and think he’s a much better actor. I actually just rewatched LW2 and fell in love with his character lol. So Isearched it now, He voiced his support for the protesters on ig…. Faux pas then, forbidden now….

        I feel bad for whoever else is in dramas with Matt cause I definitely ain’t watching it.

      3. @bubbles23 that’s me for sure, it’s all about Ali too right? Lol

        What’s your username on YT?

        From a profit perspective, I can understand why TVB dare not use Pakho and Ali. They had to use Matt regardless cos if we think about it, there’s no one else! I don’t like Matt so it’s easy for me not to watch his shows

        I have no opinion about Pakho’s singing, i just like his face ;p

      4. @conan2209 haha I can’t rmbr the video but probably 😛 i don’t comment on my main acct.
        Thing is with Matt he’s 1) not handsome imo 2) getting old and 3) not even an idol 4)…. Apparently a horrible person?!? This guy has zero redeeming qualities for me. Like who is there hmmm Idk why can’t they promote Mark Ma, Owen, Jack, Stanley…
        Netizens China are so brutal, but yeah basically no one left at tvb is liberal anymore…

      5. @bubbles23 badly brainwashed is all I can say.

        I was told Koreans netizens are worse, the idols cannot even be seen gambling. Heard of artiste being condemned just cos they did side bets while golfing!

        TVB may as well be sold to a Chinese Inc and be subject to the Chinese censorship board

      6. @bubbles23 Yup, LW2 is messed up and boring esp the main characters of Jessica Hsuan and weird/old looking as heck Moses Chan but the love lines of Benjamin Yuen/Pakho/Priscilla are quite cute to watch. I was so looking forward to the continuation of P/P love line but unfortunately we won’t be seeing any of it so it’s prob all going to be Ben/P. :0(

      7. @wm2017 if you’ve seen the promos floating around the internet it is 100% Ben and Priscilla. Super serious too.

        I’m excited for LW3. I recently rewatched LW2 and I skipped all the parts with Jessica and Moses. So boring, no chemistry whatsoever

      8. @tt23 ikr, Jessica had more chemistry with Priscilla as her subordinate than Moses. I honestly don’t know how he went from that to best couple with Ali lol. What a miscast for LW2

      9. @tt23 TVB casted Moses & Jessica in LW Prelude because they needed to attract viewers with “veterans” since Raymond & Charmaine werent in it. But now, Raymond is back, so TVB doesnt need Jessica & Moses

      10. @wm2017 so I’m rewatching both LW, and aside from the god awful casting of Moses as the villain in LW2, it flows really well actually and the supporting arcs were great.
        LW1 on the other hand, well compared to LW2, especially when you watch LW2 first, it’s lower budget n subpar tvb studio lighting makes it harder to watch and I cringe at those filler scenes that LW2 doesn’t have (cough cough Jazz Boon).
        Anyways , I felt so heartbroken when I got to the episode where Pakho leaves Priscilla *cries. I watched the new trailer with PW and BY today, hope it’s a happy ending.

      11. @bubbles23 Exactly! Those 3 – Benjamin/P/P were the only reason I was watching LW2. I didn’t really care for LW1 so I couldn’t care less for the hype of RL but I was so looking forward to B/P/P. haha lol…Oh well, it’s a good thing that the B&P love lines in LW2 and even kissing scenes and such was alot more between B&P as the love line between P&P was kind of subtle and not that obvious so they might be able to write a good one for B&P this time but still I would miss the P&P line so much. Likewise, I esp like the scene where they went to this Ocean Park or Disneyland kind of theme park n P finally admitted in a piece of paper w/their secret detective coding of #I Love You#. That was kind of heartbreaking and now we will never get to see more. :o(

      12. @wm2017 you understand my sadness! that exact scene killed me x.x it was beautiful and heartbreaking. Like he never said anything and then BAM leaves what is basically his last words for her. But certainly Tin Tong loves Ah Mui more than Lok Siu loves Ah Mui.. LW2 is actually so much darker n grim than LW1. Lol that theme park is in China. It’s basically sponsored by them. Pakho’s character had so much potential I wish they continue exploring his arc, but unlikely now.

      13. @bubbles23 Girl! I am w/you on that one when I heard he got cut OMG……That’s just so such a damn shame I mean the PP story-line can finally be a romantic line you know but unfortunately that’s a goner. I know, Benjamin – LW2 was the only series that I actually find him to be funny and cute. haha lol….He was so convincing as a shameless player who’s chasing after P since day 1 while the other one will never admit it but still shows it from time to time. I never any of Pakho others series or movies but I have to say he’s damn fine in LW2 especially in that China theme park w/the fireworks. ahha lol

      14. @wm2017 he didn’t admit it till the day before he died! ( I guess we just have to accept that he died instead of saved by doing Hei, for now…) I think I should go watch A time for Love 2 to get some romantic P/P storyline and save my heart haha.
        Tin Tong is like the only role Ben shined in imo.

      15. @bubbles23 Yes, LW2 was the only role that I really liked Ben in. It made me check out some of his other stuff, like Threesome and The Speed of Life, and although he was fun in those, he wasn’t quite as likeable. I think it was the chemistry with Priscilla. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

        From new trailers, Sisley and Owen will be in many scenes together and they have a great vibe too. Seems like Mandy will be working with Kenneth. Gives me a Jessica and Moses feel, which is not good.

        I should stop guessing and just enjoy it when it comes out.

      16. @potatochip same haha the trailers really made me concern as there seems to be lots of different arcs n too many characters, idk how they’ll write Foo Hei lol. I hope the returning characters don’t turn into big kei lei fei roles for the sake of having them there. I think ppl underrate what Pris brings to her scenes despite her shortcomings, acting isnt just about yourself. She aces the romance genre.

      17. @bubbles23 also pakho just seems like an all around better person. he’s super loving towards his wife baby girl and family. respectful of others and doesn’t do dumb sh*t.

        yes I think he’s also a better actor, songs meh. I don’t think it was 100% with the protestors I think he said something about staying safe. Either way, he didn’t drink and drive which kills millions of people each year. Ugh so annoyed lol

      18. @tt23 Ikr. With all the movies he’s done he never really had rumours or said anything out of line towards other artistes (I think). I rmbr how I was surprised that a big star like him signed with tvb… He got so popular and then got “cancelled”.

      19. @tt23 Pakho has a great personality. Not only is he loving towards his family, he is brave and unafraid to speak up for democracy

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