Max Zhang Appreciates Ada Choi’s Support

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In the industry for 14 years, Max Zhang (張晉) finally gained recognition in The Grandmaster <一代宗師>, where won Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards. On stage, Max’s acceptance speech moved his wife, Ada Choi (蔡少芬), to tears. Off the stage, Max continuously thanked Ada for her wonderful support.

“When I went on stage, I had a lot of thoughts on my mind. I really want to thank Ada for supporting me. I think her feelings at that time were really mixed too. Because she’s the closest person to me, besides feeling happy, she felt slightly sour because all of this was not easy. She saw everything I’ve been through. She is the type of person to be happy and sad for others. Whenever she sees her friends getting bullied, she would be very angry. That’s the type of person she is.”

No Plans For More Children

Blessed with two adorable daughters, Max expressed that the couple has no plans for any more children in the future. Although Max is not one to follow strict traditions, his grandfathers, on the other hand, are different. Both of Max’s grandfathers have continuously nagged at Max for him to have a son. Max stated that at first, he did want a little boy, but now, he is content with two healthy daughters.

Besides showering his two daughters with love, Max swore to never argue with Ada in front of the children. Whenever they have a difference in opinions, they would immediately walk away and calm down independently. Max prefers sitting down to discuss the problems rather than blatantly arguing. Married for six years, the couple found a happy medium in balancing their work and family life.


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    1. DramaAddict says:

      Nice that they have such a strong and loving relationship! Until the kids are fast asleep, it sure is not easy to bite your tongue and hold off on discussion of differences.

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      I didn’t even realize he was an actor……thought he was just another actor-wannabe from China.

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    4. for best supporting actor in the 33rd anniversary awards

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      I dont know why but I just cant like this guy. Maybe because of his serious face, always try to look too cool? Like never smile. Like Victoria Beckham? LOL>

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        Lol, I couldnt put my finger on it but I think thats it. He never doe smile does he. Also looking much trendier than Ada in that pic. I guess he is younger than her though.

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      max zhang is martial arts great exponent next to donnie yen… he can really shine as he got the goodlooking and fit body comparable to eddy peng…max zhang is really hot man

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