Michelle Dong Finally Shares Her Feelings After Husband Gavin Gao’s Arrest

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Michelle Dong Finally Shares Her Feelings After Husband Gavin Gao’s Arrest

It’s been nearly nine months since the sexual assault arrest of Gavin Gao Yunxiang (高云翔) and producer Wang Jing (王晶) in Sydney, Australia. While Gao will remain incarcerated in Australia while awaiting for his ninth hearing on January 25th, his wife and fellow actress Michelle Dong Xuan (董璇) has long returned to China to restart her life.

It hasn’t been easy for the actress, and in a recent episode of Star Talks <星空演讲>, Michelle finally opened up about her feelings after months of staying quiet. In the 20-minute talk, Michelle recalled her life’s journey, from being a struggling actress, to a happy wife and mother, to Gao’s arrest.

Gavin Gao

“Before this year happened, I thought I was living a pretty good life,” she said. “I read recently that netizens are calling me the ‘leader of the forgiveness sect’, but I don’t care. I just know that I am still that same stubborn girl. I can’t be distracted. I can’t be discouraged. I have to use all of my power to solve these problems. After all, there are parents to take care of, children to raise, and work to commit to. As for me, I am the only one in my family with shoulders that can carry work. Whatever that happens in the future will be dealt with in the future. After all, I believe that with my personality, no matter what I have to face in the future, I know I can get through it.”

Michelle is not a cryer, but upon hearing all the words of support and receiving the kindness of others, she started to break down. “I never cried. It was to the point where I was suspecting that my tear ducts have stopped working, but after receiving so much kindness, I realized that they’re still there. As long as there is beauty and kindness in the world, those tears are worth crying for.”

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3 comments to Michelle Dong Finally Shares Her Feelings After Husband Gavin Gao’s Arrest

  1. terrycrews19 says:

    of course it would be stressful, regardless of whether he actually did rape or didn’t rape the woman, he was still caught in bed with another woman and another man.

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  2. m0m0 says:

    in this case, the child is really a burden b/c if they didn’t have a child, she could just leave him. but for the sake of the child, she has a family and it won’t be easy to let things just go.

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  3. wm2017 says:

    Yes, it’s quite sad as people probably thinks she has the perfect life. Good enough looking hubby who is not too popular but does have some good roles here and there and a cute baby. Who would have thought of such bad news and while in another country too. The dude really seems like a good kind I mean not that you ever tell but if they have it on video I don’t know how that could be a lie. But regardless, his career is probably over whether or not he gets convicted.

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