Michelle Ye Confirms Dating Shanghai Fashion Stylist

By on June 19, 2015 in NEWS

Michelle Ye Confirms Dating Shanghai Fashion Stylist

This week, Michelle Ye (葉璇) was photographed kissing a mysterious man on the streets of Shanghai. The man was later identified to be a well-known fashion stylist, known as Mr. Little Mo (小默先生)The couple has reportedly been dating for several months.

Mr. Little Mo primary serves as a stylist for wealthy women and celebrities in China. At the same time, he is also the image consultant for Mainland television stations, magazines, films, as well as international beauty pageants.

Following the exposure the couple’s relationship, netizens backtracked on Michelle’s Weibo and noted many hints that implied their relationship. The pair has been exchanging messages on Weibo for some time, and appeared to have traveled to France together in May for work.

Due to initial rumors speculating that Mr. Little Mo was dating Monica Mok (莫小棋), Michelle had declared via Weibo, “Official announcement: Mr. Little Mo is not Monica’s boyfriend! Since Monica has a visual impairment, she thinks Mr. Little Mo is not handsome at all!” Mr. Little Mo had also complimented Michelle on Weibo, stating, “The most beautiful smile comes from the heart.”

When reached for comments, Michelle’s manager responded through text message and expressed, “Since she is in love, it is one of the most beautiful things in life. Hopefully everyone will give her their well wishes.”

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  1. tess says:

    She’s getting more beautiful. She’s a rare beauty with brains and good personality. Love her!

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  2. coralie says:

    Michelle is still as blunt as ever. I think it’s kind of rude of her to call out her friend like that though, and announce to the world that her friend doesn’t think her boyfriend’s cute. I mean, wth? Say this in private or as a joke to the bf, but not to the world. Now this friend of hers will probably feel mad awkward when she’s around him. Unnecessary.

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