Moses Chan, Vincent Wong Take Health Precautions

With eight confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Hong Kong, local residents celebrated the Lunar New Year holiday quietly with added health precautions. At a promotional event today, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) shared the precautions they are taking to ensure their families stay safe.

Moses Teaches His Kids the Importance of Washing Hands

This year, Moses’ wife Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) cooked an incredible meal with crab, shrimp, and abalone for Lunar New Year’s Eve. Aimee was meticulous in preparing this meal, and Moses was happy to help with the individual plating. The family decided to remain home to celebrate the holiday this year.

Commenting on the public’s panic over the current coronavirus outbreak since Hong Kong was hit hard by SARS in 2003, Moses shared, “My kids are still very young, so I am concerned. I heard that school may postpone its opening so that does ease my mind a little. We were supposed to visit a lot of people, but we decided not to. I am teaching my kids the symptoms of this virus and the right hygiene standards. Now they know the importance of washing their hands and the dangers of rubbing their eyes.”

Vincent Has a Stockpile of Face Masks

Local stores are currently facing shortages of face masks since many people stockpile them, but Vincent Wong is well prepared. He said, “I’ve always kept extra face mask supplies at home. I’ll just be more mindful of their use for now. I’ll research to see which type of face mask is the best to use.” Wishinge veryone good health in the New Year, the 36-year-old actor admitted he will wear a face mask when he doesn’t need to work.

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