[MV] Kris Wu and Zanilia Zhao’s “Thinking of You”

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[MV] Kris Wu and Zanilia Zhao’s “Thinking of You”

In their new music video, “Thinking of You” <想你>, Kris Wu (吳亦凡) and Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) star as lovers separated by time. Kris’ character is from the year 2047 while Zanilia portrays a character from 1947. Through a time warp, the two meet on the same train. Despite their brief encounter, they leave a deep impression upon each other….

Kris is the producer, composer, and lyricist for “Thinking of You”.

“Thinking of You” <想你> MV

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[MV] Kris Wu and Zanilia Zhao’s “Thinking of You”

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    1. jjwong says:

      Cute concept. But customes, cosmetics and settings could’ve better done with where the 2 years (1947 and 2047) are vastly different. The bigger contrasts, the better impact. Song and singers wise … meh.

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