Myolie Wu Not Afraid to Pursue Her Dreams

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“Falling in love is up to fate. We tried our best and gave our best, but there’s nothing we can do if our ending doesn’t turn out to be what we predicted. I can only say that we were not fated to be,” Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) commented on her 8-year relationship with ex-boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). Ever since their breakup, her target has switched to her career. Taking as many chances as possible, Myolie hopes to bring her acting skills to a new level.

“Perhaps being single is better for my career. When I was dating, my focus was always on my other half. Now that I’m single, I can talk more about work in media interviews and become more devoted to my career and lifestyle,” she said.

Currently busy filming TVB series, No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>, Myolie admitted she initially felt a lot of pressure. “It later turned into motivation though. I told myself to do my best and not think too much about other things.” Myolie portrays Cheung Kei Sang, an agent for the Communist Party of China, who has faced many tragic experiences.

“There were many scenes where my character had to leave her loved ones. The process was tough at first, because I faced too many emotional ups and downs, which eventually led to insomnia. But now that we’re nearing the end of filming, everything is becoming much better,” Myolie revealed. She is now left with a feeling of accomplishment and has high hopes for the series to be well-received.

Speaking of grabbing the TV Queen title this year, Myolie expressed, “Receiving an award or not depends on many factors. It’s fine as long as I tried my best. Even if a certain role is criticized by the audience, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t good enough.”

Having participated in numerous dramas, it was hard for Myolie to pick out her favorite character. “It constantly changes from time to time,” she said. “Cheung Kei Sang from No Reserve was the hardest to portray, but it served as a new challenge. I also really like Wong Sze Fu from Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> and Fan Suk Heung from Wish and Switch <換樂無窮>.”

Although Myolie has portrayed many different types of roles, her wish to play a doctor has yet to come true. “I’ve always been interested in medical professions since childhood. Sadly, my grades weren’t good enough and I didn’t make it into medicine school. It would be great if I can be a doctor onscreen.”

Is Myolie the type of person who will give her all for what she wants? “Dreams must be sought after. Don’t wait until you’re old or when you’ve lost all chances and then regret not taking all the opportunities once offered. I am a pretty courageous person, and I often use my courage to try new things. Even if I fail, at least I tried.”

Besides acting, Myolie has also been praised for her voice. “I believe I will sing if I have time left over. Being a singer in Hong Kong is not easy, and they don’t earn a lot of money either. There’s pressure involved and I’m worried my singing is not up to par. I’ll try if there are chances, but it’s not something I’m striving for.”

Myolie expressed her ultimate goal is to work outside Asia. “Although it seems really far away and difficult, I think just having this thought is a good thing. I’m trying my best to have it come true.”

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47 comments to Myolie Wu Not Afraid to Pursue Her Dreams

  1. blurjen says:

    how about some kids, myolie?

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    • bbfanny replied:

      I think in another interview she has said that she wants to focus on filming and making lots of money for these few years and strive her best towards her career, then take a long break from work after she fullfills her career achievement and gained enough money. I guess the break is where she plans to settle down with her dream man and have kids.

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      • blurjen replied:

        thank you fanny

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  2. Funn Lim says:

    What if your best is not good enough?

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    • jayne replied:

      It’s more about the effort and attempts at trying to get to the goal through various methods.

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    • bbfanny replied:

      What’s wrong with Myolie striving to achieve her dreams? If Fala can dream to go to Hollywood and win an Oscar at her current level of mediocre acting, we should also support Myolie to pursue her dreams to work beyond Asia and reach her best achievement in her entertainment career. We don’t know what is our best until we put the outmost effort to reach our target in life.

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  3. Ann says:

    When she broke up with Bosco the public blame went to Bosco. I’ve wstch a part in Eric’s cheong moon yan. This topic was brought up in one of the game segment. Bosco about his rumour with the chinese actress. Bosco replied “hard to swallow”. Eric then joked..the previous one so hard to swallow also you can swallow already. Ha ha…makes me wonder if Myolie is a difficult person to be with.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      Personally I think Myolie is a person easy to get along with people in general, but not with her boyfriend. Reasons: she grew up in a single family. Her mother dumped her and her other sisters and left when she was quite young. She has some kind of insecurity with her boyfriend/lover. Again, this is my personal perception only. Fans of Myolie, don’t bash me.

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      • pandamao replied:

        Well it’s a relationship. Myolie likely had her insecurities and Bosco had his flirtatious side. If Bosco was considerate enough, he would adapt to make things work with Myolie and if Myolie was considerate enough, she would adapt to make things work. In the end, both tried very hard to make it work and it’s not either side’s fault.

        I agree – it was a personality mismatch, despite how much some loved the two of them together.

        Myolie had a lot of praises in the past for Bosco and Bosco inside acknowledged Myolie’s attributes. I really wish things worked out better but glad the bleeding finally stopped for the both of them.

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      • sel_fi_wu replied:

        great that they broke up. myolie can find better guy.

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    • bbfanny replied:

      That sounds rude of Eric and he’s not considering Myolie’s feeling at all. What makes Eric think he has the right to hint that Myolie is a difficult person when Bosco has repeatedly expressed that Myolie is a nice woman even after the breakup? Eric has a foul mouth and heart, I hate this old man, he also has an issue with Joey Yung.

      Any sane woman will have insecurities issue with their husband/lover. That’s what makes Anita become a controlling wife over Chilam. Myolie has a strong personality, I think she needs a helpless romantic and mature type of man to compliment her go getter and career centric personality. Bosco is not enough, he’s too relaxed and playful flirtatious, and in Eric’s game show, didn’t Bosco also said he doesn’t like to tell his other half about his whereabouts or if he’s meeting another female outside because he doesn’t like complicated explaining.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Personally I don’t think their personalities matched, and probably that was the reason for the breakup. There is a Chinese saying “長痛不於短痛”. Perhaps that is the best for both of them.

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      • bbfanny replied:

        Their relationship also falters during their absence from each other since end of 2011 when they took turns filming in China one after another, you cannot blame her if she feels insecure over him when he’s often out having fun with friends where anything can happen while she was working in China until May, any sane woman will feel the same, and later coincidentally it was his turn to go to China, and you know if your other half doesn’t like explaining things or tell you his life details, something must be wrong or he must be derailed somewhere, and the lack of time spent together can make feelings grow apart. I say that they’re not fated for each other, I agree with her. In a way it’s also a blessing for her because she now has more time for striving the best towards her dream and career instead of constantly need to care of her other half.

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    • anoninhk replied:

      i watched a tv show in which reporters addressed the rumours surrounding their breakup. apparently, reporters believed bosco “tow sik” (cheated) behind myolie’s back, and he was often caught. they said because they made their relationship public, it made reporters even more observant of them. another person in the show also revealed myolie had lots of pursuers. so i guess myolie was sick of bosco cheating (or at least going out clubbing while she wasn’t in hk) amd thought she could do better.

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      • I felt so bad for the both of them to have their break up publicised! but i guess it’s part and parcel of being a famous personality

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  4. Teecee says:

    Well let’s hope she does pursue whatever dream she wants to be fulfilled, she’s not getting any younger.

    What’s interesting about Myolie is that after being in the industry for over 10 years and still no actual breakthrough came out of her. She has the potential to be a good actress but she’s not really showing any ability of that especially recently, it seems like she got a bit too comfortable after her award that she don’t put as much effort into her acting like she used to when she was younger. Throughout all her career, she was miscast in almost all of her roles. She’s either the damsel in distress or the independent woman who’s vulnerable to love. She’s been given all the wrong roles for years, I do wonder where her direction in her career is going, her role in that series with Wayne does sound different but not too promising either. It’s a shame though, I saw talent when I first laid eyes on her in Golden Faith. Almost all of her emotional scenes is the same expression over and over, whether she’s crying, yelling or laughing it’s nothing new anymore. I wish to see something more come out of her instead of those repetitive gestures or emotions…just because they were successful the first time does not mean we want to see that again; give us something different.

    Also why is Bosco mentioned in almost every Myolie article and vice versa? Yes they dated and yes they broke up but that’s life, relationships come and go it does not matter who is better than who anymore.

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    • carmen replied:

      your wrong. I disagree with you. myolie’s been putting alot of efforts since the day she won the award. she’s not being too comfortable. she’s been busy throughout the years. she has been acting day and night. Yes that may be for all artiste but she’s hardworking. I don’t get why ppl just can’t see. not being rude, but it’s true.

      bosco is mention in almost all of her articles cause they were together for 7 years. it’s a really long period. you can barely find someone like them. as you said , relationships come and go I agree. only for 2 years but not to a 7 years of relationship.

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      • Austin replied:

        I know she works hard but there is no improvement in her acting at all, all of her expressions are the same. Every artiste works hard, some showed improvements but some don’t its just how it is.

        Sme ppl were together for 20 years and they still end up being separated and never mention or see each other after that so yes relationships do come and go whether its for 2 weeks or 7 years. The amount of years does not matter, once that feeling is gone its gone. There are couples who have been together for more than 7 years, Bosco and Myolie is just another couple that had their time together and moved on. Nothing special or that worthy of mentioning which they both agree.

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      • Dd replied:

        Good one.

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      • Teecee replied:

        Can you name which role she excelled well after her award? Better yet even before her award, which role actually showed what she’s capable of? I honestly can’t think of one in the recent years, she don’t have a lot of range for an actress unless she’s not showing it I mean there’s not much to show when she’s been miscast throughout her entire career. I do see she’s hardworking and as mentioned above every artiste works hard but it all matters whether she succeeds or not. A student can study for hours but still fails the test, that is the difference she does her homework but she fails in the end and that’s that. I’m not trying to give the impression that I dislike her but I just want her to prove to people that she can succeed as an actress and she didn’t win that award for nothing.

        Relationships do come and go the number does not matter, some people get ,arrived after 6 months together and last a life together while some it takes them 15 years to be together then decide its time to move on. Just because they were together for a certain long period of time it does not mean they never loved each other, they just want something different as they grow older. They broke up last year and people are still mentioning it is quite exhausting even for both of them. From your words you’re implying they still have a life together but as of now they don’t so I see no point of mentioning neither one of them together and besides I don’t see Bosco’s name in the article either.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        “Better yet even before her award, which role actually showed what she’s capable of?”


        Golden Faith. Her best. Sometime later, when she got really famous, when her enthusiasm for acting seems lowered, right around that Fei Tin series, she has since stopped improving.

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      • pandamao replied:

        “Better yet even before her award, which role actually showed what she’s capable of?”

        Honestly – even if I name a series she’s improved in, you will counter back with “.. she had the same emotions.” Like or dislike an actress is so subjective, what’s the point in providing an example.

        For me, I do notice a smaller level of improvement since Golden Faith but that’s not to say she has not improved. Myolie’s way of improving wasn’t an extreme make-over of herself and she suddenly became an Esther Kwan. (My opinion is Esther was one of the few TVB actress that was consistent and always improving). Instead, Myolie improved bits and pieces in her acting. In one role, she improved on being crying better. Let’s compare her Tai Chi “gwing” crying to her TITS2 crying at the airport museum. Please tell me you can see an improvement on that specific skill set.

        Comedy – compare her style from My Sassy Mother in Law to Ghetto Justice or a Chip off the Old block.

        People are really harsh on artist these days. Props to all of them still trying to improve and haven’t felt discouraged yet. This includes ones like Fala that take a big risk and ones like Myolie that gives herself an immense amount of pressure.

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      • Teecee replied:

        Acting is subjective but she is improving very very slowly. I mean she won Best Actress and I’m not even going to get into whether she deserved it or not but for a Best Actress candidate winner she should at least live up to the title but she don’t.

        The crying scenes you compared is very different since her role in Tai Chi was another damsel in distress who easily breaks down but her role in Triumph In The Skies 2 is the opposite of that so there are two different set of weeping scenes. For the one in Tai Chi it was just another he of those obnoxious crying scenes but in this series it’s where she’s trying to hold in her emotions but breaks down because she couldn’t take it, even though its the same sentiment it’s still very different. I can’t say anything about improvement or not but I don’t want to judge am artiste’s performance until the series is over. Like for Ron’s situation in L’Escargot, I thought he nailed the break up scene but overall he was still not great. So far her screen time in the current series is not much so therefore I can’t really say how I feel about her yet.

        Again those roles in those series are very different even if its in the same genre but the comedy style is different, I don’t think she excel well in comedies. She seem to do fine in series where she don’t talk as much and not as loud.

        I don’t think any of us is being harsh on anyone, they are actors that are judged for their acting abilities and we’re all just providing constructive criticism to them which I see fit as appropriate. Again I do not dislike Myolie but I just see no improvement whatsoever these recent years.

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      • TVBFanatic replied:

        Teecee stated ” I mean she won Best Actress and I’m not even going to get into whether she deserved it or not ”

        I will though… I personally thought that role was one of her worst. I know a lot of people say it was a breakthrough for her because it wasn’t a role she typically plays… but I thought she overplayed the role and was borderline unwatchable at times. Nice for attempting to step out of your “comfort zone” and trying to take on a role you usually aren’t cast for, but to win a best actress for it?

        This pretty much cemented the idea in my head that TVB awards the best actress award based on their advertising / money making plans rather than based on actual acting.

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      • pandamao replied:

        @Teecee –

        This is how opinions differ. When I asked about the crying b/w the two scenes I never consider how different the roles are. In my mind, it’s pretty obvious that there will never be two exactly same roles. Instead of focusing on how different the roles were, I looked at it at the perspective of how well the emotions flowed out from her and how convincing her emotions were. Again, on this aspect, we can disagree.

        In regards of being critical, I think us viewers are. We aren’t professionals. Just merely a few conversation exchanges between you and I, I can see we judge on two totally different basis.

        I’m a fan of Myolie because of her off screen persona but I do recognize she’s not Best Actress material compared to the 90s fa dan. She is best actress material if we were to compare to Linda, Kate, Fala, Tavia though …

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      • Hannah replied:

        For the record, not starting any fan wars. I’m not a fan.

        But, out of all the current fadans, Myolie and Tavia are pretty on par. Maybe Tavia has more range as she can do modern and ancient. I still think Myolie’s forte is modern.

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      • bbfanny replied:

        For the record since you started it, I always think Myolie is better than Tavia. Tavia still looks like a supporting actress and her looks dwindled in recent years, while Myolie has always been looked as a lead since TITS and she grows prettier and more elegant and she grows older.

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      • Crystal replied:

        Agree with Hannah. Tavia has range over Myolie. If you ask me, neither look like main leads. Therefore I would take Tavia over Myolie.

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      • Teecee replied:

        We all have different opinions but for me I don’t really judge am actress based on her actual personality I mean she seems like a nice girl sure but her acting is not up to it and that’s what I’m judging her for. Out of her and the other four leading actresses I don’t think she’s any better more experience yes but I definitely wouldn’t label her as best actress material and I agree with the others above, between her and Tavia it seems like Tavia has the upper hand there in terms of acting but at the same time I wouldn’t label her as best actress either. She’s just more versatile than Myolie and was cast in more appropriate roles than Myolie ever did. Looks doesn’t matter when it comes to acting, they’re not in some beauty contest its all about how they express the selves on screen and Tavia seems to be a bit better at doing that than Myolie considering they go started out during the same time but at least I see Tavia actually making more improvements than Myolie. I don’t like comparing them since they’re both have very different techniques when it comes to acting I mean they all do but since that subject came into the conversation I just stated my opinion.

        Myolie and Tavia are the most experienced actresses out of the others meaning they started out earlier but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best either. Kate is the most versatile out of the group of leading actresses, every role she got to portray were so different so therefore it showed us what she’s capable or not capable of. Linda sort of fit in with Myolie’s situation, miscast many times and playing too many repetitive roles so nothing new came out of her. As for Fala, she’s the most inexperienced out of them she’s still in that stage where she’s trying to find her own identity in terms of acting even if she’s been in the industry for decades but remember none of thhem received any proper acting training which is why we see slow improvements from them that takes years to achieve oppose from those who actually received proper traning. I just think Myolie doesn’t recognize her flaws and what she needs to do to get out of that image she had since the day she started her career, and that’s a liability that’s holding back her career.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Agree that Myolie Wu has put in a lot of efforts to improve her acting. She is willing to sacrifice her pretty long hair, decent look (such as cutting her hair really short to act Summer in “TITS 2” and putting on 40+ pounds for Fay Tin’s character) to suit her characters. Unfortunately, I think her acting talents are rather limited. She has not been able to improve her acting much over the years. I agree that Myolie’s acted best in “Golden Faith”, but not much thereafter.

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      • Jen replied:

        ^ She was hesitant to cut her hair and they produced had to request her to do so again.

        Maybe Myolie needs to loosen up. She comes off as expectating too much. I still remember her initial reaction to winning MFFC. Ehh

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      • sandcherry replied:

        But she still had her hair cut really short as requested by the producer, which was good for being a professional artiste. As a result, she did not look pretty at all and she knew it.

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      • Teecee replied:

        I don’t think her cutting her hair really defines her as a professional artiste, it’s part of a requirement for her role as an artiste. Many actors are willing to gain over 100 pounds and some they have to lose a certain amount of weight. Some get actual piercings in certain body parts and need to go through whatever training they need to for months and have a set protein daily meal. Changing your image for a role is necessary, having most of her hair chopped off is not really a big of deal compared to what other artistes have to go through.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        No matter how much Linda Chung is loved by her fans as a favourite actress, she never has her long hair cut short to give her audience a new image. The only time she wore her hair short was acting with a short wig some years ago. Therefore, I respect Myolie in this respect.

        Agree with you totally that “it’s part of a requirement for her role as an artiste ……….. Changing your image for a role is necessary”.

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      • Teecee replied:

        I don’t know about Linda but its probably because she was never asked or it wasn’t necessary to, I’m sure if she were asked to she would do it. I don’t think cutting her hair is a big deal, it’s just hair they’ll grow.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Linda Chung mentioned more than once that she never wore her hair short after she was a teenager. If she had to wear a short wig in one of her drama series, why didn’t she just have her hair cut short? Her short wig was not good on her anyway.

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      • Teecee replied:

        I thought her wig looked fine in that series, just because she didn’t cut her hair for that role doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have. Many other artists wore wigs as well, I don’t think we should judge or label her as an unprofessional artiste just because she wasn’t given a choice to cut her hair. I think she may of been filming another series at the time which permitted her to do so. Either way it’s not fair to judge her for that lol cutting ones hair is the least harmful thing that can happen for roles preparation.

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    • Austin replied:

      Well said

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  5. haha says:

    myolie is not good at all in acting, maybe they gave her the award cos there’s nobody else to give it to that year, everyone else left to work for the other co, she is only good in documentary

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    • Raymond replied:

      Yeah, you could be one of the acting judges / panels in the future. Not even the judges from the Asian TV Award could be as good as you because they awarded Myolie with her acting.

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  6. AC says:

    I really liked Myolie’s studio voice. I remember that she was going to start another album, but then she got really busy filming so it never happened.

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  7. Hope says:

    Talking about Myolie’s ‘break-out’ role, for me it’s Ghetto Justice 1. I just love her character there & how she plays it!

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    • sandcherry replied:

      I haven’t seen any breakthrough role yet from Myolie after “Golden Faith”. “Ghetto Justice 1” could be her best drama series as 1st lead actress.

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  8. lily says:

    I personally find her boring in the roles she acted. Same expression, no improvement. Really boring. No versatility.

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    • breakfast replied:

      that’s right

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  9. Choi1404 says:

    All this topic is getting me a little upset. But I think if she is not improving in a China Award they do not give her the best Hong Kong actress. With Kevin together. Please be more concerned with others hardworking.


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  10. rosemary says:

    Perhaps Japanese or Korean? Hope to see you as the leading actress in one 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed!

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