Myolie Wu Not Eager for Marriage, “I Still Have Plenty of Pursuers!”

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) appeared at a promotional event for Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王> yesterday. Myolie indicated that she invited her parents, aunt, and uncle to eat dinner together while watching the premiere of Curse of the Royal Harem. Asked whether she had invited “family member” Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) to join the dinner as well, Myolie said,  “No.” (Myolie refused to let him enter the “palace”?) Myolie replied, “No, it’s not related.”

In an interview, Bosco admitted that he was not concerned about the “Seven Year Itch” in a relationship. Noting that she was afraid of speaking the wrong words, Myolie refused to comment on Bosco’s statement. As for Bosco’s admission that he currently had no marriage intentions, Myolie said with reservation, “I am currently very busy and will focus on my career. There is no need to discuss these matters! Itchy or not in a relationship, it’s very difficult to answer. Also, he commented in such an ambiguous manner. When I can answer you in a more definitive manner, I will do so!”

However, Myolie did not deny that she had numerous pursuers. Since marriage was a life-long commitment, it was important for an unmarried man and woman to consider matters carefully first.


Jayne: Would Myolie and Bosco’s obvious dating relationship deter her potential suitors? It’s not the first time that Bosco was apparently too frank in an interview and when asked to respond, Myolie felt cornered. I find Bosco’s honesty quite refreshing….

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  1. I’ve noticed it’s usually Myolie who is ambiguous or diplomatic while Bosco is frank and candid. lol. Opposites attract, eh?

  2. Maybe They already have internal interaction or agreement beforehand that’s why neither Myolie or Bosco shows any “black” face infront of the reporters or it could be all act from them…

  3. Mingpao has a more “interesting” title



    1. Myolie might not be the frank type like Bosco or maybe they don’t declare any oath yet so that’s why Myolie don’t like the media keep attaching her to Bosco when she has many suitors around. We should respect her. She might given him a diamond earring but maybe their relationship isn’t into that marriage deep yet so that’s why she doesn’t want to be looked at as if she’s his wife.

  4. Myolie still has time to choose the best suitor for her marriage and looks like she’s opening herself for suitable suitors. 32 years old isn’t old for today’s standard and many woman are just reaching their career peak at this age. Modern medicine also allow 40 and above woman to give birth so we should understand why Myolie not eager for marriage yet.

  5. ooooh i love myo’s dress so pink and pretty and it made myolie’s face rosy! she def look one of her best

  6. I like Myolie. She’s refreshing and knows exactly what she wants like her character in Ghetto Justice. She’s beautiful too and dresses pretty well most of the time. At this stage in her life when things seem to be going very well with her, especially in her career, I do not think she is in a hurry to marry yet and be tied down by family commitments. There is so much going for her now. She once said that she would like to have “more rumours” while Kevin preferred none at all. Like Myolie I am quite Boscoe prefers to remain single for the moment. Both are still young and can wait a little longer before deciding to tie the knot eventually.

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