Myolie Wu’s Husband Proposed After Dating for 3 Months

Ever since Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has shifted her career to China, her career and popularity sharply rose. Solidifying her acting skills, the 41-year-old actress joined in Chinese acting competition Everybody Stand By <演員請就位> and was named Best Performer. Reflecting on the past, she shared how she overcame her setbacks to find happiness in her career and personal life.

Competed in Miss Hong Kong Because of Financial Necessity

In 1999, Myolie mustered the courage to compete in the Miss Hong Kong pageant despite knowing that she would be under heavy public scrutiny. “To tell you the truth, people didn’t compliment that I was beautiful when I was younger. It wasn’t important to me. Why did I sign up for the pageant? Since I was young, I knew my dad was going to retire when I started my first year of university. So I took on the opportunity and turned into a job. It was a way to meet my most basic survival needs, and it helped me overcome my fears.”

Shortly after winning runner-up in the pageant, Myolie was heavily promoted within three years of joining TVB and received Most Improved Actress for Golden Faith <流金歲月>. Although Myolie’s hard work led to many leading roles, some viewers also questioned her acting skills. Sharing how she handled the criticism, Myolie revealed, “You grit your teeth and keep going.”

Husband Proposed After 3 Months of Dating

During her time with TVB, Myolie dated fellow actor Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) for seven years before calling it off in 2012. Due to Bosco’s fierce love of independence and the couple’s long separation periods because of work, Myolie was filled with insecurity and their relationship did not turn out the way she wanted.

Three years later, Myolie met Philip Lee (李乘德). She revealed, “I fell in love at first sight, and he kept texting me for three consecutive days expressing all his thoughts on his mind, including his future plans and asked whether I wanted to have children. I felt if he didn’t want to settle down, he wouldn’t ask these questions. These were important issues for him.”

Philip’s sincerity and straightforward personality impressed Myolie, who said, “After we dated for three months, he proposed. We are very compatible, so I felt we could be together in the future.”

The couple married in 2015 and Myolie gave birth to two sons, Brendan in 2017 and Ryan in 2019. Currently, Myolie is pregnant with her third child and is looking forward to a bigger family. The actress’ pregnancy surprised many fans since she was already pregnant while filming Everybody Stand By. Revealing why she kept it a secret, Myolie said, “I didn’t announce it that time. I hope that I can say I have the skills [to compete in the program].”

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  1. I came across her Everybody Stand By performance on youtube and to be honest, I was very surprised at how well she performed. I’m not a fan of her and always thought she was a subpar, but she was excellent in the show. Maybe motherhood changed her and allowed her to relate to the character she was playing (a mother who was interrogated and forced to separate with her kids that were unbeknownst to her abducted by her husband). The script and scene were great of course, but she definitely delivered. Whether she used method acting or she was just able to relate to the character, either way, she did very well and redeemed herself and her poor acting skills reputation. Also, I’m surprised her husband texted such heavy stuff in the first 3 days of them dating. He always looked like a player to me. But from the way he communicated with Myolie, you can tell this man is looking for a wife to settle down with. I think they make a great couple and they have a beautiful family. Not sure what she’s been in or acted outside of TVB, but it’s nice to see that she has a good family and also seems to be well received in China, which is a hard market to break into given her age and language barrier to say the least.

    1. @gnomageddon I haven’t seen the show, but knowing she was pregnant when she was in it, I bet she was more emotional than normal. So in that case, it should be easier to get into character, just like how Kevin Cheng infamously told Grace Chan to reference her emotional moments when pregnant in her acting in the future lol. It’s definitely a possibility that she got an advantage there…

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  3. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed her acting in Golden Faith. I still think it’s her best performance to date.

    1. @anoninhk I’m not blown away by her other works but I have to agree with you – golden faith definitely her best performance to date! Re-watching it now and her acting has moved me

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