Myolie Wu’s Younger Son Looks Exactly like His Older Brother

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Myolie Wu’s Younger Son Looks Exactly like His Older Brother

In just the blink of an eye, Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) youngest son Ryan has already turned four months old. Yesterday, Myolie’s husband Philip Lee (李乘德) shared a cute photo of Ryan on Instagram, welcoming the comments of thousand of fans.

It is the first official photo of Ryan shared by the couple on social media.

Many fans pointed out that Ryan resembles his older brother Brendan, who is now three years old.

Phil said Ryan has “finally developed his fat belly and loud screams,” indicating that he’s finally grown up and “ready to say hi to you all.”

Phil, who married Myolie in 2015, also shared that their older son Brendan likes to stroke Ryan’s face while saying “sai lo” (younger brother). He also likes to give him little kisses on the forehead.

“[He] is also a big smiler, guaranteed dazzlers when you talk to him,” said Phil. “He hasn’t broken the night feed yet, and [lets] you KNOW when he’s hungry. He’s fascinated by books, and with a very sturdy body and strong legs, he is very close to start crawling. We suspect he has a bigger temper than Brendan, so it will be interesting to see how these two will get along later.”

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    1. babigrl1314 says:

      Aww so cute, always a good moment

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    2. orchid123 says:

      Myolie Wu’s two boys (Brandan and Ryan) are beautiful and good looking. They look so much alike, too, with lots of hair and big eyes.

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