Nancy Wu Responds to Ruco Chan’s Engagement

By on September 10, 2018 in NEWS

Nancy Wu Responds to Ruco Chan’s Engagement

Nancy Wu (胡定欣) was romantically linked with Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) after filming A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> and The Unholy Alliance <同盟>. With Ruco’s announcement that he is getting married in October, Nancy was flooded by calls from the paparazzi asking if she will be attending the wedding.

Hearing about Ruco’s wedding news today, Nancy was asked if she will attend the wedding. She said awkwardly, “We’ll talk about it then. I don’t know what type of wedding celebration they’ll have and whether they’ll invite me. But it’s a happy occasion.” Asked if she will be happy for the couple, Nancy said, “Yes I will,” before quickly boarding her car.

Ruco’s The Unholy Alliance co-stars, Joel Chan (陳山聰) and Nina Paw (鮑起靜) were thrilled by the 41-year-old actor’s upcoming wedding. Joel said, “No wonder Ruco looked so happy earlier. I saw him recently, but I didn’t see any signs of this happening. I’m happy that he’s found his other half.”

Nina Paw reacted, “Really? I’m very happy. Since Ruco is a bit introverted, his girlfriend and wife has to especially cherish him!” Although Ruco has spoken to Nina about his fiance Phoebe Sin (單文柔), the women have not met before. While surprised by how soon Ruco is getting married, Nina hopes the couple has a baby soon to make their family complete.

Ruco’s frequent co-star, Krystal Tin (田蕊妮) said her congratulations, “I know Ruco must have carefully thought about it before deciding to get married. I wish they can grow old together and have many children!”

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14 comments to Nancy Wu Responds to Ruco Chan’s Engagement

  1. cutie777 says:

    Too bad Nancy and Ruco relationship didn’t work out otherwise she might be the one he’s going to get married with because I really think they looked cute together. Hopefully she will find someone else soon.

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    • tiffany replied:

      @cutie777 The two didn’t date. Both of them aren’t compatible in real life though. There’s that awkwardness offscreen.

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      • jcc10 replied:

        @tiffany true true, they looked cute together and all but nah, their personalities just didn’t work out together

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      • janet72 replied:

        @tiffany why would she be awkward if they didn’t date? Nancy had many boyfriends, so I don’t think any mother would welcome this kind of a girlfriend.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        I agree. Nancy and her group have been loud and active in pursuing a rich husband. She has been through many of them but none will settle down with her. She is getting to that age and reputation where the male’s mother won’t welcome her. She has met a handful of mothers in recent years already…

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      • potatochip replied:

        @jimmyszeto This is why some artists feel the pressure to hide their relationships. Maybe the boyfriends don’t mind past relationships, but future mother-in-law can be judgey. It’s hypocritical because they know their sons likely have had more than one relationship.

        It may seem silly that some women want successful husbands, but it really isn’t that much different than men wanting beautiful wives. Whatever gives them that feeling of security and happiness, I guess.

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  2. hayden says:

    Don’t think Ruco is interested in Nancy in the first place. As she appears to be the type too strong headed and wants things her way type of character. Where else Phoebe looks more submissive and sweet in character which suits Ruco more.

    But I might be wrong in their character tho 😀

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      Nina Paw said Ruco is an introvert and we know that he is very traditional. Just based on that, there is no chance that his character matches with Nancy…

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    • kmfayb replied:

      @hayden These shippers are a pain in the butt. Even the media clowns joined in and started pairing Ruco and Nancy to sell papers. Then others started stupidly picking on Ruco for no reason, or to look cool in the eyes of others, seeking approval much. These shippers are mentally challenged and they can do a lot of damage to these men and wonen when the media join them. Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin, Mike He and Raine Yang have the most insane shippers. Some are still crying on YouTube and pining for real life marriages between these couples. Although the only one who is not married is Raine, and she is in a rock steady relationship. I expect her to announce news soon. Hopefully Ruco can have some peace and quiet from the quirks

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  3. says:

    Ruco & Nancy are not compatible off screen. They are so awkward in interviews and when they’re performing. Viewers should stop forcing their ships on them.

    I remember them performing their duet live and whenever Ruco reach out to hold her hand, Nancy didn’t. And towards the end Nancy finally reached her hand out Ruco didn’t bother, after getting rejected so many times.

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  4. myozzie says:

    I don’t understand why we are still discussing about Nancy-Ruco. We should just let this topic rest and not embarass Nancy or make her feel awkward. Ruco has made his choice so all this talk about the rumoured Nancy-Ruco relationship is not relevant anymore. The media wants to sensationalise matters because such news bring in the cash but please have some ethics. Please don’t embarass Nancy further by posing awkward questions to her which are not relevant. To have to receive calls from the paparazzi asking her how she feels and whether she is attending their wedding is just too much.

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  5. potatochip says:

    They should leave poor Nancy alone. They never were in a relationship. How awkward for her to be repeatedly asked the same questions.

    And Ruco is really quite a cautious introvert as described by his friends. It’s not a bad quality, it just makes it harder for him to interact with the media.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      For an introvert, it would be a nightmare to be with a loudspoken actress with colourful past of failed relationships. Phoebe seems the ideal choice. The quiet, cooperative type, with no career achievements unless you count the clapping and smiling sequences in ‘Cooking Beauties’.

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    • kmfayb replied:

      @potatochip I agree Nancy should be left alone. Ruco and her never dated. He made that quite clear and he was viciously and childishly pounced on by netizens, and they still stupidly and childishly go after him. One of the reasons is these fans and the media were shipping Nancy and Ruco. He spoke up and said they were not dating and boy, did he pay a price, which he is still paying, all because of rabid media and netizens. Poor nancy was put in an uncomfortable position all this time and the media are still ruthless and going after her about Ruco. Time to leave Nancy alone. If it was me, when these vulture approach me for an interview, I’d tell them to shut the front door and leave me alone.

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