Netizens Bring Back Zhu Xudan’s Plastic Surgery Speculations

Having been in the industry for 10 years, 27-year-old Zhu Xudan (祝绪丹) knows how it’s like to not experience fame overnight. At 17 years old, she was scouted by an entertainment industry to be a billboard model. With a passion for acting and performing, Xudan dedicated several years studying drama at The Central Academy for Drama and auditioned for several pageant competitions, hoping that eventually she’ll win opportunities to star in TV dramas or films.

Zhu Xudan in 2014

She spent four years competing for eight different beauty pageants. Though Xudan has erased most of her images from 2011, netizens have managed to dig up old pictures of Xudan when she was in 2011’s Crazy for School Beauty <我为校花狂>, at 19 years old. Pointing out that her looks have changed, netizens are raising speculations of plastic surgery.

It’s been a tough ride for Xudan these past few years—after years of playing bit parts in TV dramas, she finally signed a contract with Yang Mi’s (杨幂) Jay Walk Studio in 2016, and shot to fame after portraying one of the main villains in the hit series Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花> in 2017. Playing Zhou Zhiruo in the new adaptation of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre <倚天屠龙记>, 2019 was meant to be the year for the 27-year-old to turn her luck around, but consistent comments and gossip about Xudan being overshadowed by her peers has stunted her from achieving her true potential.


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  1. For me she looks like a Korean now and bit like Kathy Chow. When I was watchmaking Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花), her looks bothered me a little….pretty but something is off while looking at her.

  2. Sorry, I am not her fan thus I dont normally select to watch drama she stars in….Unless the story and other cast are very good.

    But undergoing the knife to make cosmetic facial change is not a crime, so many artist do that. Some are just more obvious then others.

    1. @coralie that’s due to aging, not plastic surgery. 17-19 years old versus 27 years old. Plastic surgery only shaves bone off your face, they don’t take baby fat away from your face, because that’s desirable in Asia/Korea (looks younger)

  3. When I first saw her in Eternal Love in 2017 and again in playing Zhou Zhiruo in the new adaptation of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre , 2019 , without any cruelty intention, I thought she has a hint of down syndrome look on her.

  4. Zheng Shuang, Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi all had work done, it’s not just her, so don’t hate on her (I haven’t watch any of her shows)

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