New Evidence Points that Elaine Yiu Willingly Became the “Fourth-Party”?

When tabloids reported that Elaine Yiu  (姚子羚) was a homewrecker in Raymond Young (楊偉文) and model Sarika Choy‘s (蔡宛珊) marriage, it was revealed that Raymond also had an unnamed mistress and Elaine was a “fourth-party” in the relationship. Although Elaine adamantly denied the rumors and stressed that she was a victim, things have taken a turn when new voice recordings and photos were released that show Elaine knew Raymond was still involved with Sarika.

Voice Recording of Elaine and Mistress

Recently, the mistress’s friend released voice recordings of conversations between the mistress and Elaine. In one of the recording, Elaine was ranting to the mistress that Raymond and Sarika separated because Raymond was too immature; he kept flirting with other women and failed to make time for Sarika.

In another recording, Elaine revealed that Raymond would not admit that he still yearned for Sarika, “I said ‘I asked you one more time, did you go see your wife?’ He wouldn’t admit it!’”

In the last recording, Elaine told the mistress that Raymond is using them to get himself out of the difficult situation, and advised her not to go to Raymond’s house. However Elaine admitted that she did not intend to leave the relationship and said she deliberately went to his place.

Additional Intimate Photos

When an intimate bed photo of Raymond and Elaine were released last week, Elaine stated that she did not know about the photo. However, the mistress’s friend provided an additional intimate photo of Elaine and Raymond, where she stared into the camera while hugging Raymond. The mistress’s friend made a point that her photos and the bed photos previously released were taken on a different day because Elaine was wearing a different bathing suit.

Complicated Relationship

According to the mistress’s friend, Elaine had always known that Raymond wanted to amend his relationship with Sarika, and wanted to end the relationship with Elaine. However, Elaine collaborated with the mistress to get Raymond sign the divorce.

Source: HK01

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