Newlyweds Timmy Hung and Janet Chow’s House Robbed

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Recently returning from their honeymoon, newlyweds, Timmy Hung (洪天明) and Janet Chow’s (周家蔚) house was robbed! Timmy and Janet lost more than a five-figure sum in jewelry and cash. The theft did not appear to be random and may have been carefully planned while the couple was not home.

Apple Daily reported that the address of Timmy and Janet’s new residence at Ma Yau Tong Village in Tseung Kwan O was widely known due to their high profile wedding in March. The couple had just returned from an extended honeymoon in Saipan as well as Los Angeles, United States. Thus, it was disheartening that the newlyweds’ house was robbed.

The thief hit the “gold jackpot” and made away with Janet’s bridal jewelry, gifts that she had received from her wedding. Timmy also lost a gold plaque that he had won in a variety game show last year. In addition, Janet also lost a designer handbag that Timmy had given to her as a first gift while they were dating.

Timmy estimated that the robbery took place on Sunday, April 29th around noon. When the couple returned home at 9 PM, they discovered that their kitchen window had been pried open. Since they were away on their honeymoon earlier, their dog was relocated; otherwise having their dog home may have prevented the robbery.

Although the couple was shocked that their house was robbed, Janet did not seem overly upset. She wrote on her Weibo blog, “Thank you everyone for your concern! Actually, it is not a big deal! My mother is always right! She told me never to leave anything valuable at home. If I listen to her, it is my blessing!”

Timmy felt relieved that they were not home when the robbery took place, as he valued Janet’s personal safety over their possessions. Had the theft occurred while he was still single, he would have physically tackled the robber one-on-one. However, as a married man, Timmy put his wife foremost.

The newlyweds had insomnia after the theft occurred. To make Janet feel safer at home, Timmy promised to install a security alarm system to prevent future forced entry into their house.

Watch Video of the Scene of the Crime, Timmy Hung and Janet Chow’s House

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Jayne: Having one’s home robbed is a terrible feeling. The location of Timmy and Janet’s house seems to be in a quiet area, since it is a 3-story independent building, thus easy for thieves to earmark and pick a quiet hour to enter when no one is home.

23 comments to Newlyweds Timmy Hung and Janet Chow’s House Robbed

  1. jasmine7 says:

    I can’t start to imagine how Janet and Timmy must feel. The robbers are absolutely heartless. But having said that, one would think the couple would at least put all those wedding jewellery into a safe deposit box at the bank before leaving for their honeymoon. What were they thinking??
    Alternatively they could have a few friends house-sit while they were away. Such a pity**

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    • J,njk replied:

      i think they are pretty stupid…..
      anybody living in an independent house ALWAYS has alarms installed! & how their lives are such an open book to the public makes it much easier for the robbers to rob them. they tell the world where they are and what they are doing and there’s like videos of their house, makes it that much easier.
      if i were them, i’d move because the robbers will come back…

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      • tan leong ping replied:

        For me I think they’re very smart until everyone believes their story and sympatizes them.

        Who knows if the couple knowingly do it with a motive to CHEAT insurance claim money….?

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  2. ks says:

    I think they asked for it. Announcing to everyone that they are not home, not surprise that the robbers marked them. That’s the prob with scoial media cum being famous.

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    • crose replied:

      i totally agree. it happens to someone in one of the US states here a while back as well. this couple went on a vacation and posted everything on facebook and this dude was their junior high or HS classmates who never hang out but they added anyone anyway typical so this dude still remembers where they live and went and took away everything but luckily they have webcam or some crap n caught them hahah.. but hey you announce to the world what you did, see, eat every single day so what do you expect? haha

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      • J,njk replied:

        this couple is definitely not the type of celebrity that likes privacy….that video in this article basically told everyone where they lived -.- LOL oh wells.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Sadly, many times the people that rob you are the people that you know well. In some cases, it can even be a close friend since they would know where you live and what you do in your life… I wonder why they did not ask a family member or someone to keep a close eye on their home while they were gone?? My cousins and relatives always ask someone in the family to come and sleep over while they are gone.

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  3. Amy says:

    This reminds me of the burglary in my cousin’s house the night before her wedding awhile back.Imagine,all bridal jewellery were gone! These robbers are ruthless.

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  4. Amy says:

    And, that’s one sexy pose u got there Janet.

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  5. Faith says:

    Don’t have have top notch security protection or something.

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  6. Marianne says:

    Im shocked that they don’t have security device in their home.. Especially with all the jewelry and cash. They’re not too smart.

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  7. M says:

    any sane person knows never to post your whereabouts on social networks. dumbass celebs. serve them right.

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    • Jayne replied:

      Social networks such as Weibo and Facebook make it too tempting for everyone to post their vacation and glamor travel photos, for the instant feedback of friends and fans.

      Many celebs post messages of their whereabouts, flying on airplanes while they are on business trips. I have seen many, many stars do this, even prudent ones such as Ruco Chan. However, their home addresses may not be as high profile as Timmy and Janet’s house.

      Other celebs might also live with family members that watch over the house. An empty house certainly invites burglars.

      This is another reason why certain celebs will not allow paparazzi to take photos of their young children, or request that the published photos pixelate their eyes. Perhaps this measure of safety, to avoid potential kidnappers earmarking their kids. Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse do not seem to mind though.

      If you think about it, it is quite easy to earmark a child who goes in an out with a nanny to school everyday. They go to the same route. No every HK celebrity parent hires a bodyguard; very few in the photos I have seen.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I think it is ok to say where you are and what you do, but just don’t post your address and other detailed info. Also, IF you do use social networks,I think you should make sure that you know those people well enough and that you trust them or else you should not add them on to your friends list. However, I can see in networks like facebook where people add whoever asks to be their friend just to show off that they have a lot of friends or something. I once saw this girl have 400 people on her friends list. I highly doubt she is friends with all of them…

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      • crose replied:

        400 is not even anything i have these cousins age from 16-22, they have over 2000 friends no facebook. YES, i highly doubt they have that many friends but like you said SHOW OFF hahahaa

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  8. Eunice says:

    my house was robbed before, so i know how bad this feels. the time we got robbed, my family was not on vacation–it was just a regular day. i have a feeling that these robbers spied on us, and found out our daily schedules. so scary. must be careful, and try not to keep your valuables at home…although it’s ironic, because our home should be the safest place.

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    • jayne replied:

      Yea, thieves would pick out their targets carefully and find out the regular schedules of the house mates before finding the usual time when to strike. They would also circle the premises to check for any security systems before doing the job.

      Anyhow, that is much better than a forced robbery when someone is in the house. Money can be replaced. If they intend to steal from you, it is very hard to prevent because everyone needs to go to school and work.

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  9. Hannahh says:

    I feel bad for them but should of install security or get some1 to house sit

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  10. Veejay says:

    They’re too careless, they should have deposited all their valuables to bank before leaving for honeymoon. Many robberies took place after the newly weds went for honeymoon, it happen in here as well.

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  11. moses says:

    Timmy could beat the robber to death with his kung fu if timmy found out who rob his house ,why he post his holiday news in facebook and twitter ,is his facebook open to all including non fan ,Jayne?

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    • jayne replied:

      Timmy is active on Weibo. Not sure about his Facebook account.

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    • crose replied:

      LOL..hahahaah OMG u made my day u r so funny and true esp this part “yee sai tzou” hahhahhah
      but you know i originally thought he should about KUNG FU as well since his dad is so popular in that genre but yeah i guess all he cares about is chasing girls n now has a wife, Kung Fu he does not even what that is hahaha

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    • j00ky replied:

      His brother is the kungfu fighter, the one that was in Ip Man.

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