Nicholas Tse’s “I Still Love My Wife” Video Goes Viral

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At a Beijing press conference the day before, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) openly spoke about his marriage crisis with Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝). Nic acknowledged that despite the marital strife and Cecilia angrily attacking him for being an irresponsible father spending little time with their two sons, he revealed that Cecilia had sent him a text message indicating she still loved him. Nic admitted that he still loved his wife and missed her as well. Despite this, Nic hinted at the painful decision of divorce, noting that he did not know how to continue with their painful and hurtful marriage. The five-minute video clip of Nic’s soulful acknowledgment was circulated extensively among the online community.

Nic’s “I Still Love My Wife” video was uploaded on YouTube and quickly became a hit. After being uploaded for only one day, the video received over 14,000 hits. Many viewers left comments, praising his speech for its moving contents. However, some netizens claimed that Nic was reading notes during his speech. Nic’s supporters explained that fans at the Beijing airport gave Nic some postcards and that he did not look at notes during is speech.

Cecilia Cheung Moved by Husband’s Speech

Despite still loving Cecilia, Nic hinted at divorce in his speech due to their differences. Divorce would also ensure that their two sons, Lucas and Quintus, will be able to grow up in a peaceful and healthy environment. Allegedly, Nic wanted custody rights for the children as well.

Filming a special shoot for Now in Milan, Italy, allegedly Cecilia was extremely moved and saddened by the contents of Nic’s speech. Despite showcasing a brilliant smile during the special shoot, Cecilia’s tears flowed inside her heart. Numerous fans recognized her during the photo shoot on the streets of Milan. Cecilia met all fans’ requests for photographs.

Despite rumors circulating that Cecilia will not return to Hong Kong until July, she actually flew back to Hong Kong last night. Later, she will be filming Mutual Affecton 2 <河東獅吼 2>. Aside from preparing for her new movie, Cecilia was also anxious to rush back to Hong Kong to see her two sons.

Due to the state of her current marriage, the contents of Cecilia’s Now special may be edited. The broadcast date of the special has not been decided yet.

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Jayne: You can watch Nic’s speech here:

My Mandarin skills are very poor, but I watched the clip to see Nic’s emotions since I already knew the contents of his speech. His eyes welled with tears in the middle. Cecilia must have seen the clip as well.

32 comments to Nicholas Tse’s “I Still Love My Wife” Video Goes Viral

  1. Cloud says:

    Since I understand Mandarin fluently, I didn’t get the same vibe as the writer of that article up there about Nic wanting to give up on his marriage. It seems like he’s saying that he doesn’t know what the next step should be in their marriage, or how they should go about it. He sounds clueless and confused. I think both party needs more time to think about what they want to do with their marriage.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I understand Mandarin and got the same feeling that you did Cloud. It felt like he is lost and doesn’t know what to do next. I think the best thing for them to do is to take some time apart to think things over before deciding what to do next. If they really love each other, then they may reconcile, who knows??

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      • Applelim replied:

        As much as I would like to see them reconcile… and even they agree to try, it will be too much of a pressure on their high profile marriage in the future, (just as when they separated before they got married)

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  2. mulder says:

    I agree with cloud, Nix never mentions divorce in his speech… he is confused, they both love each other…so they just need time together to sort out the issues..
    boils down to communication…

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  3. Funn says:

    Is this a case of loving each other is easy but staying together is difficult? Nic, if you still love her, and miss her, then by all means give her a chance. If love still exists and she is willing to change, give her a chance, don’t be so stubborn, one last chance.

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    • Masaharu replied:

      Perhaps even though the love is still there, the “tolerance” isn’t there anymore. It’s hard to live and spend your lifetime with someone you can’t “tolerate”.

      I sincerely hope the marriage can still be saved and they will learn from this later; but these two think divorce is their best choice, we outsiders also can also put away the hope quietly.

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      • Funn replied:

        But isn’t love about tolerating? Sometimes she wins, sometimes he wins. If he truly still love her, cries and all, then give her a chance. Maybe after this she will not simply throw her temper around.

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      • Funn replied:

        I believe if Cecilia does see Nic in person (from reports it seems he is avoiding her and still is), they will reconcile. It seems like he is avoiding contact so as not to soften his heart so to speak. In a way I pity Cecilia.

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      • Bridget replied:

        I agree with Funn. I get the sense the two are not communicating at all (wrt working on their marriage) and that most of that comes from Nic. They clearly still love each other but it seems their communications skills are a major issue (Nic is more passive / quiet and Ceci is the explode-then-quiet type)… they need to both step it up and have a serious conversation before resorting to divorce. Since the news broke out I kept thinking that they never even tried to have a serious conversation about working on their marriage.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Communication is just so important for any relationship/friendship. If you don’t have any communication and everything will end.

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  4. Kidd says:

    Nic’s fans are really one united force. I read in the papers today how Nic’s fan protected him. From the moment get came out from the airport until he got into his car, they form human barrier to prevent reporters from getting near him. The reporter notes that it looks like a pre-planned move.

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    • Melody replied:

      One of his fans also got hit by the recording equipment of the reporter and was sent to hospital. Came out with 7 stitches.

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  5. Larry 3 says:

    Why dont they get a marriage counselor and work the difference out? They are all stubborn.

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    • MiniBuns replied:

      Most couples who went for marriage counselling usually ends up divorce. . .It’s suppose to help but studies shows that it tends to backfire. .

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  6. movies fan says:

    Thank you for the youtube link. This is not a fairy tale and would not have a romantic ending. His speech sounds like a movie script (in fact I’ve heard the lines before.. how one loves each other but can’t continue walking the path aka the relationship). The relationship is over. Feel sorry for the two young children though. In 10 years time we may read stories mirror those of Kenny Chung (Ah B from the HK rock group).

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  7. Pineapple says:

    I also think that if Nic still loves Cecilia and vice versa then they ought to give each other another chance. Afterall, its not as if he has been violently cruel towards her in the past as that would be unforgiveable. I don’t agree with going to a marriage councellor as I think that outsiders can only see things from the outside. Who really knows what is behind closed doors. I always believe that to make a marriage work, it needs tolerance, trust, understanding as well as the love of course. There are always ups and downs in marriages. If they don’t care for each other anymore then I would definitely say “divorce for heavens sake and end the misery” but if they still have feelings for each other then they ought to give it another go of it.

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    • Kidd replied:

      “I don’t agree with going to a marriage councellor as I think that outsiders can only see things from the outside.”

      Marriage counselors have the skill, knowledge and experience to help couple deal with their marital problem. Yes, marriage need tolerance, trust and understanding. It’s very easy to say these 3 words. But, what about practical? A marriage counselor will teach the couple what steps to take when distrust, anger, frustration comes up.

      An impartial observer will also be able to see what is happening more clearly than the couple who are currently filled with unhappiness and anger towards each other.

      Lastly, the marriage counselor won’t be an outsider anymore if the couple tell him/her their problem.

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  8. TK says:

    I think they both need a time out. He says he loves Cecillia and she might feel the same way, so why are they not taking the time to sit down and talk to each other.
    If he feels like he is unhappy in the marriage and she isn’t that happy either, why not just end it. They will see each other regularly because of their sons, and if they can learn to re-develop their friendship outside of the marital relationship, then who knows…they could get back together in the future. Right now…it looks like they both have no respect for each other….neither is leaving the other person’s dignity in tact…the more they fight and argue publically, they more likely they will hate each other and this will really hurt their sons, who they claim are the most important individuals in this situation and this is part of the reason they both need to start publically clearing their names 🙁

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    • Veejay replied:

      When a man’s ego is challenged, it will be pretty hard for the man to forgive his lover of her wrongdoings, he’ll choose either to leave her or continue to love her unconditionally. I remember after the Edison’s sex scandal broke out, Nic has tried to punch Edison when they met up and Cecilia was left alone crying in the end only after that, Nic stops. We can tell that Nic truly loves Cecilia no matter how bad the world view her after the photos leaked out. He still be at her side until they got Quintus later.

      I also think Nic truly believes Cecilia when she made confession to the world that it was a mistake for knowing Edison and blame everything on Edison for leaking those photos out!… They’re still pretty much inloves when Nic received the best actor not long ago (I don’t think those word about Loving his wife and bla bla are fake)and the whole mess started when Cecilia took pic with Edison on the plane. The timing where Nic has decided to divorce Cecilia was right after Cecilia took pic with Edison and she constantly deny about the picture thing..until she confessed later which I think it really hurts Nic most especially his pride as a MAN.

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  9. Ah K says:

    @Veejay: Well said well said!

    Wow, I didn’t know that after the scandal, Nic had tried to punch Edison when they met up and that Cecilia had cried over it!

    Anyway, I think that’s one ugly photo of Nic, he looked unkempt and haggard, probably the divorce rumors were taking a toll on him? Or was it Mani Fok’s intentional attempt to fool the public?

    Up till now, I can’t really tell who’s really responsible for the breakdown of their marriage especially since everyone seemed to be pointing fingers at each other! My goodness and it doesn’t help that friends of both sides are defending them, making the matter more confusing than an episode of the Sopranos!

    Oh yes, and Cecilia Cheung’s attitude has been really weird, one moment she ignored (plugging in earphones straight after a take) and was cold to her fans who visited her on set and now, she met all fans’ request for photographs in Milan? Will the real Cecilia Cheung please stand up? 😡

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  10. Vivien says:

    Over time I’m beginning to get suspicious of Nic. The content look like something so well prepared and almost look like a script from a romance movie. Am I the only one who think EEG must’ve had something to do with this?

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    • Vivien replied:

      but this doesn’t mean I think good of Cecilia. She’s worse off and very CHEAP in her actions.

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      • movies fan replied:

        I agree with you, Vivien wrt Nic and EEG. EEG has invested a considerable amount of money on Nic. It will do anything to ensure the financial return. On the other hand Cecilia only has the backing of a few friends. She is not signed onto any management company and has no PR representative. It shows how importance the role of PR firms and their tactics. Ex-IMF chief DSK hired a top PR firm after he got arrested. smart move.

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  11. cindy says:

    My heart goes to Cecila and Nic’s children. Before this sad new their adorable children are so happy with their parent, now look what had happened. Please for the children sake, please let them have a happy childhood. I still believe Cecila has been a good mum and has done a good job as wife and mother. She has tried to contact her husband but of no vail, as we are aware she has not communicate with her busband almost a month. Again there is no right or wrong on both parties, please work it out since there is still love for one another.

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    • Kaypoh replied:

      I am no fan of Cecilia, but ever since motherhood got into her, we dun hear about her staying out late night in pubs or discos. She totally dedicated herself to be a good mother. For this, she definitely score good points in fighting for the custody of her children.

      As for Nic, I think fame got into his head, and EEG made all the plans for his life. Too bad, he have to take the path to leave his family like this. He is a very good actor, well groomed by EEG.

      I have a feeling, that this episode will end his career as well and I hope it does.

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  12. IceCream says:

    Ahem, Nic, “Stop trying to be a good man”!

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  13. ylai says:

    Nicholas Tse Ting Fung who has always been working on the film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) in Malaysia. Two days ago he finally issued a statement to express that he would begin to handle his family matters. Yesterday Ting Fung took time off from the shoot to attend another film TREASURE INN (CHOI SUN HAT JANG) premiere press conference. This time was also Ting Fung’s first public appearance since the Fung Chi marital troubles. After the press conference, Ting Fung also admitted to the medai that his marriage with Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi had problems, but they still deeply loved each other. They just did not know how to go on. He also promised that no matter what would happen in the future, their children would grow up in a healthy and stable environment.

    The press conference took place in Beijing yesterday afternoon. Attendees included Ting Fung, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Huang Yi and director Wong Jing. Ting Fung’s appearance naturally became the focus and attracted many media members. Ting Fung yesterday wore black and did not smile much. To prevent promoting the film, he stayed after the press conference to respond to the media. Ting Fung said, “In the recent month and more, I choose today’s platform to explain to everyone. With the recent storm both sides have been poor, I hope after today it would settle down. I am not someone who knows how to express myself. People who know me know, at home I don’t have any newspaper or publication. Yet in this month, the media subject has all been me so I would know more or less. When I saw some reports about me, I would be happy. All the bad talks about my wife made me unhappy as well, because they said my wife was bad and they were bad for my sons as well. Today, my marriage has certain problems. My wife and I both grew up in single parent families. We never hated our parents. When we had our first child, we hoped to break the fate. We hoped that they would not grow up in a broken home; today I am helpless and I don’t know how to go on.”

    Ting Fung grew teary eyed as he said, “If you ask me do I still love that person, miss her, I would say I love and miss her but I don’t know how to go on. Yesterday we texted each other over the phone. She said that she loved me and missed me very much, and I believed her. No matter which kind of relationship we will have in the future, we will find a stable environment for the children to grow up in. We are adults now, from now on no matter what our relationship is, whether it is love, hate, fight or kill, we will take care of it ourselves. Hopefully after today we will return to our relationships at work.”

    In addition, when Ting Fung appeared at the Beijing airport yesterday morning, chaos ensued. Ting Fung wore headphones and sunglasses, looking numb the entire way and had no expression as his assistant accompanied him. A large group of reporters and fans waited for him early on. Ting Fung’s fans even erected a human wall around Ting Fung. When Ting Fung appeared, everyone rushed up. In the chaos reporters injured and blooded a fan. This fan ignored the wound and remained on hand to follow Ting Fung. Ting Fung throughout the process did not answer any question and immediately left in a vehicle. The fan later at the airport contacted the police and claimed that a reporter caused the injury that required seven stitches.

    Director Wong Jing after the press conference responded to Ting Fung’s comments. He said, “Today Ting Fung at the TREASURE INN press conference made his true feelings known, which was touching. I only had one thought: your choice must put the best environment for the children to grow up in first.” Huang Yi also posted online, “In the audience I was in the same boat. Because we are artists we must face it, we must stand on the stage to face the most painful of hurt. What is right, what is wrong, what is love, please give them a little space.”
    Posted by hktopten

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  14. moon16 says:

    in my opinion, I think they should end their marriage,,, since they made a big scene out of it,,, even though they get back together, the wound still there,,, if they love each other, these things won’t happen,,,

    their love is getting uglier, since both of them point out the bad side of each others

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  15. Beruda says:

    I’m not surprised by this turn of events. I never got the impression that either one of them is ready to leave. I think they genuinely still care very much for each other.

    Alright Nic and Cecilia, listen up. First you both need to step back from making any more public statements and really communicate with each other. Take the time to decide what you both want in this marriage or whatever. Maybe consider marriage counceling. And another thing KEEP THE REST OF THE FAMILY AND SO CALLED FRIENDS OUT OF YOUR SITUATION. Who cares what anyone thinks or who looks like a fool, your relationship is to important to throw away on hurt feelings and he said she said crap and interference. If you decide to part ways then so be it but you need a plan for that too.

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  16. Lady Gaga says:

    love or just public gimmick for cheap publicity and any other ulterior intend of yours? i m sick and tired already. Just shut up and stop giving any further comments. This is your personaly issues. Seems like u r exposing it too much and hence, stop blaming the paparazi as u r inviting them into your personal life. Not oni you (Nic) do it, but many artistes are exposing too much of their personal lives to the paparazi n press invinting them (the press) to speculate further, digging deeper and investigating further and yet, when those invasions went spiral, it is the same ppl who open such doors to the paparazivthen filed and appealed for PRIVACY protection to be offered to them and urge the authority to involve in teh matter. This is hypocritical. Its like blowing hot and cold as to when and where the artistes like it!

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  17. miles says:

    divorce its not the right decision. they still love each other….we are not perfect

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  18. miles says:

    nic plssssss.give her a chance again.i keep on praying both of u guys.

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