Niki Chow, Jeremy Tsui Broke Up After 2 Years of Dating?

Since admitting to her romance with Mainland Chinese actor Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦) in September 2013, Niki Chow (周麗淇) and Jeremy have both tried to keep their relationship low-profile. Although both considered each other to be prospective marriage partners, reports surfaced that the pair broke up recently.

Appearing at a press event on August 30, Niki was asked how she would be spending her birthday. Niki made it clear that she would not be spending her birthday with Jeremy but would instead be spending it with her film crew. On whether the couple had broken up, Niki did not give a straight answer but merely replied, “Let’s not talk about my personal life.”

It was also discovered that Jeremy had earlier posted a birthday greeting on Niki’s Weibo profile. Niki’s reply to Jeremy’s post suggests that the two have likely broken up. Niki’s wrote, “Thank you for your well wishes! Hope all is well with you. Take care!” The words suggested that the two have not seen each other for a lengthy time. Netizens picked up on the exchange, particularly the words “take care”, and speculated that Jeremy and Niki have likely split up.


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