Notable Performances in “My Ages Apart”

TVB Anniversary drama, My Ages Apart <誇世代>, has a star-studded cast. Starring Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), Moses Chan (陳豪), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), Ali Lee (李佳芯), and Maggie Shiu (邵美琪), the drama brings audiences on a roller-coaster ride with its varying themes of fantasy, comedy, and drama. One of the more complicated love storylines is between Moses’ “Mike” and Ali’s “Paris”.

Moses spoke of his character’s feelings towards Ali, “[Mike] likes her, but doesn’t dare to like her!” Ali’s character, Paris, also changes from being unreasonable and bratty, to someone who is considerate of other’s feelings because of Moses. On her character, Ali said, “I have to continually seduce him and keep his attention. I keep having to think about how I can make him like me!” Ali also stressed about a “nude” scene, “It was the first time I had to bare my entire back [on screen]! At the time, I could only use tape. We made sure it was safe, but the tape started coming off during filming! It was so dangerous!”

Playing off of her much hyped about “godlike synchronization” with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT>, Kristal Tin also had a scene with Ali where they were in perfect synchronization. Kristal explained that the two synchronizations were, in fact, different. “This time, we just synchronized our lines. I felt that I was compatible with both [Nancy and Ali]. I remember in Ghost of Relativity, the “godlike synchronization” scene was written early on. But this time with Ali, it was something we added unexpectedly. We didn’t find out about it until two days prior to filming. We had a shorter time to rehearse.”

In addition to the superb acting by Moses, Kristal, and Ali, the newer generation of artistes such as Louisa Mak (麥明詩), Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寳), Luk Wing Kuen (陸永權), and Dickson Yu (余德丞), also put on notable performances. In one scene, Louisa had to wear a swimsuit to meet Dickson. This was the first time that the 2015 Miss Hong Kong winner had to wear swimwear on screen as an actress and felt extremely awkward. When teased whether she was embarrassed because the muscular Dickson has a bigger chest than she does, Louisa said, “There’s no comparison. I don’t need to have a chest as big as his!”


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  1. Of all the suggestive scenes, witty dialogues, funny social commentary, puns on TVB themselves, all this article can concentrate are on the mundane stuff that nobody even care? My Ages Apart is stupidly intelligent. It is meant to be funny and insane and stupid but deep down it is a very well written dialogue and pretty smart. everybody doing a great job. Anyone cares the size of breasts or chests?

    1. @funnlim This article is from so I’m not surprised – I’ve never liked the way they write their articles. The mainstream media in general rarely does a good job covering details in series…they basically cover surface level stuff, the “heavy hitting” topics that (they think) will attract the most eyeballs (usually related to sex and relationships and gossip). In comparisons, HK01 actually did a few really good articles on the series – I read one today recapping that scene where Louis Cheung takes his cable box to the cable company attempting to cancel his contract and has to go through hell and back (and still can’t cancel his contract, lol)…the scene is actually an extremely funny (and clever) parody of a real-life event that happened at i-Cable…I’m sure quite a few HK cable subscribers chuckled when they saw that scene.

    2. @funnlim agreed. this drama is actually surprisingly funny. the punny jokes and quick (intelligent) comebacks were a breath of fresh air. I even had several LOL moments which is rare for me. but I’m only on episode 7. everyone did their parts well.

  2. Loving this series so far. I thought that at 50 eps this would be draggy but it is fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable for the witty dialogue, guest stars, parodies and good chemistry from all the leads. Love the trio of Moses, Bobby and Louis as they hatch their plot to bring about the downfall of the Sheungs. I’m also beginning to see Ali in a different light, she’s entirely believable and likeable as the ditzy rich girl though I’ve never liked her or thought much of her acting before. Moses is also doing a good job and i love it when he cusses in English, i actually think he’s sexy when he does lol! Bobby needless to say was funny and a joy to watch but it’s Louis who really rocks especially in the first few eps when he was still in the old man’s body, his mannerisms really made me lol. Kristal however was annoying acting lost. This drama really keeps me entertained every night.

  3. This drama is really crazy fantastic!!

    Funny Unreal And the characters are marvelous!!

    Moses!! Unbelievable!!
    In line walker 2 you tried to make Victor the best. But now see You acting the Mike character. Its make me e dilemma…. now I have 2 favourite to be Tvb King..

    Ma Kwai beware!!!
    Mike is now your dangereuses Competitor!!!

    Its been a long time that a new girl who can play so manny different kind of characters.
    Sexy seducer, dedicated woman, naive lawyer, confident judge And now a crazyfunnyadorable girl!!
    Well done This year Ali Lee!!!

    If “destination Nowhere” Or “the general the scholar and the eunuch” can make You win Tvb queen then My Ages Apart will make a big chance
    Kristal Tin for Tvb Queen!!!

  4. I’ve been following this series since episode 1 til the latest 23rd, and I have to say it’s getting really dull and stupid. Plot is literally all over the place with no consistent flow. The only thing worth noting from this series so far is Moses Chan’s good acting. Totally different from his previous series, very vibrant and refreshing. But apart from that, I really can’t stress enough on the lack of good plot flow, despite its good humour from time to time.

    1. @xystus i agree with you. I caught up a few more eps yesterday and they weren’t that funny as previous eps. Probably just going thru a dull patch. I have to say Moses is really good in this drama. Never thought of him as a good actor before.

  5. This is the only drama I’ve watched with Bobby in it where Bobby doesn’t steal the show; actually I find his “complaining” quite tiresome at times. For me, Moses steals the show; his reactions are SO FUNNY yet so consistent. I also find Ali very funny, and Louis has always been a good actor. I also quite like the performances from the younger bunch, like Anjaylia, Louisa, and Dickson.

  6. My Ages Apart is surprisingly a genuinely crazy hilarious drama! It’s stupidly witty and the actors are great. Moses really nailed his character and after his boring roles in Ghost Relativity series he shines again as a comedic actor. Ali is really showing some BA potential because she’s totally owning her scenes. Bobby is just pleasant to watch all the time. I hope TVB doesn’t forget Kristal for the nominations because she’s been solid in Destination Nowhere and in this one as well.

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