Other Celebrities Who Proved They Are “Plastic Free”

To put a stop to plastic surgery rumors, Angelababy paid a visit to a plastic surgery clinic to get her face examined by a professional surgeon. Like her high-profile wedding with Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Angelababy’s “inspection tour” became another hot topic to gossip about among netizens, and many celebrities who were once rumored to have gone under the knife are now being talked about again.

Besides Angelababy, Taiwanese model-actress Chiling Lin (林志玲), Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝), and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) have all suffered plastic surgery allegations for many years. While they did not visit a professional plastic surgeon like Angelababy, they did come up with other ways to prove they are plastic free.

A few years ago, Chiling issued a doctor’s statement to confirm that she is an all-natural beauty. Although Chiling tried to stay silent initially, the plastic allegations eventually went too far, prompting the actress to issue an angry statement to clarify. In the documents, a dermatologist risked his 30-year reputation to guarantee that Chiling did not receive any cosmetic procedures or enhancements on her face.

When Cecilia first debuted, she was once called to be too flat-chested, but over the years, her cup size noticeably increased, leading to speculation that she received breast implants. However, Cecilia indirectly proved to the audience that her breasts were real while participating in the diving show Stars in Danger: The High Dive <星跳水立方> in 2013.

The Empress of China <武則天> star Fan Bingbing, who also suffered from plastic surgery allegations, took an approach similar with Angelababy’s. She asked a doctor to examine her nose under the witness of an officer from a public office in Beijing. In addition, her boyfriend Li Chen (李晨) shared a picture of Fan Bingbing when she was younger, proving that her looks never changed.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This entire notion of having to prove to the world that you’re not surgically enhanced is ludicrous, idiotic, and childish. The only person that you need to answer to is yourself.

    1. @anon
      I know, what a joke. went to a pro surgeon to prove yourself? LOL….too much money nothing to do….

    2. @anon not only does it sound childish, it sounds like they even doubt themselves in their all-natural beauty claim. i mean, everyone is human but u would think that after these actresses have been in the show biz world for so long, they would have learned by now to ignore the nasty comments that come. whether if any of them got plastic surgery is none of my concern but i think they all need to just learn to ignore all these neitzens accusing them of plastic surgery.

    3. @anon “This entire notion of having to prove to the world that you’re not surgically enhanced is ludicrous, idiotic, and childish. The only person that you need to answer to is yourself.” i dont agree. if the needle didnt prick your flesh you dont know the pain. imagine if you are accused of things you didnt done and they are accusing you in the media for that time after time,wouldnt you to clear yourself? especially if you are a public figure a star you need some healty image. otherwise you will maybe losing some endorsement and opportunities. unless they really have done plastic surgery and claim they didnt then it is another story,but how do we know for sure that they really did it by only reading the gossip or just by judging them with our eyes?

  2. Huang Xiao Ming is more plastic than Angelababy IMO…

    And Fan Bing Bing looks the same as she did as a kid, it’s just that all her photoshoots are like overly photoshopped.

    1. @abcdefghi I know right… Some pics actually look creepy to me. I don’t think Fan Bing Bing had surgery but she looks so freaky with that super pale face…

      1. @vell
        I agree. There are so many photos of her wearing face masks 24/7. I think she needs a bit of sun in her light lol she looks almost anaemic….
        And there’s a new Uyghur actress that looks like her, dilireba. And I’m 100% sure her features are natural too.

  3. so what if they go for plastic surgery? they are accountable to themselves and maybe their other halves…why do they have to be checked? if HXM or angelababy had surgery, so be it.

  4. FBB obviously injected enough botox to be wrinkle free and frozen face. Botox of course doesn’t count.

  5. It’s stupid to do this – it’s a case of “you are damned if you do, you are damned if you don’t.

    (1) yes they’re only really accountable to themselves.
    if they did it – great if it enhanced self-esteem and hopefully career/feeling secure when holding their own in this looks-competitive field they chose for a career

    (2) they didn’t do it – well, being in showbiz itself is exposing yourself to media/talk/gossip/spite etc etc etc. if it not this, it will be something else. netizens/and citizens out there will always find stuff to speculate and nitpick about bec they have no lives.

    (3) it ain’t that hard – for overall image, for the whole marketing spin team – if the star is big enough, and enough money greases palms …. to find a dodgy surgeon willing to say otherwise. Afterall if $$$$$$$ is spent conjure up a whole marketing image to debut and back up a new potential… how hard is it to find an dodgy doctor willing to risk his professional reputation for some generous pocket money (and maybe future business too) to say otherwise?

  6. If they want to do surgeries, it’s their choice. I didn’t spend enough time looking at their pictures to see if they did something to their face or not. But when it’s extremely OBVIOUS, don’t take people for fools and just admit it. People will stop talking about it way sooner than if they are trying to find out the truth. As for Cecilia getting breasts implants, I don’t understand why participating in a diving show can prove that she didn’t get her boobs done.

  7. These actors and singers will feed the public the garbage because they know the public are their puppets. Angela Baby and all the women mentioned have had PS done. Everyone knows that. A chin does not alter itself, it can’t. No matter how fat or skinny a human becomes, the skeletal framework will not adjust itself. That can only be done through PS. As for Cecilia, your breasts just do not change to a bigger cup size unless you put on a tremendous amount of weight. She only proved she was desperate for the gullibles to believe her by diving. What a bunch of crock.

    I remember Joe Cheng and Jiro Wang saying they did not have surgery either, but their faces told a whole other story.

    I wish they would just not say anything instead of denying the truth that is right there in plain site. Plastic surgery has become a way of life for celebrities. In fact, it has become a way of life for everyone.

  8. these plastic surgery reports though…but really, these chinese neitzens need to get a life other than accusing people of plastic surgery. i swear, too many actresses are accused of plastic surgery (i.e. Guli Nazha) it’s not like a new thing. it’s been around ever since someone decided that one day, they’ll specialize in altering someone else’s looks. soooooooo just give it a rest already.

    im not a fan of plastic surgery as i see it as not appreciating what your parents gave you, in the long run, almost as if you’re not appreciating your parents. but that’s just a personal standpoint.

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