Out of Love for Brother, Gigi Lai Persists in Managing Stressful Beauty Business

Gigi Lai (黎姿) retired from acting after getting married to Patrick Ma (馬廷強) in 2008. She has since focused her time on raising her three daughters and managing her brother Stephen Lai‘s (黎嬰) beauty center business. Managing the business proved to be a stressful challenge for Gigi, who thought about giving up numerous times.

Gigi and Stephen had grown up in poverty when they were young children. Gigi started acting when she was 14 years old to help financially support her family. Stephen became a successful dermatologist and established CosMax Laser Skin Treatment Center, which was the Lai family’s pride. However, a debilitating car accident in 2007 partially damaged his brain and left him paralyzed. Gigi was forced to manage his beauty business in order to ensure its survival.

At the launching of CosMax’s branch store opening yesterday, Gigi was joined by good friends, Monica Chan (陳法蓉), Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健)Max Zhang (張晉), and Priscilla Ku (顧紀筠). Gigi thanked all the friends that had helped her pull through in the difficult times immediately following Stephen’s accident.

After taking over the company, Gigi thought about giving up many times. Often reduced to tears when the pressure was high, Gigi persevered because of her love for her brother. When Gigi spoke about CosMax with Stephen, he often had a positive reaction, which encouraged Gigi to continue the business that her brother loved. Eventually, Gigi grew to love delivering skincare services to clients and improving their self image.

When speaking about Stephen’s recent condition, Gigi was on the verge of tears. “My brother is still wheelchair bound and can’t walk well. He is currently undergoing physical and speech therapy. He also can’t speak too well.” Gigi’s only wish right now is for her brother to be able to stand up again from his wheelchair, and greet the public.

With three beautiful daughters, and a loving husband, Gigi describes her current life as blissful and happy. With her time divided between her family and beauty center business, Gigi firmly declared that she has no plans for acting again. Although Gigi was invited to appear in a filming project, both parties have come to an agreement and understanding about Gigi’s current priorities in focusing on her personal life.

Gigi Lai CosMax

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. No wonder she was on the verge of tears. I was watching the same interview without sound and was wondering why she was crying. I thought the brother was doing well… so he is still in bad shape.

    Gigi looks great by the way.

  2. I saw the interview and feel sorry for her. Each time she talk about her brother her eyes was filled with tears. She really loves her brother so much! Good for her to put her family first. Maybe one day she can film again.

    1. JCLL,
      Gigi has been acting since she was 14 years old out of necessity to support her family. She has been very low-profile since getting married and enjoys her privacy. She does seem happy now and has moved on. If she were to act again, it may be many years from now when she doesn’t have to spend as much time with her daughters. But the motivation seems to be low, as there are other priorities for her now in life.

    1. War and Beauty, young and dangerous, gigi performed lots of successful roles.

  3. Gig lai practically raised her brother. She sponsored him through school her entire life. Just when he’s coming onto his own and venturing into business, disaster struck him – ripping the rug from underneath both him and his sister’s lives. At that moment I’m certain she was devastated. All her hard work became pointless. Can you imagine the turmoil she must’ve been going through?

    Financially she needs support to maintain her brother’s business and then she will still need to attend to her job. It must’ve been too much for her. And around this time, this adoring (rich) man saunters into her life, willing to take most of her burden away and ensure she would never be worried about money ever again. It was…the easy way out. But i cant blame her. She invested her whole life in her brother’s success, but ended up with nothing and even more baggage to top it off.

    She may not have married Mr. Ma for love, but love can grow from being nurtured properly. And it shows he adores and loves her.

    Sometimes ppl put too much stock on passionate love, which while exciting, doesnt always pan out long term. With respect, patience and slow growing but simmering love, this kind of love can last a lifetime.

      1. Yup, she’s a hard worker whether she’s poor or rich. Like Gigi Lai, she a real sweetheart. Thumbs up! 😀

    1. I thought she got married BEFORE her brother car accident?

      1. No,she married him after her brother’s incident how he was there for her and paid for all of his medical expenses and all. He was there for her when she needed support the most which touched her and I think made her decided to marry him.

    2. she was dating Ma for a long time before marrying him.

    3. Gigi had a tremendous hard time when carcrash happened to her brother. She has to make difficult balance between her work, and taking care of her brother. Gigi finally went through it. God bless Gigi, beautiful and kind-minded

      1. I guess god didn’t bless her brother huh? He’s too busy answering to sport players to help them win games.

    4. To Moncheri,
      I agree with you that Gigi Lai won’t have married Mr Ma if not because he’s rich and can off load her burden especiall in finances. Not just Gigi Lai even given normal person like me won’t consider marrying a handicapped man. I too believe that she shows a lot of gratitute or gratefulness to Mr Ma. I’m not sure whether she loves him now (because it really takes a lot to overlook ones imperfections). Whatever it’s I always wish she’s happy and she does look happy. I’ve always find her to be very pretty and her prettiness is not those that after a while of looking at her you dont find her pretty anymore or something lacking.

  4. shes a hard worker whether she’s poor or rich.

  5. I didn’t know all that about her. I feel so sorry for her because I’ve seen other people calling her a gold digger.

    1. The “other” people throw their comments randomly without knowing how hardly Gigi has carried her, and her family’s, life.

  6. hi there

    1. gigi is one fantastic sister who really takes care of her brother and family.
    2. wishing gigi well and speedy recovery for her brother.
    3. to me, gigi is the type of gal to bring home to my mum.

  7. surprise to find out max zhang is also invited to all only guy in the all girls celebrities groups…can you name the celebrities from left to right…i can only guess monica chan, gigi and max here…

  8. I quite admire Gigi for how she supports her brother through thick and thin… It’s a pity that he isn’t getting better….

    I still remember when he just had the accident back when she was filming Gem of Life… I don’t know HOW she managed to film this series despite the turmoil of her real personal life…. Kudos.

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