Owen Cheung’s Unbelievable Transformation for “The Ringmaster”

Gearing up for The Ringmaster‘s <拳王> November 23 premier, TVB recently released the trailer, where Owen Cheung’s (張振朗) extremely fit transformation as a boxer is unbelievable!

Owen’s large chest, eight pack abs, and zero-fat physique drew comparisons to Nick Cheung’s (張家輝) body in 2013 film Unbeatable <激戰>. Using nine months to sculpt his body, Nick exercised seven days a week for three to four hours a day. His exercise plan included running, weight lifting, and boxing. Cutting out salt, oil, sugar, and carbohydrates, Nick only ate boiled chicken and fish. About halfway through, he started to eat 20 to 30 egg whites to gain more protein. Three days before filming, he only ate white rice so that the carbohydrates would further define his muscles. In the very last stages, he cut out water, and would only wet his lips so that his muscles would appear in the best condition.

Owen’s Grueling Training

Similar to Nick, Owen’s training and diet was also unforgiving. One year in advance, Owen had to bulk up first. “At that time, I ate five meals a day, mostly steak and a lot of rice. I needed to gain more fat and muscle, so the muscles will appear more apparent when I trim down.”

Continuing this diet for a year, Owen gained more than 40 pounds with a huge belly to show for it. When his two dramas Line Walker 3 <使徒行者3> and Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界2> aired, many people noticed his weight gain.

Owen then spent half a year undergoing a grueling diet and exercise plan. When he grew tired of constantly eating boiled chicken breast, his trainer suggested Owen to drink blended chicken water instead. “By drinking chicken water, I can gain more protein but I don’t have to eat the boiled chicken meat which is like eating an eraser! The process was quite challenging–it was hard work, but I’ve gained a better understanding of my body.”

In The Ringmaster, Owen plays a blunt and passionate boxer who knows no boundaries in his quest for revenge. He will have many scenes opposite Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Brian Chu (朱敏瀚).


Owen ate blended chicken breast and lots of boiled eggs.

“The Ringmaster” Trailer


Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. what he did is exactly what body builders do to prepare for a show. hope no one’s going to follow footsteps and think that they could achieve the same body and maintain it forever. all bodies are transient even if you keep doing the same thing….

    1. It’s not a sustainable body even though it looks impressive. A human being isn’t supposed to diet down to single digit body fat longterm and be healthy.

      Also, because it’s a photo shoot, I’m sure he took daiuretics to dry out the body, plus the shots were done in down lighting to really accentuate the physique.

      Pretty sure he’s not gonna maintain that body longterm unless he wants to develop an eating disorder.

  2. Wow. He definitely doesn’t look healthy. I realize the Chinese title for this drama are the same name for the other Tvb drama Gloves Come Off? I remember it’s in 2012? Kevin Cheng and Raymond Wong in it.

  3. This is just ridiculous unnecessary bodybuilding for hype. For anyone that follows boxing, the best boxers aren’t bodybuilders. Too much muscle decreases stamina as fight goes on. The picture from the series looks ok. The still shots at with toned muscles and small waist looks a disgrace. No one would box in that kind of shape..

    1. There’s a reason high performance athletes don’t look like that. It’s because that’s all it is, looks. When you are down to that low level of fat percentage, you feel like garbage. You severely restrict calories for aesthetic purposes, but your body starts shutting down functions to conserve energy because it thinks you are starving. You probably aren’t fully functioning properly even walking normally, let alone doing athletic activities.

  4. I’m predicting Owen Cheung will get Best Actor in the TVB Awards for this.

    The only other contenders this year is Kenneth Ma and Kevin Cheung being talked about, but both have won before and I don’t think their roles are that outstanding.

    You heard it here 1st

  5. Oh god that looks terrible. Bulging muscles and veins…..his babyface head also dosent go with the whole look. Just doesnt suit him.

  6. One of my least favorite actors, his voice, the way he accentuates and he cannot act, with or without that body, period.

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