Phoebe Sin Gets More Jobs After Dating Ruco Chan

Former Miss Hong Kong 2016 participant Phoebe Sin (單文柔) has been making recent headlines due to her romance with Ruco Chan (陳展鵬). After their relationship was exposed, Phoebe seems to have gotten many more job opportunities as well. Phoebe admitted, “It does have something to do with Ruco. More people know who I am now. However, I hope people will know me for my work and not my personal relationships.”

In addition to continuing to film for children’s television shows, the 26-year-old is also scheduled to host a new variety show about interior design. With Phoebe’s interest in filming for dramas, will Ruco help pave the way for her to film a series? Phoebe said, “That’s not possible. If I do not have a strong foundation, even if he coaches me, I still will not have the forte for it. I need to do well in my current work first. If not, I may not even get an opportunity.”

Even if he has not helped her secure a role, has Ruco shared any tips on acting with her? “Right now, they are airing The Unholy Alliance <同盟>! We talk about the storyline and things related to filming.”

In the drama, Ruco has many intimate scenes with his past rumored costar, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), in the drama. Did any of the scenes make Phoebe jealous? “No! They have a very tacit understanding of one another. They are compatible in their action scenes. Ruco is very different from his character in the drama. He is more handsome in the drama!”


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  1. I like her. She seems humble and doesn’t seem to be trying to use Ruco’s fame to boost herself. Also seems to recognize that she needs to work on self-improvement before “expecting” anything, and that’s always a good thing to hear.

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  2. Yes you are getting all the benefits because of your relationship with Ruco but you are a bearer of bad luck for him – his ratings are going down and his popularity is slipping since both of you started dating. Just see all the negative comments about him in The Unholy Alliance and how he handles this dating matter!

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    2. @renac
      Wow. This is unreal. I get it that his acting as stayed the same and he has hit a bottleneck. But bringing up ‘bad luck’ because of dating a certain girl is ridiculous. You sound like a jealous fan girl

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      2. @killer02
        I’m sick and tired of hearing about him too. Yes he is a fame seeker. Look at him enjoying the limelight and abusing his power because he thinks he’s already made it. He’s overexposed too. Look at the number of series he’s been in and the constant interviews about him, Nancy and his new girlfriend. He’s overrated too. See the him winning best actor for an average performance. He hasn’t improved his acting in years. He could look elsewhere to make in career but it’s easy money in the entertainment.

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      4. @killer02
        Yes he will crave for more money.He will use the current popularity to grab as much as he can. Yes he is greedy and will never be satisfied. The entertainment circle is an addictive place. Fame and money. He will want more and more. Yes,he will spend his life chasing it. Unless he is superbly educated and wise which he isn’t then his quickest way for him to make money is stay in entertainment. He hasn’t got the skills to move onto something else.

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      6. @killer02
        Tbh if I had a choice of being a poor Hong Kong individual with only high school qualifications working in a below average job and a money grabbing fame seeker, I would choose the latter.

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      8. @killer02
        I agree with what you are saying. People in the entertainment industry(especially HK) when young are very greedy for money and fame and it’s definitely a much overpaid profession. People will try and argue that TVB wages are small and treatment is bad but they are talking rubbish. TVB and other TV stations are just platforms to give the viewers exposure and make them known to the public.TVB know that and the celebrities know that. The real money comes from sponsors, attending events, singing in malls, China game shows etr. The only ones complaining are the ones who didn’t make it but even the not so well known figures still get extra jobs as MCs and public functions. Tbh,guys like Moses are attending events for a couple of hours doing nothing and getting paid 5 figures. Look at Wayne Laialso being able to afford luxury rent every month. His wages for series definitely cannot afford the rent long term.It’s easy money going to functions and sing a few karaoke songs. However the nature of a lot these young fame seekers are like they are because of the environment they grew up in. They see celebrities hitting the jackpot and are desperate to be one of them. A lot of entertainment news/rumours are generated on purpose by these individuals to hit the headlines to get more exposure so they get more jobs. It’s the way the greedy entertainment circle works. It’s similar when football players sign for other clubs for bigger money when they see teammates on more. At least in football, players have to have the skills and ability before they can negotiate. In entertainment connections,networking and good game playing can bring success.

      9. @killer02 well well, it’s surprising to know that you can post something else other than yr usual cut and paste job. What you’re saying about entertainers being overpaid, money grabbing bla bla applies to everyone in show biz so I’m curious why you single out only Ruco? You sound jealous and bitter cos he gets paid much more than you do. If that’s the case, you shld also envy every artiste not only him. If you’ve got what it takes in showbiz (looks, maybe some talent) you can jolly well try your luck too instead of spending your life being consumed by hate and jealousy. If you don’t, then too bad. How much artistes get paid is determined by market forces. If they’re popular, they get more jobs and companies are willing to pay for their appearances, movie companies line up to offer them jobs. It’s easy to envy them cos they get paid 5 figures just to put in an appearance of a few minutes but life is that unfair. Just as how some people are born so beautiful, so talented, get born into rich families, you get it?

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      13. @killer02 poor you to have to bear the burden as crusader for the unfairly treated. No point trying to argue with you. My condolences to you that you can’t find something else more meaningful than to spam here and on YouTube as well. You must hate Ruco very much to single him out and no one else. Ex gf? Or someone’s hit man? Gosh why do I even entertain you?

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      15. @killer02 my last friendly advice to you. Build a bridge and get over it. You’re not going to change anything by endlessly griping over it and hating Ruco Chan specifically. Western celebs are paid waaaaaaayyyyy wayyyyyyyyyy much much more than Ruco Chan and Asian ( eg Korean) and Mainland stars eg Fan Bing Bing. Look at people like Kim Kardashian flaunting her diamonds the size of your eyeballs. You ought to hate them more than Ruco Chan who’s poor as a church mouse compared to them. Poor guy still has to rent the roof over his head. He’s actually poor compared to other entertainers even by HK standard. Go hate them instead or to be fair, hate them all.

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      18. @killer02 you obviously think with yr rear end. I responded to you in the first place cos you insisted on @ me despite my telling you not to. So i tried to engage you in some discussion to find out why he piissed you off so badly. Well whatever you want to say go ahead be my guest. Goes to show that it’s best not to argue with a fool cos there’s no end to it. I don’t think anyone here takes you seriously anyway.

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  3. yet to see her act on tv.

    ruco did very well in his role as 拳佬 in AFWFW…but as Gao Tze Kit, he is shadowed by Joel Chan who is doing very well in his role as Kent.

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  4. She has the cuteness feel of Aimee Chan so perhaps Ruco likes Aimee eh? well his taste changed from sexy vixen to wholesome cuteness. She isn’t pretty though. I don’t mean to say she is ugly but for an industry where face is almost everything, she seems plain. She’s not fat though; she just have a full face.

    As for Ruco securing her a role, oh come on! Ruco can’t even secure himself a good role! More so for her! You think what? He’s Moses?

  5. @funnlim She’s like a cross between Aimee Chan and Christine Kuo. They’re all cutesy. I don’t think she’s fat either. She just has a structurally round face. Hope she’ll never get PS to get the overtly popular diamond/heartshape face.

    @renac You are joking right? I agree with @jimmyszeto that your claim is ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense. Ruco is having backlash and not popular in Unholy because 1) his char is dull, not refreshimg and a copy of the Walls; and 2) his acting in Unholy is forgetable, uninspiring and not entertaining. That’s all his doings. It has nothing to do with Phoebe or whether they’re dating. He got backlash from their dating dilemma because HE didn’t handle the media or answer the questions well.

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  6. Line Walker, Brothers Keeper, now Unholy Alliance. Main Lead pretends to have turned power hungry and money obsessed. Friends and family are disgusted. Usually ‘fake’ kill a couple of them with the boss looking on an ipad. This method would not even work at all and TVB uses it in so many series. If the boss decides to get his men to add a few more bullets into Nina or Joel to make sure then the plan would fail immediately. The 2 hour and wow ‘2 and half’ hour till use antidote was the silliest plot I’ve ever seen. The clock ticks a second past 2 hours Ruco drops his head. The henchmen walk out.What is this? Ancient Wuxia fantasy? The directors and script writers should concentrate on character development rather then reuse repetitive plots that are not believable.

    1. @jimmyszeto tonight unholy alliance ending really bad. Never expect a drama full of talented artists to have a plain storyline from the beginning but all rushed to the last 3 episodes. Ridiculous script

  7. Too many articles regarding the Rico and the Unholy Alliance series on this site. Let’s focus an a brilliant TVB series Legal Mavericks instead. Great cases and great performances all round.
    Vincent Wong- His most impressive performance yet and proves he can hold a series on his own
    Sisley Choi- I think we can forget about all the past negative comments about her not being able to act. Improved in every series in last couple of years. This is her best so far.
    Ali Li- Sexy with a lot of subtle charisma on screen.
    Owen Cheung- This guy is a natural and acts effortlessly. It’s not his voice that is similar to Chilam. His ease with acting and for me, he’s the actor that hold the series together makes it watchable. His comic relief is essential to balance out the complicated, dark cases. The brotherhood compatibility with Vincent is admirable.Best Support actor could go to him.
    Law Lok Lam- He is brilliant all the way through. His acting as an old man struggling with terminal illness is the best I’ve seen from any series. If this was a movie, this veteran would win best support no doubt but with TVB they might look to promote a younger up and comer. If we look back at all the best support winners performances in the last decade and compare them, this would trump the lot!

    1. @jimmyszeto agreed! I loved Legal Mavericks a lot, specifically because of Vincent’s acting. Unlike other veterans of the industry who played blind roles, I find Vincent’s portrayal much more convincing. this series deserves recognition, much more than TUA.

      on the other hand, I will only say that I expected TUA to flop + fail. producer jazz boon is really good at the start of his dramas, but he quickly derails once the show reaches midpoint. similar patterns in Line Walker, AFWFW and now TUA. such an irresponsible producer/director.

      1. @coralie
        Yeh. The director does not have good visions of his productions. The settings and ideas are generally good but he tries to implement every plot he can think of into the series along with twist after twist. The twists that he thinks are intelligent while the audience can see are idiotic. In his last 3 main series, less than a third of his episodes have been good. A Fist within Four Walls and Line Walker has the potential to be gems for years to come but they are nothing but slightly above average series now.

    2. @jimmyszeto I like the human drama in Legal Mavericks and Vincent but that’s about it. The legal cases is an embarassing piece of writing and some performances… I do get the hate for Sisley but she was just ok. Never thought Ali Lee as memorable. At best mediocre and not the best that TVB could offer. I smack my head over the cases portrayed and all I can say is HK courts very very free.

      1. @funnlim
        I’m not an expert in law but at least TVB have should receive credit for becoming much more brave in exploring sensitive topics in the cases. Unlike previously, it has always been murder mysteries which gets boring. I do not like how sympathy votes are used in winning case after case. I think in real life it only happens once every blue moon. Ali is not the memorable and show stealing type of actress but she can act. She is likable but will have plenty to work on before she can lead a series by herself confidently. The last few episodes typically for TVB spiralled into a mess but at least it was only 3 bad episodes. The Unholy Alliance was filled with at least 25 episodes of rubbish.

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