Rain Li Announces Marriage to Eric Huang

By on February 15, 2019 in NEWS

Rain Li Announces Marriage to Eric Huang

More good news for Valentine’s Day—our favorite childhood sweetheart, Rain Li (李彩華), is now married!

On February 14, Rain updated her fans with a surprise message on social media—that she has married her boyfriend, Chinese businessman Eric Huang. “Rain + Eric = Mr & Mrs Huang,” she said.

Rain did share pictures of her husband, but did share a few cartoon images of her and Eric, depicting their marriage.

Soon afterwards, official wedding photos of Rain and Eric were released to the press. Rain’s princess-like bridal gown added a touch of fairytale innocence amidst the backdrop of the urban and modern cityscape.

The couple have known each other for years, but they didn’t start to officially date until about half a year ago. On how Eric proposed, Rain shared, “Last November, when I was in Beijing filming a drama, with the help of my assistant and fellow actors, he surprised me at my room with flowers and balloons. He knelt down and proposed. I thought I’d cry from all the emotions, but at that very moment, I couldn’t help but to laugh. I pretty much figured it out, because we did talk about [marriage] in a serious manner before.”

Due to Rain’s busy filming schedule, she won’t be able to have time for a wedding banquet until the end of the year. “I also don’t want to do it in haste,” she said. “I want to work it out once I have time.”

Source: HK01.com

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Rain Li Announces Marriage to Eric Huang

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    1. coralie says:

      I always found Rain gorgeous. Glad she’s found her Mr. Right.

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    2. cutie777 says:

      I always thought Rain and Sharon Chan look alike and at first by reading her husband English name I thought her husband is the Taiwanese actor Eric Huang? Congratulations!!

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