Raymond Lam Loses 21 Pounds; Face Looks Sunken

Raymond Lam (林峰) has been busy preparing for his upcoming concert, Heart Attack LF Live in HK, which will take place at the Hong Kong Coliseum at the end of April. To ensure optimum performance, Raymond was noticeably thinner due to his strict dieting and exercising routine.

Despite the weight loss, Raymond was also undeniably more muscular. He explained, “I don’t diet based on my weight. But last week after I exercised, I saw a scale and went on it. I’m around 139 pounds right now. I have not been this light in the last 20 years.” Shedding approximately 21 pounds, Raymond admitted that his pants no longer fit and he had to revamp his closet.

However, the 36-year-old intends to maintain his toned body even after the conclusion of his concert. “It took a lot of hard work to get to this [body type]. I don’t want to let myself get fat again, but I will still continue eating [the foods I love].”

Teased that he should just bare all at the concert, Raymond laughed and responded, “Pants must be worn. Everyone’s style is different. I didn’t really exercise the lower half [of my body].” He shared that when he first began his working out regimen, he suffered from low blood pressure due to the reduced intake of food. “At the time. I really did feel light-headed whenever I sat down and stood back up. I didn’t eat anything with processed sugar for three months.”

When asked how his girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語), feels about his new look, Raymond expressed that Karena has been motivating him. “Everyone around me, like my father and mother, would say I’ve gotten skinnier and tell me to eat more. They’re afraid that when I get on stage, I won’t have the energy to sing. I told them not to worry, because exercising is good for my health.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. is it just me, or does it seem like the media has been covering him and his concert for a really long time? I totally thought he would have held his concert already by now!

  2. wow he lost a lot of weight. 139 lbs for his height is pretty skinny. Not a good look on his IMO. Hope he’ll be careful as def. over dieting and can be dangerous.

    1. @happybi
      My sentiments exactly. If his bio isn’t a complete lie, then weighing just 62kg for a man standing at 1.8m is crazy ! Wonder how long did he take to lose those 10kg. Regardless very unhealthy and frankly speaking nothing to boast or be proud off. In fact pretty shameful to be promoting such a superficial and unhealthy image ! Everyone loves to be eye candy…..this is just taking it too far.
      The fact that he actually got light headed during his diet regiment was already a screaming indication from his own body to watch out. But because one’s body gets used to the drastic impact of ‘starving’ the body adapts and ‘complains’ less. It is not an indication to continue !
      Whats with this generation’s obsession equating skinny to being beautiful/handsome ??
      He looks more like a shrivelled old man than a 30 something yr old hunk !

      1. @lmjl18 yeah not a good look. make him look old. I hope he lost those weight via a few month as if it’s a sudden weight lost, it’s not good. can affect his body and can result in hair lost etc. he need to be careful for sure.

      2. @happybi
        Not sure why singers go to extremes to lose weight for concerts. Surely the weight should naturally fall off during training. Hope Raymond doesn’t faint whilst performing!

  3. I don’t understand why most hk artists think it’s necessary to lose weight for a concert to such extreme. First of all, they were never fat in the first place. And if they want to look fit, I would much rather they bulk up. Looking buff surely looks much more than a lanky “toned” body, imo. This is not impressive imo.

    1. @jupiterx they thought if they look skinnier, they look more muscly. Instead of toning up their muscle they just stop eating, kekekekke …

  4. This is retarded! If he’s 1.80m (5’11”), his ideal weight is 160-184lb. At 139lb, he’s severely underweight, and the 20lb he lost was mostly lean body mass (not fat). Also, when you don’t eat, it’s not your blood pressure that drops, it’s your blood glucose. Either Raymond Lam lacks knowledge of health and nutrition or this is straight bad journalism.

    Personally, the dude looks 5 years older, not a good look for him if I must say.

  5. I am sorry but I think he doesn’t look good even if he’s lost weight in fact probably worse? The first pic, he looks wrinkly? 2nd better but I don’t think dieting and slimming down necessarily mean they are going to look better.

    1. @kiki same here.. never find him good looking and def. worst now with the weight lost. Just not healthy for sure.

    2. @kiki He must be delusional to think his current state looks good. It’s far from sexy. He would look so much better bulked up.

  6. I don’t think Raymond is 5′ 11″. He looks like 5′ 9″ only. Anyway, for a Chinese guy with 5′ 9″, he should weigh 145 to 155 lb. 139 lb. is too skinny for a man of his height.

  7. Raymond was expecting a lot of praise! Everyone to say ‘wow, well done for losing weight so quickly’. It’s a good job he has the resources to make himself look good again. All this dieting and rebulking must take its toll on his body. Going to look even less compatible standing next to Karena now!

  8. “However, the 36-year-old intends to maintain his toned body even after the conclusion of his concert. “

    Please don’t. You look unhealthy now. Please bulk up instead.

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