Raymond Lam Not A Devil In “Men With No Shadows”

In its first week of broadcast, TVB series, Men With No Shadows <不速之約>, averaged ratings of 29 points and the series had the highest online click-through rate [on TVB.com].  Since its broadcast, netizens criticized Men With No Shadows in plagiarizing American film, Meet Joe Black, and TVB series You Only Live Twice <飛越十八層>. Raymond Lam’s (林峯) “chok” gestures in playing a devil and eating apples were pointed out as resembling Japanese production, Death Note.

*SPOILERS ahead for Men With No Shadows*

The producer of Men With No Shadows, Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德), did not take further steps to deny allegations of plagiarism due to surprises in the plot’s later development.  It turned out that the plot of Men With No Shadows did not center around a devil chasing a human soul. Instead, Raymond was a hypnotist seeking revenge. It was not easy to differentiate who was human and who was a devil in Men With No Shadows.

It was understood that the script was confidential during the initial filming stage of Men With No Shadows; even the cast did not know the real story. Raymond had always been identified as portraying a devil in the series. However, it was exposed that in order to avenge his father’s death, Tai Fung (Raymond Lam) used hypnosis to endlessly agonize Dr.O (Bobby Au Yeung 歐陽震華) and other characters. Raymond’s devilish red eyes, eating apples, and finger pointing were related to hynosis. Using Hypnosis to Avenge His Father’s Death
There were numerous online discussions about Men With No Shadows. Some netizens discovered the twist in the drama’s plot, speculating that the story was a dream sequence after Dr.O fell into a coma after his car accident. Netizens speculated that Dr. O’s psychological guilt resulted in his “encounters” with the devil.

It turned out that early speculations were all wrong. In fact, early in the second episode, the plot’s mystery was already revealed when Dr.O recalled memories of the human testing for cancer treatment drugs. Since Tong Tin King (David Chiang 姜大衛) decided to cut the funding for the cancer drug testing, a cancer patient was eliminated from the critical treatment. The patient’s wife and children begged Dr. O to help them. Chan On Ying (陳安瑩) portrayed Mrs. Tai [the wife of the cancer patient] and the teenage version of Tai Fung (Raymond Lam’s character), along with his sister (Mandy Wong 黃智雯) scolded Dr. O.

Since his father died from the sudden halt of the cancer treatment, Tai Fung was filled with hatred.  He carefully plotted for revenge and used hypnosis against the people involved in implementing the cancer drug testing program years ago for his deceased father.
Producer Poon Ka Tak insisted against plagiarism allegations in Men With No Shadows. Mr. Poon said, “When you watch the drama, if you think that Raymond Lam is human, then he is human. If you feel that he is a devil, then he is a devil. Anyhow, this is an abstract and creative story.”


Source: Mingpao

Jayne: Sounds like the hypnosis plot is very possible in Men With No Shadows. Unfortunately, the twist is released too early and may spoil all the fun and audience’s viewing pleasure.There appears to be a lack of confidentiality in TVB’s production staff as many series’ plot spoilers have been released to the press.

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  1. I prefer this twist over the supernatural genre. 🙂 But I don’t wish I haven’t read these spoilers.

  2. Ok, if this is really the true ending, I’m so pissed off with Ming Pao for revealing it because I never could have guess this ending. What’s the point of watching now? 🙁

    1. Kidd,
      “Ok, if this is really the true ending, I’m so pissed off with Ming Pao for revealing it because I never could have guess this ending. What’s the point of watching now?”

      Since “Men With No Shadows” is a suspense-thriller, it would ruin the fun of guessing what is going on. However, it could be publicity to promote the series…so you will likely have to watch further to see if this may be the case. If the script is clever, perhaps it allows you to interpret the series in different ways given the ambiguity.

      Look deep inside each human soul to examine the person’s intent and what defines evil. Sounds like an interesting basis for a psychological thriller. Due to vacation, I haven’t had the chance to watch this series yet, but it sounds like a really challenging role for Raymond and Bobby. I would like to watch to see if the ending (as hinted by Ming Pao) will show Bobby as the “devil in disguise” instead and whether our world is but a warped illusion of reality.

      Inside every man lurks a dark side and an unleashed evil intent? However, the devil wears many disguises and may possess even the most unassuming innocent beings?

      1. Hurm the premise of the storyline now sounds interesting from your view. I might take a look after the whole drama finished. I always have this interest towards fantasy mixed psychological dramas 🙂

  3. The hypnosis theory actually make sense because of the inconsistent typhoon’s action. Sometimes, he seem like someone who really didn’t know human nature and naive about it. But, other times, he’s really smart and can catch and understand human nature very much and used it to his advantage. He’s flip-flopping between innocent baby and smart cunning adult.

    If this is all revenge plot, it makes sense.

    My own theory was just that after he became demon, he somehow forget his human experience. So, he want to experience as human again. Or he is just a human turn demon who want to take revenge and all his action is a play with Dr.O.

    1. How about 2 in one? There is a real devil, and this devil is curious with human life and used the hatred of Typhoon toward Dr. O to challenge human. So inside Typhoon, the devil live along with the real personality of him.

      1. But I don’t think TVB follow it, nevermind, Mr.Pan said “surprise ending”, extremely curious see how surprise it would be! Yeah, he got me already, I want to see the ending madly!

    2. Why not Bobby is a schizo? Can someone be hypnotized repeatedly when awake, working, etc?

  4. “There appears to be a lack of confidentiality in TVB’s production staff as many series’ plot spoilers have been released to the press.”

    Now, I really see the wisdom of LOO’s producer. The LOO team film 4 endings. Even if one is leaked, they can use the other. They also tell you straight up that there’re 4 endings. So, even if the press reveal the endings, it will still keep the audience guessing which ending they will use.

    1. LOO is an invested one, its producer can do that but not all others can do the same thing.

      1. I don’t think this is a high budget series. So, filming 1 or 2 more ending should not used up too much extra money.

  5. Netizens is just bias, to me whatever the line story or same character he act, will always support.GO TVB GO RAYMOND LAM.

  6. Different Newspaper published different ratings, which one is the right one???

  7. Hope tonight’s episode will give us some more hints as it tells more about Fung’s past and how he … died? Interesting.

  8. So where do u learn highly skilled hypnosis these days? Is there an app for that?

    I think the Dr. O in a coma theory is plausible. And toi fung entered his dream ala “inception.”

    Cuz I can’t find another possible explanation for why someone as superficial as fong fong would choose middle-aged Dr. O over devilish toi fung.

    1. “Cuz I can’t find another possible explanation for why someone as superficial as fong fong would choose middle-aged Dr. O over devilish toi fung.”

      Because Dr O loved her from the moment he met her and did everything for her. A woman seeks such love.

      1. Well, he was quite a wimp. But yeah, she should’ve at least gave him the chance to stand up to his dad.

    2. I’ve only watch until episode 3. So, Fong Fong will show her superficial side in later episode? I didn’t find her superficial so far in these 3 episodes.

      1. Ok, maybe I should say airhead instead. I find her to be a ditz and don’t understand why Dr. O would fall for her. And how she accepted Dr. O right away, is even more bizarre.

      2. I can see why Dr.O and the other guys love Fong Fong after watching episode 4 and 5. She’s a kind-hearted woman who is full of compassion and some of her actions can be kinda cute. Plus, she can be spunky when the situation requires it. She reminds me of Xiang Qin from ‘They Kiss Again’ (didn’t watch ISWAK). A bumbling good-natured girl with a heart of gold. I wonder if the scriptwriter has taken inspiration from Xiang Qin. According to her classmates and herself, Fong Fong was also a bumbling trainee nurse, she’s very determine and succeed in passing the course.

        Fong Fong is vain, but, I don’t find her superficial. She cares about her own look and wants to make herself pretty and like to wear beautiful clothes. But, she does not judge people by look.

      3. Up until episode 7, i don’t think Fung loves Fong Fong.. I think it’s all fake or part of his plan.

      4. I agree with Kidd. Even though Tavia is too straightforward, especially about wanting Bobby’s organs after he died. (LOL! The mother is so hilarious when she says this.) I like it when Tavia had compassion towards the kids, but that’s in episode 6.

        However, I can’t see Tavia pairing up with either Bobby or Raymond. Bobby, he’s too old for her regardless of whether they’re compatible in personality. Raymond, he’s still weird and we’re not sure if he’s human or devil. Him learning about how to be human is hilarious and makes the show enjoyable to watch. 🙂 If his acting keeps up, I support him to win Best Actor over Michael Tse!

      5. @ Chriselle

        Yes, Raymond acted very well in this series. If he continue to maintain this level of competence, I won’t mind him winning.

        “I like it when Tavia had compassion towards the kids, but that’s in episode 6.”

        No way that it’s episode 6 only she starts to show compassion. I watch until episode 5 only and I think I see her visit the church children twice already.

        Maybe Dr.O has already seen this side of her 3 years ago but the series did show us?

        “Even though Tavia is too straightforward, especially about wanting Bobby’s organs after he died. “

        Haha, yeah, she said it too matter-of-factly. No tact. Although it is right for her to ask since organs can’t be kept long after the body died or it will be rendered useless.

  9. Ming Pao obviously got it all wrong about the ratings.

    The first week of “Men” averaged 26 points, while Ming Pao wrote 29 points. The ratings report:

    無線劇集《不速之約》首播遇正中秋節,週一晚的收視最低跌至21點(觀眾人數約134萬)。翌日(週二)公眾假期收視回升最高達30點(觀眾人數約192萬),平均29點;但一星期的平均收視成績被拉低。 《不速之約》首周平均收視26點(觀眾人數166萬),相比較對上一星期結局篇的《潛行狙擊》,收視跌7點,流失觀眾45萬。

    Basically it says that Monday’s episode dropped to 21 points lowest. Tuesday it increased to 30 points highest, average 29 points (2nd episode). Full week’s average (episode 1-5) is 26 points.

  10. Well not surprisingly; episode 1 was crap which it reflect the TV ratings and the overall weekly ratings. I wish TVB redo that episode, seriously.

  11. Maybe the tvb crew delibrately spread some rumours on the storyline, to scratch up the audience interesting in debating the plot and to catch more viewers to see which is which.

    Therefore increasing the ratings? Maybe?

      1. That’ll just ruin everything and all the effort the producer and crew tried to maintain the suspense.

      2. Not really, because a lot of audience now would be more eager to watch if they know the plot before hand.

      3. But if they know the plot and how it’s so predictable.. then what’s the point of watching? It’ll just bore them to sleep.

      4. The revealed plot might be incorrect :).

        Whatever, after 8 eps, I start to think this series is good.

  12. Finished Ep07.

    Started to ask the question: What the h*ll is happening? I don’t understand!

    Toi Fung is…what type of creature???

    If I have the whole series now, I would watch it overnight!

    1. I dont quite understand either since I’ve watch my series quietly since my bb is sleeping during the time the series is airing. All i know is LF died in a car accident but was somehow revived with superpower sort of. Then off he went to find Bobby for revenge.

      So LF’s lil sis (mandy wong) didn’t die in during suicide project did by his mom and survived and now paralysed?

      Teh series so far is quite interesting with creative plot. But the IT effect is rather lame.

      1. Only the mom died during suicide. Tai Yan (Mandy) saved Tai Fung (LF) and in coma.

      2. @Fox,

        Did i missed out a scene yesterday? How did Mandy saved LF and make her in coma?? I thought it was LF who rescued Mandy from inhaling too much of charcoal’s toxic? and rush her to the hospital?

      3. I think Dr. O and toi fung are both comatose after the car accident. They are entering each other’s dreams like “Inception.”

      4. Or like The Wronged Man, everything is just in the halluciation of one person.

      5. Oops, just think that wat happen if everything happened is Dr. O’s illusion before he dies – created by the hypnosis of Tai Fung. Rmb that the last one Dr. O saw is Tai Fung. If it’s true, then will MWNS be accused to copy Getbackers? Hehe, manga rock!

      6. Then Dr.O’s death agony must be super long since it can cover a 20 eps series 🙂

        However, if that is the case then we can explain loads of things!

      7. Time in dream state is much slower.

        Darn, toi fung did hypnotize Vincent on the phone in episode 8. The article got that right.

  13. Even up until episode 7, i still think there is something that isn’t revealed about this “devil” yet since there is 13 more episodes to go. The producer did say it has an ‘unexpected’ ending so ..

    1. Even after eps 08, there is no answers for many of my questions! Eps 09 he gonna be supermen-alike, dunno if there is that “red thing” lol.

      Not bother to guess the ending as it is stated “unexpected”, just really really want to see it lol.

  14. Mandy just appeared in episode 6. So is she crippled or something? She seemed to have problems getting out of bed. I wonder what her role will be.

    1. I think it’s because she was in coma too long, her muscle on legs dun develop in this period. All the ppl who had coma for long while will have to slowly do the practices to be able to walk again.

      Dun blv K series. I rmb I saw a K series, a person who has coma for 4 years can walk in the next day. Impossible.

      1. No, don’t like, but what’s the matter? I said he has bad fashion sense, and it’s a fact, then why feel strange? He isn’t the first one who wear this and won’t be the last one.

      2. I just comment on it; It is so…. ugh, to pose with a beautiful woman with that outfit?

      3. That beautiful woman dun feel a problem, why you need to feel for her, lol.

      4. They did a photoshoot and Im surprise they go ahead and publish it. Something is something.

      5. Infact he poses with many other beautiful women in outfits that more weird lol. To me, this one is too normal haha Have a good laugh and life is beautiful!

      6. Yes, the ones who did the photoshoot dun find it’s a problem :P. Maybe there are more ppl with weird fashion sense than we expected. Ah Larry3, do you read manga?

      7. hell no. not enough time to read. fixing my house and go to work and i have life.

      8. @ Fox

        You yourself said Raymond has bad fashion sense. So, what is so sinful of Larry3 to criticise the fashion that you have to bite at him and won’t let go?

      9. Not sinful, nothing sinful at all. What make you think Larry3 is sinful?

      10. Yikes fox, do u bite?!

        But yes, shorts w/ rainboots is not a good look… unless he plans on going to catch fish later.

        Or maybe he thought they are only going to take picture above the waist. Like in “anchorman”, will farell wears suit on top to do the news but doesn’t wear any pants below.

      11. =]] if he only wears something on top to take pic, some ppl will have a treat =]]. Kidding :P.

        josie, I dun bite.

      12. @ Fox

        “Not sinful, nothing sinful at all. What make you think Larry3 is sinful?”

        No, I don’t think Larry3 is sinful. You keep biting him and refuse to let go because he criticise your dear LF. That’s why I ask you what’s so sinful about Larry3 criticising LF’s fashion when you yourself think LF has bad fashion sense.


        And don’t play word game with me. You understand very well what I mean. You just deliberately twist the sentence for argument (and to have the last word as usual).

      13. You are serious again. It’s a tease game, need to be serious on it? I don’t have any problem with Larry3. You see I refuse to keep “biting” anytime except when I feel tired?

    1. Funny, just hairy legs and rainboots with the blazer outfit and ppl making it’s like the end of the world, haha. Now ppl is easy to be agitated.

      1. I’m not the boss of this side, so you can feel free. Lol.

        Why whenever someone fail in a argument, they will say: “critiquing is not allow in this site?”? It’s a trend? Calm down. You need some cold water for your head :P. Why need to be agitated like this?

      2. Fox, why are you so agitated? Im just commenting of Raymond Lam’s outfit. You can ignore my post if you dont like my posting style.

      3. Why I need to ignore you? I like to make you agitated :P. If you don’t like my posting style, also can ignore me, hehe.

  15. I just notice the rain boots outfit. It reminds me of an episode on Kawaii TV about this Japanese man who loves rain boots. He has a pair of rain boots for everyday/occasion. For his fan, Raymond is chok in everything.

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