Raymond Touches Genitals; Myolie Wu Sings Off-Key in Concert

Raymond Lam Fung and Myolie Wu Hang Yee performed at the “Super Voice in Concert 2010” at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Onstage, Raymond boldly danced intimately with  male and female dancers. Shockingly, he also appeared to touch his genitals in one dance sequence, leading to wild audience screams!

Raymond explained that the impression was due to the visual perspective; he did not touch the other men intimately onstage. He admitted that this was the first time he danced so closely with male dancers.

Myolie Wu dressed sexily and performed with Super Voice contestants, Alfred Hui, Auston Lam, and Daniel Chau. The three men borrowed costume ideas from Grasshoppers and dressed in grass-skirts. Myole danced intimately with the three men. Unfortunately, Myolie sang out of tune and her voice was smothered by the three men. Due to her sexy outfit, she still managed to capture back some points.

Source: Singtao

Jayne: Umm…do we really need the illusion of Raymond Lam touching his genitals? He’s hot enough as it is!

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  1. Raymond has prince charming persona, its weird to see him touching his genitals LOL

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