Rosina Lam Turns Down TVB Drama for Her “Baby”

Baby rumors heated up when Rosina Lam (林夏薇) turned down a starring role in TVB’s new comedy drama, Time-Traveling Officials <超時空男臣>. Her role, a Ming Dynasty crown princess who travels to the future, was replaced by Grace Wong (王君馨).

Time-Traveling Officials stars Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), and Matthew Ho (何廣沛) as three Ming Dynasty officials who get transported to the future when they go on a search for their princess. They end up in present day Hong Kong, where they meet restauranteur Kristal Tin (田蕊妮). Produced by Marco Law (羅永賢), Officials features a similar cast and crew of his last drama Short End of the Stick <公公出宮>, which starred Rosina Lam.

In a phone interview with the Hong Kong press, Rosina said she initially accepted the casting offer of Officials, but later decided to pass on the role. Asking if it was because she was preparing for a baby with husband Jason Mok (莫贊生), the 29-year-old said, “Haha! No! It’s because it’s been getting busy over at my company [restaurants], and I also need to prepare for the opening of my flagship in Wan Chai. There’s too many things going on. I don’t think I can accommodate a drama at the moment.”

Rosina found it to be a pity that she could not take part in Officials. “I cherish each and every opportunity that I’m given, but I’ve shed blood and tears for my restaurant chain, so I hope to take care of it first. I will continue to work hard in my future roles.”

In regards to having kids, Rosina admitted, “I do want children, however, I must look after my body first. I want to be able to balance both career and family before I start thinking about having kids.” (Have you thought about when you’ll start having kids?) “Taking it step by step! I’m not in a hurry. There’s still time.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. wow more celebrity babies! Congratz Rosina!

    I am glad Grace Wong get the role yess! 1 second i thought i read that they given the role to Grace Chan lol

  2. I prefer Grace Wong, actually. BTW, can tvb stop asking those who have no interest in acting to act as lead? Like, seriously. There are so many hidden jems in tvb. Ali Lee, Grace Wong, Mandy, and more pretty kalefe, who really wanted to act. Give them a chance instead!!

  3. Time traveling official is a big miss casting
    @that the other topic. I allready said that Rucco is the one who suited better then Edwin

    I watch back the drama “the lifetime of a sentinel”
    Maybe Kenneth was also be suitable

    Ok on topic:
    Rosina and her husband are really going to expand them business. So why go acting if you allready making much money. Making baby is also posssible. If its true congratulations!!

    My opinion is. She maybe has interested if she got the role from Kristal. The princess role maybe to small, cause we all know. At the end of this drama:

    Edwin raymond and mathhew found the princess. The timetravelingportall opened. When they going to leave. Kristall ask Edwin to stay because she really really love him. Then the princess dont wanna go and ask Raymond to stay also. Matthew wi also stay and become a great stylist\makeup artist.
    Edwin married kristal raymond married Grace. The restaurant grow bigger bigger and they live happily ever after

    The end:)

  4. Rosina, thank you! Thank you very much!

    If only Edwin Siu is as gracious to bow out because of whatever reason. Any reason at all as long as he is not in this. If only…

    1. @funnlim oh, just let him be cos this drama’s going to suck with or without him except that it’ll probably suck more with him in it lol!

  5. Edwin will not stop untill he got enough money to married Priscilla.

    But you are right
    As a lead he can’t carried a drama. He needs the E-Bro’s.
    Like in in the confident, overachievers and short end of the stick.

    Really like those 5 to cooperate together
    Wayne Lai
    Raymond Cho
    Raymond Wong
    Edwin Siu
    Power Chan

    By the way.. Has the contract from Raymond Wong expired? When do we see him again?

    The legendary 5 Eunuchs!!

  6. can’t help but comment on those crazily thin arms. does she have to starve herself to maintain her figure. i know some people have smaller body porportions but her arms are crazy skinny. rest of her body’s okay though.

    1. @m0m0 the lollipop look is popular in Asia.. crazy IMO but it’s consider normal over there.

      Nice to see Grace WONG being promoted! Love Raymond!

      1. @happybi the “lollipop” look is so hard to look at. everyone looks like they’re just malnourished kids that do not have enough to eat (i.e. Rosina and Grace Chan)

  7. I’m very happy that Grace Wong get a starring role in this series. I’ve liked her since ‘Bounty Lady’ where she showed great improvement in acting. She was also good in ‘Awfully Lawful’.

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