Roxanne Tong Loses 20 Pounds for Wedding

Getting married at the end of the year,  Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) is a busy bride-to-be. Like most brides, she has been taking care of most details during wedding planning.

Appearing at a skincare event with Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) and Ali Lee (李佳芯) yesterday, Roxanne excitedly talked about her wedding. Hoping to retain some privacy, Roxanne said she has not even shared some details with Kenneth Ma (馬國明). Although she wanted him to help, she did not want to waste time explaining. She joked Kenneth only knows what he and the groomsmen are wearing. When asked if she has faith in his fashion sense, she replied, “I can’t be bothered–he’ll get a stylist to help. I don’t think he’ll wear his soccer jersey!”

Roxanne is currently feeling pressure because she did not do any wedding planning for the first half of the year. As the big day looms ahead, she realized many things are quite complicated. Where possible, she would like to simplify activities and wants to omit the bridal games.

Hoping to look her best, Roxanne has been cutting sugar to lose weight. Although already losing 20 pounds, it has been a struggle not eating dessert. This in turn has made Roxanne more irritable and easily frustrated. Sympathizing with Kenneth in dealing with her moodiness, Roxanne said, “Once he senses I’m getting frustrated, he’ll tell me to eat ice cream but I’m starting to get used to cutting out sugar.” Although dieting is difficult, she hopes to lose five more pounds.

Although Kenneth has now started filming for a new drama, it will not affect their wedding date. His vacation request has also been approved and they will be soon head to Europe to take their wedding photos.

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  1. CONGRATS to the Lovely couple!! I think it’s kind of difficult these days to find many couples in the entertainment industry that really keeps their foot on the ground and makes you feel like they are one of us. I feel that Kenneth & Roxanne is one of that few entertainment couples that can do it. May their marriage bring them many blessings & incredible joy and lasting happiness. Cheers!!!

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