Ruby Lin Says She’s Blessed for Having Wallace Huo as Her Husband on TV

Appearing on a recent episode of Chinese talk show Happiness Trio <幸福三重奏>, Ruby Lin (林心如) made a rare confession about her feelings for her husband Wallace Huo (霍建華) on TV, melting all of their fans!

The 43-year-old Taiwanese actress, who married her longtime friend Wallace Huo in 2016, has been going light with her work load in order to save time for their young daughter, nicknamed “Little Dolphin.” Ruby and Wallace rarely talk about each other in public, but on Happiness Trio, Ruby dropped a confession about Wallace, shocking the fans.

In the episode, which also features Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen (陳意涵) and her husband Hsu Fu-hsiang (許富翔), Ruby tells Hsu that she is impressed that he won Ivy’s heart. Ivy responded by saying that she feels honored and blessed to have married Hsu.

Ruby responds with her own confession, telling the cameras that she is honored to have married Wallace Huo.

“Marrying Wallace Huo was the happiest thing that has happened to me,” she said, looking at the cameras while holding her face. “Which camera should I look at?” she joked.

Ruby also added, “I’m blessed to be able to have a husband who is so good-looking, so great, so understanding, and so tolerating [like Wallace] in this life.”


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