Ruco Chan Gets Irritated When Reporters Ask Him About Nancy Wu

Rumors of Nancy Wu (胡定欣) turning down upcoming TVB drama Extraordinarily Mysterious Cases <逆天奇案> because it would star Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) have been circulating. When reporters confronted Ruco about the matter, he denied having that effect over Nancy. “I don’t know where you heard this version of the story, but I already knew I was filming this drama one year ago,” Ruco revealed. “At the time, the lead actress wasn’t said to be Nancy. Rosina Lam (林夏薇) will play the female protagonist, but it wasn’t her either a year ago.”

Ruco expressed he is happy to partner with Rosina again, and shared that it will be his first time collaborating with Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), who is also participating in the series.

Regarding the gossip shrouding the drama, Ruco bluntly said, “I do think it’s weird. A reporter messaged me earlier about the rumors, and I was shocked. I couldn’t tell if it was real or not, so it’s better if it came directly from the other party.”

He added that he is not on bad terms with Nancy. “I saw her recently at Pal Sinn’s (單立文) birthday party a few months ago.”

However, when reporters tried to ask him more questions about Nancy, Ruco appeared exasperated. “Ask me something else! Ask me about my family! I already got married and I’m a dad now, why are there still such rumors? There are some questions that you should ask [Nancy] yourself,” Ruco said.

Besides, the drama’s producer, Lau Ka-ho (劉家豪), said he never asked Nancy to film the drama, and TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) could testify. He also mentioned that Ruco accepted the film after hearing the script without asking who would play the lead actress. However, Ka-ho always wanted Rosina to play the female protagonist.

Source: Oncc

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  1. Ruco should just leave TVB altogether and get into HK films. He’s better than most actors at TVB.

    1. @anon
      Are you serious? Ruco can’t just choose to venture into movies if he wishes. No one will cast him.Felix Wong and Gallen Li didn’t transform into movie stars even thought they are a billion times better than Ruco.

  2. Not sure why Nancy is still being brought up with Ruco? That was so 2017… and it’s 2019 now.

    1. @jcc10 I know right? Omg!! I would be so annoyed too asking stupid questions still when he’s already happily married w/a kid. I never like that series of them together and I never find him attracted to Nancy Wu in any way. The woman was single & he was too at the time but damn these reporters should stop w/the BS. lol haha

      1. @wm2017 delusional fans thinking they were together… they looked like they were nothing except friends, reporters making everything worse by coming up with rumours that they are together, making fans even more delusional

      2. @jcc10
        HK reporters are so unprofessional. They don’t ask questions relating to the craft of acting, but never fail to sink into gossip-mongering.

      3. @msxie0714
        Yeh. HK reporters are incredibly embarrassing but I think they have been ordered to ask these questions. The actor could beat a movie premiere or a friend’s wedding and reporters will shift to personal questions repeatedly. For example ‘when will you make babies with your wife?’ Do you have time?’. All incredible private topics and the celebrities still have to maintain their composure to not show anger…

      4. @wm2017
        You said ‘I never find him attracted to Nancy in any way’. Where did you get this impression from? Your comment is totally biased towards Ruco in every way over Nancy without any explanation..

  3. The media dont have much news they have too drag other ppl into the crowd to stir big gossips so lame

    rosina leading again!!!!……dont get me wrong her acting is not bad but she still dont have the potential to lead a just yet beside the last series with her leading with Ruco i didnt even watch dont remember the name of it but it was 2-3yrs back

  4. While I get he was annoyed, his response seemed peculiar. Usually other artists will blow it off, but the fact he implored reporters to ask him about his wife and family is a bit weird and screams that he’s insecure about his marriage.

    1. @hazel
      Yeh, Ruco has been continuously selling the celebrity couple to media to improve Pheobe’s career but as soon as he gets a slightly negative question, he throws a tantrum…

      1. @jimmyszeto Honestly, I don’t think he’s as nice as the media makes him out to be. I get petty vibes from him. He’s probably scared that Phoebe will leave him because of their age difference and wants reporters to stop with the rumours in case Phoebe gets jealous.

        Like I said, he’s insecure. Nancy’s way better at handling rumours about him.

      2. @hazel
        There is literally no one who behaves like Ruco with the media. When chooses to be ‘I’m very protective of my wife/gf attitude then he is angry that reporters are asking about Phoebe. When he wants to promote his wife from a nobody into a celebrity then he sells everything to the media and can’t answer enough questions. When he needs the media he try and act like a victim and display photos of the property damage of a flat his mum has lived for years during a series promotion as well. When he currently does not need the media, he will try and be the family protector again. You get the likes of Him Law getting asked all sorts of baby making questions to the point where the reporters are getting to which weeks he is in the bedroom with is wife or reporter hints questioning Tavia’s fertility ability but he still able to answer intelligently and positively. You see the latest article of Aaron getting asked about being involved in the protest. Instead of fuming at being linked to the protest or delayed on his journey by reporters, Aaron came up calmly with an acceptable answer. Ruco seems petty and angry whenever things aren’t going his way…

  5. I would get irritated too if someone kept asking about a third person when am married with children. Some questions are inappropriate to ask, regardless of who the celebrity is.

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