Ruco Chan Reveals “Sinister Beings” May Have Sequel


Airing its finale on June 11, Sinister Beings <逆天奇案> left enough loose ends to warrant a follow-up. Happy the action drama drew strong interest in Hong Kong and China, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) revealed, “Eric Tsang (曾志偉) suggested to producer Lau Ka Ho (劉家豪) to film a sequel.”

An Imperfect Ending

In the events leading up to the finale, Sam Sir (Ruco Chan) makes the biggest mistake in his love life. After solving the SDU assassination case, Sam Sir (Ruco Chan) had one too many drinks and returns home seeing someone in his bed. He assumes that it is his fiancée Wing (Rosina Lam 林夏薇), but it is actually Ana (Crystal Fung 馮盈盈) who went to his home to pick up a computer part.

Heartbroken that he is about to get married, Ana drinks the beer in the refrigerator and falls asleep drunk in their bed. Mistaking Ana for Wing, Sam Sir removes his clothes and climbs into bed. The next morning, Sam Sir wakes up and Ana is gone, but he accidentally steps on her earring and discovers the truth.

Refusing to forgive Sam Sir for sleeping with Ana, Wing wants to break up. Begging for another chance, Sam Sir pleads that he hopes to spend the rest of his life with her. However, Wing said her life has been revolving too much around him–she is hurt too deeply this time by his betrayal.

The finale made many viewers upset at the turn of events, and how Ana intruded in Sam Sir and Wing’s relationship. They felt the plot is illogical as Ana was aware that she was not in her own home, and questioned whether she intentionally slept on the couple’s bed.

Ruco’s Suggestions for Sequel Plot

Today, the cast gathered together to watch the finale of Sinister Beings. Both Ruco and Rosina did not want their drama to end yet, as they were both attached to their characters.

Rosina’s popularity exploded after the drama aired, and gained 1 million new followers on social media. As to her crying scene especially moved the audience, Rosina said, “I’m very grateful. I remember filming the scene vividly–I couldn’t withdraw even after the cameras stopped rolling and continued crying for a very long time.” The actress also stated that she would not tolerate cheating in real life.

Joking that he may have lost fans because of his character’s betrayal, Ruco even came up with ideas for the sequel to explore. “Crystal could become pregnant, but didn’t tell me and returns years later. As for Jonathan Cheung (張頴康), he can come back to take revenge on me.”

“Sinister Beings” Finale

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  1. This show was meh. I think the plot had the potential to be interesting (it’s not original for sure) but it was a bit over dramatic and they did more explaining than showing how the crime was solved. The ending was super anti-climactic as the main villain and story was wrapped up in the first 5 mins for the episode.

    I couldn’t stand crystal’s character, no depth and why did they pronounce her name is at-na like wtf? Rosina was okay in this, she looked super pretty but I often forgot about her. Hazel was the better female actress out of the three however I felt like the lawyer scenes were a bit random and didn’t feel like it made any sense lol.

    I’m ok if they don’t have a second season, let’s give Ruco something better instead.

    1. @tt23 Completely agree with everything you said. Plus the way the main villain died was so dumb. Opened the door, the couple are alive but he died, yet he was closest to the opened door with oxygen coming in. Like wtf, how does that even make any sense at all? At least write him off as alive but brain damaged due to insufficient oxygen for a period of time or something. Also Ana’s smartphone is capable of hacking literally everything that it makes me roll my eyes inwards.

      1. @xystus I’d thought Marco died from drugs as he inhaled a whole lot before he died. Maybe it was poisoned or something like it affected his lung function. And he was lying right next to the carbon monoxide vents where as Wing and Sum were a bit higher up. Anyhow, I do agree with you that his death could have been better explained like he got shot and died from that instead.

    2. @tt23 Rosina’s character was quite boring. I enjoyed Hazel’s scenes – never seen this actress before though. I agree that there shouldnt be a second season. I wish TVB would give Ruco more interesting roles.

  2. I honestly thought the best scenes were of Jonathan and Moon Lau. They are villains but somehow I felt for them the most…. The rest is just a recycled story.

  3. Ark-na! how ludicrous! and Ruco’s being overly obsessed by the death of someone he barely new is too far fetched! Well, as usual, typical of TVB’s half-baked scripts!

    1. @hstelee Well, the guy died to save him. He was the one supposed to be shot and Cheung Sir pushed the mercenary away to save him and he got shot instead. And he died in front of him. That is very traumatic.

  4. I quite liked “Sinister Beings”. It was fast paced and it made sense until the when Ana and Sum got into bed together.

    I think most people did a good job in terms of acting even though the script was sometimes weird. I thought FYY was the weakest link in here. She had a very annoying character to play that took up a lot of screen time, and it also exposed her inexperience in acting as she had so much to do. She is better than before, but I felt she needed more help with her facial expressions and emotional scenes. I feel she is playing the same type of roles and she would be given more diverse roles that are less loud.

    Ana was a strange role. The story kept on emphasising that she had a rough childhood so she should be forgiven for her shady behaviour. I thought it was offputting since a lot of people have had bad times but still grow up to be decent people. Ana is not perfect and heavily flawed. Her overconfidence is very irritating.

    I was a bit annoyed at how she kept on getting onto other people’s computers and getting all these stuff so easily. I had a sigh of relief that it was planned by the masterminds.

    Ruco’s acting was good, especially in his crying scenes, but his character is very boring and selfish. Rosina is efficient as Wing, her character is likable but has nothing much the do until the last 2 eps.

    I quite enjoyed Hazel and Nic as a couple. I liked their ending where they both obviously liked each other but did not rush back into a relationship and would slowly build up their love and patch things up with Nic’s dad.

    I thought Jonathan and Moon were the show stealers. They had the most complex roles, and even though they were the villains, their acting were consistent despite appearing for less than half the show. Jonathan’s acting is fantastic. He is the best actor in the whole series and I hope he gets nominated for best supporting actor for this role. Moon is very impressive as well as the dangerous Rachel. The two have very good chemistry and the crazy love between their characters is very moving. I do like it when the villains are clever.

    I love the themesong by Hubert as well. The action scenes are well done. A lot of the supporting artistes (KK Cheung, Candy Lo, Stephen Wong, Rachel Lam, Nina Paw, etc..) were fantastic as well, except for Mak Ling Ling who I thought was out of place and should never act again. Nice to see Vinci Wong back in TVB and his acting is much better than when he was younger. I hope Chin Siu Ho will do more work with TVB.

    While I did enjoy most of the story, I think getting a sequel is too much. Marco and Rachel have died. Nic and Hazel are sort of together. And I don’t ever want to see the love triangle between Sum, Wing and Ana again. There is no more story to be told. I am happy with the ending. I would rather a new project with new characters.

  5. This show was a bootleg Flying Tigers.
    Unfortunately I watched more of it than I wanted to. If I had a dollar every time Ana said ” my hacker friend” omg. Crystal’s acting is still so bad, like she’s trying so hard to force out the right expression. I just hated how the show was doing ok with the cases and then there’s ten minutes of Hazel and Nic Sir cancelling plans for dinner or running into each other. That happened more times than I could count. Also the ending… Ruco didn’t exactly risk his life to save Wing as he was dying too.. Jomans haircut did not suit her at all. script:1/5 actors: 2.5/5 editting:0.5/5 those flashbacks were so excessive. Jonathan and Moon were highlights of the show.

    1. @bubbles23 your comment is hilarious! Lol! Totally agree with the overused phrase “hacker friend”! I agree with Crystals acting, she is super cringey and unnatural at all!! She failed to express emotions with her eyes because they are always opened wide! She seems angry all the time. Also disliked the overused music for specific couples on some scenes and certain sound effects were so annoying. The story line is ok for tvb, predictable as always. Also the part where Jon and Moon had car accident, half of the scene was shot in the day and when ruco pulled him out of car, it turned to night time. Lol. Just sloppy editing and filming. But what is new. Its tvb.

      1. @charcoalmuffins you’re right. I take that rating back. Editting is more like –1/5 . They probably went to eat dinner before filming the rest of the car crash rofl. So much backstory into every case like it’s a totally different drama every time

  6. The ending storyline was so bad and brought down the rest of the show.

    Marco’s final revenge plot seemed so half baked, when he could’ve done something more interesting with his hacking and computer skills rather than just hire mercs again and kidnap Wing.
    And the way Rachel died was kind of lame too by way of car crash. I guess that was supposed to be a mirror of the death of Marco’s dead. Really overall, I thought that Marco and Rachel would have a better plan to take revenge on the cops, as they had been written to be pretty cunning before the final 2-3 eps.

    The love triangle was so forced and so annoying. It was obvious Wing and Sum were not going to get back together when Wing only found out in the last 2-3 eps.

  7. I haven’t read the article or other replies yet because I still have about 3 more episodes to go. Based on the title of this article, I have to scoff a bit.

    I like Ruco, but this series was nothing special or memorable. There’s not enough action. There’s no humor. No romance. No great brotherhood. And the cases are dull.

    I can’t stand watching Jonathan and Moon sit around, twirling their mustaches, and explain their evil doings to each other. It insults the audience’s intelligence.

    Their story could have been touching, but they have limited chemistry. Moon’s last scene was good, but she is an overall miscast for this role. Jonathan played that emotional scene well, but he doesn’t fit the cold blooded killer/brilliant hacker role either. And could they be tried twice for the same crime?

    The only slightly interesting thing was seeing the minor cop roles drive some of the smaller cases. I was hoping to spot some upcoming talent. I am not sure I saw any but at least they attempted.

    1. Ok, finished now. Jonathan was good as deranged. I like Moon as an actress, but her Rachel character didn’t quite seem suited for her. I wonder if she and Crystal had switched, perhaps she would have been better as hacker Ana.

      Crystal doesn’t have the versatility to play Ana. The character can be very likeable except for the contrived drunk sleeping in someone else’s bed part.

      I like Rosina and her emotional scenes were good. The character unfortunately didn’t have much to do, but I agree that she should stop having her world revolve around Sam Sir and find her own path. If there were a sequel, I am most interested in her, but there really isn’t much substance for a sequel.

      Joman is a good actress, but the lawyer scenes were kinda boring. I like to see her in some thing else.

  8. I agree that Crystal didn’t act well, but somehow, while my family and I were watching the show, we enjoyed Ana’s scenes way more than Wing’s (most likely because I think we found Wing’s character very boring)

  9. Overall I enjoyed this series as it’s fast moving and exciting. However, there are a number of deficiencies (which although didn’t spoil the overall series, not for me anyway, but was sort of annoying).

    Crystal Fung just does NOT have the vibes of an overseas-raised Chinese person. Her vibes is 200% HK-girl. Plus the character had a rough time growing up (not only was she in an orphanage but also being an ethnic minority in that country). It would have been more realistic to see a darker, grimmer personality. Instead Crystal came across as a bouncy, glowing ray of sunshine. The only saving grace is that she’s pretty and nice to look at.

    Ruco delivered a standard baseline performance. Not above nor below.

    I love Ben Wong and Jomian. Both are smart and spunky and I just love characters like that. Although Jomian does not have the typical ‘beautiful’ features (big eyes and high nose), yet she looked really attractive here.

    Rosina – I’ve never been a big fan. She ticked all the boxes but nothing very exciting.

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