Ruco Chan Said He Broke Up With Eunis Yiu

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬)experienced greater popularity recently due to his performance in The Other Truth <真相>. Despite Ruco’s insistence that he was currently single, there were conflicting rumors that he was in fact co-habiting with former Miss ATV, Eunis Yiu (姚佳雯).

In a telephone interview, Ruco openly admitted that he had indeed dated Eunis in the past. However, their relationship ended and now the pair were still good friends, remaining in contact from time to time. Regarding allegations that he deliberately concealed the relationship to protect his career, Ruco said, “I did not intentionally conceal the matter. When I was dating in the past, it was not a secret. A lot of people knew about the relationship.”


Jayne: Eunis is quite pretty. Not too sure how long Ruco and Eunis were dating. The public is very interested in Ruco’s past and present now.

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  1. @Jayne, I agree. Eunis Yiu is pretty. As far as Ruco’s past whether I know or not it would make me see him differently because I’m more interested in his acting. Knowing his personal life is just something extra. He’ll find the woman of his life somewhere along his life. ^_^

    1. Kaytie,
      I find that Eunis Yiu resembles Leanne Li a bit.

      Btw, I can see why Ruco was called “2nd Andy Lau” when he was a newcomer in the music industry. His stature, physical gestures, and onscreen confidence is similar to Andy. However, Andy has much more flirtatious eyes….

      1. @Jayne, thanks for pointing that out!! I couldn’t put my finger on who Eunis Yiu resembles but you answered that for me! ^_^

        Ruco seemed like such a gentleman and yes, his eyes are SOOO attractive! It’s very rare that I’m attracted to male celebrities’ eyes and Ruco caught my heart! LOL

  2. I’ve never seen Eunis before, but she is quite pretty. Reading the articles on Ruco and his rising popularity, i was actually thinking about this the other day. Was he single? Did he have rumors with any co-stars, etc. I guess this article answered my questions. Since he is getting popular and is single, I am sure he will start having some rumors soon! It’s hard to be immune from it unless you’re married already!

  3. Eh? Since when was he single? I remember earlier this year, he’d mention his gf in one of his weibos… hmm.. Did it go underground or does he just want to be single while his popularity is rising?

  4. this is not related. but with all new stars that tvb is trying to promote, i really hope mandy wong and ruco can be in a series together 1 day!

  5. I don’t see what all the interest is with Ruco Chan. I personally don’t like his acting. I find him to be a very wooden actor.

    1. agree… I find him to lack emotion in his acting.

      1. I don’t find this problem with him. I just watch the part where his sifu said he might forget him next time and want him to know now that he has always consider him his son. I think Ruco did well in that scene. Can see his feelings through his eyes.

      2. cinsin, Judy if you find Ruco has a lack of emotion in his acting… i really wonder how you would compare him to Moses, Bosco, Raymond, Ron.

        Fully agree with Kidd.

      3. He has good eyes expression. I am watching Ben Xiao Hai, He’s one of the main character as mentally challenged man. So far quite good and realistic. Has anybody watch this series b4?

      4. @cinsin and Judy

        Lack of emotion of what? then what would you call the underacting of Kevin and Bosco. Don’t even mention Moses and his OTT acting euwww..

  6. In an unrelated note…His acting in “TOT” was excellent. But, the ending SUCKS, open ending.

    Sequel? Look at Burning Flame sequels, does it really deserve a sequel in “TOT”? NO

    1. agree that the ending is terrible. Kenneth Ma overshadows all the main cast and shook the entire city with his acting in the finale.

      1. Wow, shaking the city seems to becoming too common!
        I can understand Linda’s case b/c her miss Koo breakdown scene took everyone by surprise. But Kenneth’s portrayal wasn’t nearly as shocking. I think it’s mostly the ladies that were impressed by his slick character Alex.

        Personally, I was neither shaken nor stirred by him.
        I mean hello, he put a hit on his gf b/c he thought she was going to turn him in. So what if he felt guilty afterwards? She’s already dead!
        I think if they had gone to England, Alex would still worry about ceci betraying him and would kill her sooner or later. He got what he deserved. Kenneth did a good job nonetheless.

        The person I did feel bad for was Raymond Wong. I thought he and tavia were going to continue their “sweetness in the salt” fate. But he got pushed to 2nd lead by Ruco.
        Though I’m actually glad tavia didn’t choose anyone b/c I still thought mavis was a snob.

      2. @Josie,

        “Though I’m actually glad tavia didn’t choose anyone b/c I still thought mavis was a snob.”

        I’m glad Mavis didn’t choose anyone too, but how is she a snob?

        Personally, I prefer Ruco and I think they had some chemistry, but I’m not dying for them to be together since they seem better as friends than lovers.

      3. @josie

        I think Kenneth did a good job too and he was looking very good in TOT. The part where he played the piano was perfect. If we put let’s say Moses in this same character I don’t think Moses will do as good as Kenneth, no offense.

      4. I don’t get what’s so good about Ruco and tavia pairing. I don’t like Mavis partly because of the snob character and partly because of Tavia’s boring onscreen acting. I can’t see what’s so good about her to have two handsome gentlemen pining for a 30 something year old boring divorced woman.

      5. @chriselle: I just got the stuck up vibe from her, like she felt smarter and better than everyone. Even near the end when alex asked her out, it was like- oh gosh, another guy wants me. Tell him I’m not interested!
        Or maybe it could be tavia’s nose that makes me think snobby.

      6. @Vivien: I don’t doubt that Moses could do the seduction part b/c I remember he was drop dead gorgeous in gem of life. It’s the heavy dramatic villain scenes that might be a problem.

      7. Sorry but Moses was the most annoying character in GOL besides Gigi. I don’t get the hot vibe from him at all.

      8. @Josie,

        I think Mavis’s “snobbiness” may have be because of her lack of emotional scenes and a love life. So it makes her all career-oriented. But she is still a good person who doesn’t want to be entangled in anymore relationship messes with her two friends, Keith and Wallace.

        On a side note, Kenneth playing the piano was a heart-melting scene with those eyes. 😀

      9. Moses will fail at the emotional part. I heard that many cried for Kenneth in the ending and applauded his acting in his emotional drama scenes and also his compelling scenes with Ruco. I never heard Moses applauded for making audience cry for him. Kenneth is a much better actor than overpromoted Moses.

      10. @Chriselle

        The piano scene was a great job by Kenneth. He melted girls of all ages with his electric eyes. Now he can challenge Raymond’s electric eyes 😀

      11. @josie

        I know why lol said Kenneth shaking the city. Miss Koo shook the city because audience cried for her and with her in YSSS and so is Kenneth because in many forums many ppl said they cried for Kenneth and feel bad for him. That means Kenneth did a remarkable job. Thumbs up for Kenneth he showed remarkable progress.

    2. yeah the ending could have been better. always felt that mavis loved keith while towards wallace was more like gratitude.

      where were the prison guards? were they all asleep or bribed to ignore?

    3. for the BF sequels, referring to Amy Wong’s only sequels.

  7. Well, if TOT wants a sequel, that explains the open ending. I haven’t seen the finale week’s episodes yet, so I can’t judge.

  8. Agree with larry TOT’s ending is sucks. what’s the problem with tvb nowadays, no decent ending for the recent few series that have reasonably good rating and the ending ruined it.
    Sequel? maybe not though I do like Ruco and his pairing with Tavia which is quite fresh rather her old parking with is usually Ron, Moses, Raymond Lam

    1. The only saviour for TOT’s ending is Kenneth Ma’s excellent sad acting. I truly feel sad for him. He truly love Natalie and feel guilt and remorse for her. His ending is sad and pitiful.

      1. Kenneth Ma has improved tremendously from GUF in just a short time.

      2. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Don’t tell me he killed her??

        Oh don’t tell me!

      3. SPOILERS!!!!!!
        Watch for yourself but Kenneth really did a very excellent job. He tried to stop her death but it was too late. He cried hard after her death – excellent acting skills here. In the ending it was revealed too that he truly loved her and feel guilty. There was a very sad part with Kenneth and the picture of him and Natalie. Must watch here it’s very heartbreaking. He went to prison and received his own tragic ending in the hands of some bad prisoners while in there.

      4. @Funn Lim: Kenneth’s character Alex didnt kill her actually.

        You know the usual TVB killing the character… hire a guy who is broke, pay him, put in a vehicle, aim the target, drive, crash, shock, crying, CPRing, hospital, dead…..

        The usual TVB killing the character.

      5. Tragic. WHy is kenneth playing such tragic characters? Sounds like he got a meaty role here.

      6. Kenneth acting as the baddie doesn’t really suit him. I don’t see his evilness *yet*, compared to when tavia was playing the baddie in BTROC. I think his acting in GUF is actually better than TOT here, probably cause he had more screen time to develop his character vs in TOT it was REALLY RUSHED.

      7. Tavia? Trainwreck in BTROC; partyly badly written character, partly all her rolling of her eyes. I wouldn’t quite BTROC as an example of a good performance by Tavia.

      8. “Kenneth acting as the baddie doesn’t really suit him. I don’t see his evilness *yet*, compared to when tavia was playing the baddie in BTROC”

        Oh please Tavia was an OTT disaster in BTROC. Kenneth in TOT was great and ppl feel for his character so these two are uncomparable at all. Kenneth pwns Tavia.

      9. “ppl feel for his character ”
        sorry that would NOT be me.

        like i said, the whole thing of introducing this Alex character to showing his baddie side. Just randomly picking a guy here… maybe Pierre Ngo would have done a better job?

      10. NOT saying that kenneth is not a good actor, just thought he did better in GUF. and probably could have done a little better here.

        funny how both characters ended up dead and died due to (a) stab.

  9. If Ruco is indeed still with Eunis, this is the perfect opportunity for him to come clean while he can but i dont’ think he is. He mentioned in Fan Kam that he is currently single and that was like a month ago. She is however quite naturally pretty, very photogenic.

  10. so i looked her up, and she was the winner of Miss Asia 2008. In my opinion, I think she looks good in pictures but different on screen. It seems like she has a mandarin accent.

  11. I actually thought Ruco is already married like Raymond Wong. My bad. 😛

  12. Eunis response when asked about her relationship with Ruco.

    Seems like she still has feelings for Ruco.

    Anyway, I like her answer. Straight forward, gracious and with a tinge humour.




    Eunis Yiu appeared in Tai Po today for the promotion of ATV’s new program. She just came back from Maldive and has gotten a little tan. When she was told that her old romance with Ruco has been exposed, she look very embarrassed and needed to take a deep breath before saying ‘We are now friends and still keep in touch. I already knew him before I participated in Miss Asia. We have been together for many years.’

    When asked about the reason for their break up, Eunis joking replied that she has Princess illness. When asked whether there is chance for reconciliation she said ‘Depend on faith. See what he thinks first. He is very smart. He has taught me a lot of things.’

    1. thanks for the article translation. From the above pics, she looks elegant. Like her answer.

    2. Did Eunis really joke about having the ‘Princess Illness’ or was that really the reason they broke up? I was surprised that she admitted to having that. First time I’ve heard that from a HK girl.

  13. what a bad ending for TOT. I thought it has 30 episodes. The ending looks like everything is in hurry.

    1. 30 eps, this series should have cut down to 20 eps…get rid of draggy parts and little cases.

  14. I hope TVB didn’t make it a habit to kill characters off for shock value or to make an impact. TVB did this too often liao nowadays. Even happy series, they have to kill someone off.

    1. Amy Wong (producer) always like to kill or attempted to remove a main character of the series.

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