Samantha Ko Comments on Breakup with Tang Chi Wai

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Samantha Ko Comments on Breakup with Tang Chi Wai

After the media broke the news that TVB actress Samantha Ko (高海寧) ended her relationship with songwriter Tang Chi Wai (鄧志偉) in January, it was discovered they broke up over Tang’s cheating with a woman known as “Miss S”. To make matters worse, Tang is now suing non-celebrity Miss S for criminal intimidation after she harassed and tried to force him to be in a relationship with her. Since many fans are shocked by the incident, which Tang has reported to the police, Samantha took the initiative to address the situation.

Reassuring her fans with a post on her social media page, Samantha wrote, “I have always handled my relationship in a low-key manner, but today I want to draw a conclusion of what has passed. Regarding relationships, I am persistent. Happiness will stay as memories in my heart. Sadness is the nutrient for growth. Turning around is for understanding and for regret. I am fine and I wish the best for [both of us].”

At a recent charity event, the media caught up to Samantha and asked her about her situation. Samantha graciously responded, “My mood is okay! Today, I posted a statement to address my current status since many friends are worried. I want to reassure them and not let them speculate too much.”

Samantha revealed she informed Tang before posting her statement and commented briefly on his legal action, “We communicated. We are friends. His own statement explained it very clearly. As this is now a criminal investigation and it has been handed over to the police, it is not convenient to say too much. I don’t want it to affect the people close to me, and I hope things will quickly calm down.”

Since Samantha is now single, the media asked if she is ready to accept a new relationship. Samantha replied, “There are many things outside of love. Recently, I have been busy with filming but my emotions have been affected. I am more worried about Tang, and I don’t want things to get worse. His lawsuit has nothing to do with me. As a friend, I will give him my support.”


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Samantha Ko’s Split From Tang Chi-wai Was Because He Cheated On Her

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