Sammi Cheng Vacations in Europe but Where’s Andy Hui?

Andy is mysteriously absent from all of Sammi’s vacation photos in Europe despite tagging along at the beginning of the trip.

Ending her 13-show concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum earlier, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) was spotted with her husband Andy Hui (許志安), good friend Dicky Cheung (張衛健) and his wife Jess Zhang (張茜) flying to Europe. They visited good friend Mark Lui (雷頌德) and his wife Jade, who had immigrated to England, and also took the chance to celebrate Sammi’s birthday. However, Andy is mysteriously absent from all the vacation photos.

On Sammi’s 47th birthday on August 19, she shared a birthday video created by her fan club on social media, but did not upload any photos of the celebrations with her friends on the trip.

Later, Sammi took to social media to share her numerous vacation experiences, such as challenging herself to be captain and helming a ship, as well as her first time paying for the toilet with a credit card. Despite having to rush for the flights and train schedules with luggage in tow, it was a good experience and memory for Sammi to be able to do this with her long-time friends.

She wrote, “Everyone’s opinions were heard and everything was done at a comfortable pace. Besides having fun and indulging in good food, we had a lot of interactions emotionally. This trip felt like a good opportunity to thoroughly relax my nerves which were very tense while preparing for the concert. To be honest, I have not been able to work as intensely after that, as the concert has taken up a lot of my energy, wearing me out physically and emotionally. At this age, the body takes longer to recover.”

In a recent video posted by Sammi, the group was seen rushing down the train and having to bring all their luggage down from the carriage within five minutes. Sammi joked that despite it being a nerve-wracking process, she could feel the love as everyone played their part. Strangely, although her husband Andy was seen tagging along at the airport, he was visibly missing from Sammi’s Instagram updates and also from the social media photos shared by Mark’s wife and Dicky’s wife.

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  1. Does she usually post his photos on her Instagram? I rarely post photos of my husband on Instagram so I don’t think there’s anything out of the ordinary where.

  2. I am sure he is there, as his friends are. I guess the friends and her has chosen to not publish any pictures of Andy. However to end this constant questioning and quizing, she should just post photos if she wants of her holiday with her family which consists of Andy. Its one of those things that I personally feel that if she is able to forgive her own husband then everyone around should respect her choice, Right or Wrong its up to her, this media intrustion is just crazy. But i think Andy Hui should just come back out in public and try and rebuild his career, he has talent in music and acting and it is totally wasted by a very stupid mistake. Hiding just makes things worse and harder to move on. He was obviously at her concerts even if it was supporting her off stage, as we know he appeared accidently in one of her video postings. Why make life so hard for yourself. Seriously there are so many more issues in Hong Kong and actually in this world, than to continue to be hung up on two people who made a big life misjudgement and mistake. All I say is if Sammi has decided not to give up on her marriage then it needs to be respected and he needs to seriously cherish this important and supportive life partner, everyone has one chance, and remember it is only for him to throw away, rather than the intensive media intrusion to mess it up for them.

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