Sean Xiao is Afraid of Popularity

Chinese actor Sean Xiao (肖战) shot to instant fame with his well-loved performance in The Untamed <陈情令>. Currently one of the hottest young male actors in China, Sean is filming new dramas one after another while his every move is being watched closely by fans.

The 28-year-old actor sat down for a recent interview for variety show Ai Si Bu Si <爱思不si> and candidly talked about his experience of overnight fame and how he feels about being an actor with high commercial value. This is Sean’s second time on the show hosted by Weiwei Ma (马薇薇). Though some may wonder why the popular actor would give his precious time to make an appearance again, Sean explains that when he came on the show two years ago, he was a nobody. It is likely his return is to show how his career dramatically changed in the last two years and how he still remains humble even though his popularity is still on the rise.

Sean shares that he is afraid of the word, “famous” because it is a virtual concept that offers no stability. He is not scared of falling back to the bottom because he initially started from the bottom of the industry. However, Sean is worried that being famous would cover everyone’s eyes from the reality that popularity fades and an actor’s career is unpredictable. For this reason, the ever-clear-headed Sean would often tell his staff to not be so excited and remain rational.

Like many other young idol stars, Sean’s success is achieved through luck and hard work. He is currently filming The Oath of Love <余生请多指教> with popular actress Andy Yang (杨紫). Despite gaining popularity later than other young actors, it is expected that his current fame would be lasting if he continues to be clear-headed and work on perfecting his acting skills.

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