Sharon Chan Lessens Workload for Son

By on April 15, 2019 in NEWS

Sharon Chan Lessens Workload for Son

With the recent unstable weather conditions, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) has been coughing a lot and not feeling her best. When she is home with her two-year-old son Eddie, she will wear a face mask so her son wouldn’t be affected. Going to Canada next week for the show promotion of Cantopop at 50 <流行經典50年>, she is happy to be getting away so her sickness won’t spread to her son.

Balancing her role as a mom along with her responsibilities as a business owner and actress, Sharon only accepts one to two dramas a year so that she can balance all her commitments. She said, “My cookie business is doing well. We just created another cookie and are at a taste testing stage. Since my son is now two years old, he is really fun. I don’t want to miss his childhood.”

To Sharon, dramas can be filmed anytime whereas her son is growing up very fast. She shared that she will take on more jobs if there is a financial problem. At the moment, Sharon just wants to take her son to school and spend as much time with him as possible. Not considering herself to be a Tiger Mom at all, Sharon only wants Eddie to have a memorable childhood. However, if her son ever needs help with school, she will hire a professional tutor to help out.


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