Shawn Chien’s Infidelity Led to Wife’s Suicide

Above: Shawn Chien’s wife, Alisya Yeh, jumped to her death, leaving behind their baby daughter.

Alisya Yeh (葉翎涵), the 24-year-old wife of former Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang <模范棒棒堂> member Shawn Chien (簡翔棋), had killed herself by jumping off the roof of a building in Macau on Friday, May 31. Media outlets indicated that Alisya’s suicide was due to stress about Shawn’s affair with another woman, which Shawn himself admitted on his official Facebook account.

According to Macau press reports, a young “Taiwanese celebrity couple” was seen heatedly arguing last Friday morning. The woman, later confirmed to be Shawn’s wife, Alisya, rushed to the roof of a building and jumped to her death. It was reported that Shawn had witnessed the entire suicide.

Aside from Shawn, a Macau local also witnessed the fatal jump and contacted the authorities. The local later updated on her Facebook, writing, “Someone jumped off a building! Scared me! I was the one who called the police.”

Cheating Caused Wife’s Despair

Shawn Chien wifeReports indicated that the 29-year-old Shawn, who currently works at Sands Macau Hotel as a Public Relations agent, has been cheating on Alisya in the past year with a woman known by the surname Hsu, also a Taiwan native. Alisya and Miss Hsu had several altercations with each other, and it was believed that Shawn had sided with Miss Hsu in most of these verbal brawls, disheartening Alisya.

Shawn uploaded a mournful statement on Facebook after his wife’s death, “I am sorry, my wife… I am a worthless human being, and because of my infidelity, I have killed you and my daughter has lost her loving mother. I have no ability to do anything else but stare as you said goodbye to me in front of my eyes. You have given me my biggest lesson, but my wife, can you please not give me this lesson? Can you please tell me that this was all a joke or it was just a dream? Going through 18 levels of hell is not enough of a punishment for me. I was the one who should be leaving. It’s me, not you, why did you have to be so stupid? […] Don’t worry. I will take care of our daughter, and I will see you again. I love you, Alisya Yeh. Sorry.”

Shawn’s Background

Shawn, formerly known by his stage name Xiao Ma (小馬), was a first generation regular on Christine Fan’s (范瑋琪) talent-scouting variety series, Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang, which premiered in 2006. The show was known for pitting 20 boys against each other for a spot in the six-member boy band Lollipop.

Shawn failed to make it to the final cut, but he and six other Bang Bang Tang members were recruited to join Lollipop’s junior labelmate Choc7 in 2008. After releasing their first EP to underwhelming responses, Choc7 inadvertently disbanded in 2010.

The bassist decided to retire from showbiz after completing his mandatory military service sometime in 2011. According to various sources, Alisya worked as a model before marrying Shawn, and the couple moved to Macau after their marriage.

Christine Fan’s Response

At the 2013 Hito Pop Music Awards held in Taipei on June 3, Christine spoke up about the matter. Christine said that she has not been in contact with Shawn since her show ended in 2008, but expressed her pity on the tragic matter.

“I didn’t know about this until Blackie Chen (陳建州) told me. I didn’t even know he married until this year!  My heart aches for him, and I hope his wife will rest in peace.” As for her thoughts on Shawn’s infidelity, Christine said, “It is not in my right to comment on this matter, as I am not involved. But, I will be praying for him and his family.”


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  1. Not only did he cheat, he had not seemed repentant since he could still side his lover when confronted. Imagine the hurt he must have inflicted on her.

    What a sad end for an innocent wife. No guy is worth killing oneself for. She should have lived for her child.

  2. Sigh, only 24 years old. Poor daugher, now she’s left with her father. I hope she doesn’t feel resentment towards her father as she grows up.

      1. The daughter will probably “hate” him because he doesn’t think about the consequences of choosing lover over wife (and future lover/wife/offspring over daughter). The daughter may even end up being neglected.

  3. So young and to leave her daughter behind.. sigh.. could have made another choice but guess it’s too late for that now. May she rest in peace and may her daughter grow up happy.

  4. This is so tragic. My heart goes out to Alisya for having to deal with her husband’s extra marital affair. That must have been painful for her. Also to their baby daughter, who lost her mother in this tender age.

  5. Oh lord, does a cheater worth taking your own life?

    1. EXACTLY my point..u dont know whether to feel sorry or something else…

    2. He’s not worth it. His wife resentment has taken over her logic – by making him witness the suicide, she THINK it will haunt and make him regret forever.

      Sorry but he won’t. He will be saddened for a short while, but his life will go on. And that fake apology on Facebook? Suddenly not for his demised wife and orphaned daughter, but rather lame attempt to gather public sympathy and rescue his image/rice bowl.

      1. Typo: *Defnitely* not for his demised wife and orphaned daughter

    3. No and it is easier to blame the husband for cheating but the logical thing to do is to get a divorce not killed herself, especially leaving her young daughter behide. Her decission is extremely selfish!

  6. Sigh, killed yourself over an unfaithful man and leaving behind your own child? Sigh…..

  7. Not worth dying over a cheating husband. Foolish girl to have left her child alone with the SOB. And he will probably play on and live on till old age. He isn’t too bothered by guilt whatever he may say.

    1. It is truth that it is not worth it to die over a cheating husband but you don’t know for sure how he feels. How do you know that he does not feel guilty at all?? It is easy to condemn him but you really wonder what was going on their marriage?? None of us as outsiders would know that. Not saying that it was right for him to cheat, but we seriously do not know what is going on behind the scenes. Things are way more complicated than anyone would think…

      1. @HeTieShou. Though we may not know what was happening in the marriage, this man to me has no conscience. He had no right taking his lover’sbside over his wife’s when she confronted him with the emails. He had no business, cursing out the wife about his affair with woman. He had no business flaunting his affair in his wife’s face. If the marriage not good, divorce her. Maybe he. Did this because he knew she was fragile. For all we know, this could have been the results he wanted?

      2. @kaboom,
        Ok, you are stretching it a bit too far. First of all, like you have said, we don’t know for sure what was truly going in their marriage. I just found out that he married out of responsibility and as we know, those marriages do not always fare well. I agree that he should not have taken his “lover’s” side and he should not have married her in the first place if he was not ready even if he did get her pregnant. Also, I don’t think he would flaunt his affair to his wife. When anyone has an affair, they would try to hide it and avoid talking about it as much as possible. I agree that they should have gotten a divorce if it was not working out. It is going too far for you to think that he wanted his wife to commit suicide, especially when we as outsiders do not know anything and only read what is reported which may or may not be true…

  8. Perhaps Shawn is a complete jerk and should feel bad about the infidelity, but I don’t think he should be blamed for her suicide. His intention was not to cheat in order to drive her to take her own life. He just did what thousands of other men and women do: cheat on their spouses. She made the choice to end her own life and leave her daughter. She made that choice, not him. Let’s not make him out to be some sort of monster. He may not have been the greatest husband, but it doesn’t mean he’s a bad and completely heartless human being. And claiming that his fb message was just to get public sympathy is a bit cynical and more than a bit unfair.

    1. Of course, it was her decision and her choice. But no one will just do themselves in without a push and his actions, his non denials, his brazen conduct was the final insult I suppose. It may have been her own action, her foolish choice, it did not however make him less of a complete jerk and douchebag for cheating on his young wife. Look at his young daughter and you will understand why the anger. The marriage was hardly that long and he cheated. He is bad and is completely heartless and not just a terrible husband, but a terrible father and an irresponsible man. That being said, he has time to redeem himself. By his message he seems to be repenting but then why must everyone make such statements in public? To salvage his public image?

      Let’s not justify his actions. He is a douchebag. But let’s not make a martyr out of the foolish wife. Both are equally irresponsible as the other and as selfish.

    2. Oh my gosh, at first I thought I was dreaming. I can’t believe that it is Xiao Ma(I know him more for his stage name). I agree with Mt. that it was her choice to end her life although it was really wrong of him to cheat on her. I wonder why men and women get married if they know that they cannot commit to one person?? I wished that she should have lived for her child and her family. He may not be a good husband but that does not mean that he is a cruel and heartless person. We do not know for sure how he truly feels so it is unfair to think that he posted that Facebook message just to gain sympathy.

      I have not heard about him and many of the other MFBBT members that did not make it for a long time. Therefore, I did not know that Xiao Ma left the circle, got married, had a daughter and moved to Macau at all. He played a jerk in Hei Tang Macchiato but I heard that people said he was not like that in real life. It is so sad that it had to end this way and hope that his daughter does not resent him when she grows up.

      1. I also wanted to add that sadly sometimes in life, you have to learn lessons the hard way since that is the only way to learn at times and will help make us better people. The hard way will make us remember that life lesson forever.

    3. I think postpartum played a big role in her decision

      1. I totally agree with u there LUCY. I suspect post partum depression played a major factor in her ending her life. When one suffers depression, u r not rational or logical in ur way of thinking. Look, I’m no expert but I have had my fair share of PPD. She may not have been in the right frame of mind in that moment of rage and I certainly don’t think she wanted for her daughter to be motherless. What mother can bear to leave behind their baby in their right mind? Unless ur judgement and logic are clouded by something else? U just don’t think normally, ur actions and thoughts are erratic.
        Ur mood swings are extreme, ur highs are high but ur lows are devastating.
        I think it’s unfair ppl are judging her to be a bad mother. we don’t know what went wrong that day, or even all the events leading up to that day. What happened or words exchanged on the roof for her to have jumped. It saddens me that she thought that this was the only option to end the pain/betrayal/humiliation. I feel bad for her that she needed help and proper treatment coupled with counselling and perhaps these events could have been avoided. My heart goes out to their little girl. I just hope that he is a loving and responsible father.

      2. I have a feeling that Lucy maybe right and depression also played a big role in her decision as well. Otherwise, she would not have ended her life like that… So sad.. But what is done is done and can’t be turned back since she is now gone. May she rest in peace…

    4. Another news article reported on text messages his gf sent to his wife “to provoke” her and he still took the gf side. If true, I think the gf and Shawn have some culpability for the wife’s suicide. And frankly he looks like a “heartless human being” to me.

  9. I really wonder how that Ms. Hsu feels about all this? I wonder if she is guilty at all?? I would not even go after a guy that has a girlfriend, but a married man?? NO WAY!!

    1. “I would not even go after a guy that has a girlfriend, but a married man?? NO WAY!!”

      I wonder how many third parties thought the exact same things and that they’d never do what they did… Life isn’t always so clear cut.

      1. I know that everyone has temptations and it is hard to faithful to just one person in your life. However, do you know how to control your temptations so that you do not act on them?? I have seen some couples that were married only once in their life and are still happy now. But it is more rare and of course took a lot of work, however, it is still possible…

  10. It doesn’t matter who is right and wrong. The damage is done. The biggest victim isn’t the wife but her poor child. How can you be so selfish? Sure he did you wrong and cheated but you gave birth to a breathing, human being. Did she hope that people will all target her husband and blame him for her death? So does she hope that her daughter will do the same?The daughter will grow up conflicted; the only parent she will have is the one “responsible” for the death of the other. I think it was a selfish move .Infidelity is not worth giving up your life. There is only one innocent person and three selfish, stupid human beings.

    1. Good points and this case sort of reminds of the innocent little girl that had to be on the witness stand when her father was on trial for killing her mother. So sad when you are in between your own parents like that. I truly feel really bad for the innocent child.

  11. My guess is that she may have had undiagnosed depression and that the husband’s affair was the last straw. In any case, the husband is a scumbag and I hope she rests in peace and that her daughter will be properly cared for.

  12. We don’t know what went on behind closed doors. We don’t know whether his infidelity compounded other problems that had already existed. We won’t know what went on inside her head, but it was a hard decision – and, unfortunately, one where there’s no going back. I don’t see the point in chastising her now. May she rest in peace.

    I only hope he can be a good father to his daughter.

  13. suicide is never the answer.It also has devastating effects for family and friends and loved ones.

  14. Ladies, stay away from Shawn Chien (簡翔棋) and let him raise his daughter all by himself.

  15. 1. I don’t even know who are both of them.

    2. I won’t believe what the guy said after his wife died. He will probably find a new wife and then has an affair again.

    3. Why the wife killed herself? Just divorce and find a new one. The husband is not even handsome and looks like a girl actually.

    1. And why the wife likes to take photos by closing one of her eyes?

  16. Hope Lam and Ng follow their footsteps very soon.

  17. She’s young and pretty, should divorce him and made him pay millions of alimony. Her husband should go hell, imagine when her daughter learn the reason about why her mother is not here anymore…

  18. This is so sad, especially for the daughter. I saw Alisya’s facebook account and she left a really sad note on there too. People will always think it is stupid to kill yourself for a broken relationship, but sometimes depression takes you to very dark places and cannot be healed..therefore, they usually think death is the only way. Sigh, so sad, hope the daughter will grow up to be normal and healthy.

  19. >24 years old

    Man, okay. This is called over-committing. Getting married and having a child when you’re in your early twenties is often a bad idea. It’s sad that this happened but the fault is equally shared. Women in their young twenties (who have children nonetheless) aren’t as emotionally matured or experienced than say a woman in her thirties when everything has stabilized (home, job, car, etc.)

  20. sorry, guys’s a jerk but this woman’s a complete idiot. she definately did not think about her child when she jumped off that roof.

  21. If I were her, I will divorce him and take child with me and move far from there like Canada or US. If he wants to see his child, he has to fly there himself. Besides, she is young and will definitely find a better man than Shawn. I feel bad for her daughter growing up without mother.

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