Sheren Tang Doesn’t Mind Motherly Roles, But Hates Meaningless Characters

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Sheren Tang Doesn’t Mind Motherly Roles, But Hates Meaningless Characters

After having a public fallout with TVB in 2013, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) has shifted her career to Mainland China. In the currently-airing April Star <繁星四月>, Sheren portrays an adoptive mother and was praised for her diverse acting. Although Sheren has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and has advanced to motherly roles, the 51-year-old actress embraces all the changes that come with age.

Rather than being fearful of aging, Sheren is instead happy to gain more life experiences. “A person needs to happily accept every phase of their lives. Actually, we are all very fortunate, because there is a lot of technology today to help us delay aging. I began acting at 18 years old, but at that time, the only thing I possessed was my youth. I was unaware and very headstrong. I did whatever I wanted to do. When I reached 30 years old, I had more experiences and began to understand what kind of life I wanted to live and what areas I needed to improve on. I never thought that when I reached 40 years old, I would learn to love myself even more, because I am full of character. These are things that my youth cannot be compared to.”

Instead of worrying about entering her fifties, Sheren happily invited all her old classmates to celebrate her birthday last year. “Perhaps because I am an actor, I was actually looking forward to the future characters I would have the opportunity to portray when I entered my fifties. Of course, we all have to accept that when we enter our fifties, we will see wrinkles, our health will not be as good as before and our memory will be weaker. If hard work cannot make up for these deficiencies, don’t strain or push yourself. You can be beautiful at any age.”

Outlook for Future Filming Projects

Sheren has not filmed a Hong Kong drama in nearly four years, after the public dispute with TVB over Beauty at War <金枝慾孽(貳)>. Despite this, TVB has continued to reach out to Sheren for various roles. “TVB has contacted me over the last few years, but I feel that I have worked hard for so many years already. I don’t want to make things harder for myself. I can’t accept that I won’t get enough sleep. Health is the most important thing. At this point in my life, I can’t continue to over-exert myself like that. If their filming conditions improve and there is a script that is suitable for me, then I will consider it.”

With her extensive resume of roles, what kinds of characters will pique Sheren’s interest now? “Right now, I don’t mind portraying any characters. In contrast, I’m against [portraying] meaningless characters. For example, a character that, without reason, continues to fight and cause harm to others. I hope to portray characters that are more personified and would resonate with the audience. Or maybe a character that can express and bring society’s problems to the forefront, allowing the audience to reflect.”


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  1. huynh says:

    Sheren has such a healthy mindset when it comes to aging. She describes all the changes and build-up of character that comes with age in a very reflective and thoughtful manner!

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    Guess we wont be seeing her anytime soon in TVB 🙁

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