Sheren Tang Peacefully Parts With Wong Cho-lam’s Agency

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Sheren Tang Peacefully Parts With Wong Cho-lam’s Agency

At an awards ceremony held in Wan Chai, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) shared that she has already “peacefully” parted ways with Wong Cho-lam’s (王祖藍) agency, ending their contract of one year. Sheren was the first artist to sign under Cho-lam’s studio.

This announcement came soon after the rumors of Wong Cho-lam and Sheren Tang not getting along, leading Sheren to terminate her contract with Cho-lam’s studio. Cho-lam later clarified that Sheren left because she wanted to establish her own studio.

Sheren confirmed her plans of starting her own studio, saying, “It’s true. I’m learning here and there. Right now, the most important thing is to hire an assistant. (What form of management do you want?) I’ve been doing this career for many years. I know what I want. I need someone who can help me fulfill it.”

Asking Sheren about the jobs she’s interested in doing, the Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> star said, “When I first signed with Cho-lam, I told him that I won’t be an easy job. At this point [in my career], I’m not trying to wait for an opportunity to become a trend [again]. I don’t need to get approval from the public anymore, and I don’t need to earn a lot of money. He knows this. I’m not an easy job, because I’m not for money. I do want to be a performer who can be influential.”

Would Sheren’s new studio be under Cho-lam’s? “It won’t,” said Sheren. “There are too many artists under his studio. You have to go through so many people. I couldn’t handle it. [Cho-lam’s] worked hard.” Asking if there were any problems working with Cho-lam, Sheren said, “There were no problems. He’s very nice. We started working together before we announced our collaboration, so it’s been nearly two years. Since he was doing so much for me, I told him we should sign a contract. He told me to not think about that yet, and just try it out if it works for me. He knew I haven’t signed with a big company for a while, so I might not be used to it.”


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5 comments to Sheren Tang Peacefully Parts With Wong Cho-lam’s Agency

  1. bubbletea says:

    Sheren Tang is not my favourite person but I am happy to see her starting her own company. It is good to progress in the world, no matter what your chosen field of work is. Progressing from strength to strength is always, and should be something we all strive for. The entertainment world is so male dominated that it is good when a woman makes strides in the industry. All the best to Sheren in the future. Sheren, Jiao You.

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  2. happybi says:

    Love Sheren as an actress and wishing her success in her own company!

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  3. mike says:

    Did Sheren get any opportunites in the last year after signing with Cho Lam?

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    • 1piscesish replied:

      I heard from a gossip radio show that Sheren did receive opportunities to appear in a number of variety shows in Mainland China. However, Sheren is an actress and variety shows are obviously not her forte. She feels totally awkward in the shows. I’m not sure if she was given any major opportunities in dramas.

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  4. llwy12 says:

    I’m actually surprised that Sheren signed with Cho Lam in the first place, since she has always been independent-minded when it came to her career. Besides, it’s not like Sheren needed Cho Lam to find work for her, since she is a household name in both HK and Mainland China and has plenty of opportunities in both markets. This looks like an example of Sheren trying to do the right thing by signing with Cho Lam because he helped her out a few times, plus they are good friends (share the same faith, go to the same church, etc.), but it didn’t work out in the end, which makes complete sense actually.

    I echo @bubbletea’s sentiments about Sheren opening her studio and making strides in the industry. We hear every day about such and such actor opening his own studio but very rarely (if ever) do we hear of an actress doing the same, so it’s definitely a good effort worth supporting!

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