Shirley Yeung Broke Up With Andy Ng, Left As A Single Mother?

Shortly after Shirley Yeung (楊思琦)  announced that she gave birth to her 6.5 pound daughter on Weibo, the public began asking questions regarding the whereabouts of the baby’s rumored father, ex-diver Andy Ng (吳帥). Apparently Andy was not by Shirley’s side when she gave birth in Los Angles, USA last month. According to Apple Daily, Shirley may have broken up with Andy Ng and was left as a single mother to take care of her daughter on her own!

Virginia Lok Does Not Know Who Is The Father

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), received a text message from Shirley Yeung regarding the baby’s arrival. Asked about Shirley’s marriage plans and whether she had questioned who was the father of Shirley’s baby, Ms. Lok replied, “How can I ask who is the father of the baby? Shirley did not say that she needed to take time off for any marriage plans.” It was understood that Shirley will return to TVB at the end of March to resume work and earn “milk money” for her baby. Asked whether Shirley’s image was currently destroyed, Ms. Lok countered that having a baby was not a big problem and breaking up was not a sin; thus Shirley’s image would not be affected.

Shirley’s good friend, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) sent her blessings, “Becoming a mother is very difficult; it is a big sacrifice. I wish that she will be perfectly healthy and happy in the future!”

Shirley and Andy Broke Up?

Last December, a heavily pregnant Shirley was photographed in Los Angeles expecting the arrival of her baby. Currently, she was staying at her brother’s house in the USA while accompanied by her mother. However, Andy was not by Shirley’s side when she delivered the baby.

Apple Daily contacted Shirley via text message and asked her whether Andy Ng was currently in Los Angeles with her. She answered, “I dun reply la.” It was rumored that Andy  was an “empty shell” who owed housing rent and had borrowed money from his former friends from the diving team without paying them back. Disappointed in Andy, the Yeung family was against Shirley continuing to see him.

Allegedly, Shirley realized that she had loved the wrong man. Although Andy attempted to fly to the USA on numerous occasions to save the relationship, Shirley had already decided to be a single mother and take care of the baby on her own!

When the press contacted Gregory Lee (李泳豪) and mentioned that Shirley may have broken up with Andy Ng, Gregory was quite stunned.  He stated, “If Shirley needs help, I will offer my help.” Gregory sent his blessings to Shirley for entering a new chapter in her life.

Image source: Face Magazine

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Jayne: Since Shirley will allegedly return to Hong Kong by the end of March, we will see if the current rumors that she has separated from Andy Ng are true or not.

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  1. If true then all I can is what comes around goes around. Greg seems like he holds no grudge against her.

  2. Honestly who cares? shirley isn’t that popular in TVB and HK anyway.. as long as she’s happy with her child that’s enough imo.

  3. Wow. It’s a shame if she and Andy are really broken up. Not worth having image ruined!
    O/T: can a non-citizen give birth in USA? I thought hospital stays are expensive? Will child automatically have US citizenship?

    1. Yes, by being born on U.S. soil s/he automatically is a citizen. I don’t think the hospital will turn you away if you are non-citizen if you need medical care.

      It’s probable about 10k out of pocket to give birth privately, if you just go with the basics. I am pretty sure she is able to afford that.

      The airlines does not allow women in their third trimester to fly. So I think as long as you are in the country before your third trimester.

      My friends Aunt (from Hong Kong) did the same thing. She stayed for 6 months so that her baby can be born in the U.S.

      1. 10K? and that’s all because the US taxpayers are paying her bill!!!

      2. Yes, many have done that and are still doing that. They just get pregnant and go to the US to give birth and then fly back to their country. I actually don’t like that and wonder why the US allows people who don’t even live in the US and are non citizens to do that?? My brother was telling me that it was because of tax money. I heard that you need to pay taxes if you are a US citizen even if you live and work overseas. But I don’t get why they want US citizenship if aren’t even going to live in the US??

      3. 10K….really? What ghetto hospital would that be? I knew a someone who had to pay for the whole thing out of pocket at it was like 30K and that was like 15yrs ago!

      4. Obviously, its just an approximate, it all comes down to how the baby was delivered and how long the mother stays in the hospital.

        If she did it at a private hospital (which I don’t know if she did not not) most likely she did it out of her own pocket.

      5. I meant to say:

        If she did it at a private hospital (which I don’t know if she did not or not) most likely she did it out of her own pocket.

      6. people come down to hong kong to give birth too to gain hong kong permanent residency too!!

    2. Honestly, it’s her fault. An innocent baby came into the world and didn’t even have a chance to experience an intact family. She should’ve waited longer to have a baby with Andy and not rushed into it.

      1. I question what you call ‘an intact family’. Just because there’s no mother or father doesn’t make a family less ‘intact’. Family also extends to the person’s brothers and sisters, mother and father, uncle and aunties, god father and mother etc etc. There are a lot of what you call ‘intact family’ fighting everyday or mum&dad getting divorce and splitting the kids (some go to extreme and take their kids life to spike the other partner). There are a lot of kids growing up happily in single parent household and unhappy kids growing up in nightmare household.

        We should respect everyone’s wish and the way they want to run their lives instead of putting your own judgment (or what you think is the ‘correct way’) on others.

        No one ever know what’s around the corner waiting for them. it can happen to anyone.

      2. @snoopy
        It’ not the same experience as having a mom and a dad. There will always be that missing feeling and I know since I have experienced this myself. of course i will tell friends that I’m a very happy person, but deep down i still feel something missing.

      3. By intact family, I was referring to a non-dysfunctional family–not parents that fight 24/7. Divorced families are not necessarily non-intact if both parents are still there for the kids. In Shirley’s case, it looks like Andy is not going to be in the child’s life much.

      4. The fact that her parents and brother have rallied around her and supported her to have this child on her own tells me that her family is intact and doing just fine.

      5. Yea, it really seems like her parents and brother are all supporting her. I think they will help her take care of the baby. She is lucky to have her family’s support which is what many people need when having a baby.

  4. From this article, I am just happy that the baby is healthy and Gregory has moved on.

  5. is Andy exist at all? only hear his name but never really see them took his pic or step out to explain the situation. The baby could be belong to gregory, who knows?

    1. If you did follower this story you will see who Andy is. they have taken picture of them together so no doubt about Andy really do exist. for sure as she was in a realtionship with them both at the same time. I don’t even think she knows who the father is. So it might be a chance that this baby girl belongs to Gregory as well.

  6. What if she returns to HK and brings a very unexpected man to the light to be her child’s father. Let’s say Gregory’s brother!?

    It is okay to be single mom and break-up, her image will not be ruined because what image has she had? None.

    Before the incident, she had not appeared much on series and only with supporting roles. I heard she was an MC – good luck to her.

  7. I doubt Andy exist, who knows the baby could be some rich businessman’s baby. Shirley could be in a relationship with a businessman and “Andy” a divertion to the real deal.

  8. i’m sorry but people in Hong Kong are complaining about mainlanders coming into their soil and taking their resources by giving birth but what about this situation. All these HK-er’s and celebrities coming into U.S soil to give birth then fly back to Hong Kong afterwards?

  9. i wonder why she never thought about having gregory’s baby. it’s like she was with this dude for a week before getting pregnant. how can she trust a guy she dated for a few weeks/months over someone she dated for 9 years. supposedly, the guy has known and pursued her for 11 years, but she seems to know very little about him.

  10. What a mess…even me as an adult thinks this is a mess what would this innocent child think as she grows older. It is not a good situation and Shirley really made a bad mistake but it is good that she decided to keep an innocent live. Just hopes she raise the child the right way…

  11. No one knows if this is true or not yet so lets wait and see…

  12. It is really nice of Gregory to not hold and grudges against her and is still willing to help in spite of what she done to him. Sadly, it seems like Shirley did love the wrong man and at the wrong time…

  13. I wish her the best. A family with a mom and dad is not necessarily the best. Having mom and dad in your life can be terrible and traumatizing. Gregory out to offer his assistance. After making a woman wait for him for ten years and not to marry her is not my idea of a loving partner. I think I heard that his family said that she is mean. So what it was her money to do with as she pleased. Was she supposed to bribe them to make him marry her?

  14. Shirley’s career is pretty much ruined. What’s the point of coming back? She’s been in the industry all these years and she’s been demoted from first female lead to second leads and/or supporting actress.

    Sad, she gave up Gregory – 9 years relationship for a fatter, uglier and possibly poorer dole bludger whom she only went out for a few months – and now she’s given birth as a single mother……I don’t understand why she didn’t have kids with Gregory, and why rush into things with this new guy coz look at it now, they’ve broken up because they weren’t really that compatible and it was just a fling.

    So Virginia Lok was lying all this time about Shirley’s pregnancy? She kept on denying that Shirley was pregnant when the rumors came out.

    1. Well, she has to come back and take whatever is given to her since that is the only way for her to make money now… THere are many others that go through even worse but still come back so why can’t Shirley???

    2. Hey, it shouldn’t be a big shock that 620 was lying since she often lies through her teeth…

    3. actually… come to think of it, didn’t Shirley say she wasn’t pregnant when she did the interview? and then we all said, well lets wait 9 months and see if it is. and come <9 months now, and tada she gave birth. So at the time of the interview, Shirley herself was lying about her pregnancy.

  15. These days if you can afford it, being a single mum is fine.
    Hope everything will get better from now on, for her.
    I dont see why being a single mum should ruin ones career.
    TVB could give her a chance, so as to “appear” as a caring employer.

    1. i have friends that are single moms and they are even more stronger than they used to be. they’ve matured.

  16. wow! greg is a very nice guy i wish him all the best of luck. he loved shirley sincerely. he is still willing to offer her help even though she cheated on him and had a baby with another man. i know this guy dated his gf for nine years as well and in the end she was pregnant with a 40ish guy from brazil that already had an 18 year old daughter. she married that guy for the money. this guy is a Lee as well. that is just sad. this guy is still not looking for a gf. i guessed he’s afraid of getting hurt again. they started dating since their early teens and this is what happens the same as shirley and gregory.

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