Shirley Yeung Pregnant But Still Loves Gregory Lee?

Unilaterally announcing breaking up from boyfriend of nine years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), yesterday, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) was immediately faced with allegations that she was pregnant with another man’s baby. Regarding the pregnancy rumors, Shirley neither denied or admitted them, “I do not want to respond.” Gregory admitted that Shirley used pregnancy as a reason to break-up with him, “She did say that she [was pregnant] but I do not believe her!”

Shirley Pregnant With Andy’s Baby?

Aside from losing his loved one, Gregory had to face a break-up reason that “no man can withstand.” According to an inside source, when Shirley cried in front of Gregory and asked for a break-up, she announced that she was pregnant. After telling Gregory who the father of the baby was, she insisted on asking for a break-up. Despite being extremely hurt, Gregory wanted to save their relationship. However, Shirley’s unwavering decision delivered a big blow upon him.

Since Shirley’s alleged pregnancy was very alarming, reporters contacted Gregory to confirm the news. Gregory stated, “Shirley did say that she was [pregnant], but I do not believe her.” The press contacted Shirley regarding the pregnancy rumors. Her first reaction was , “Who told you about the rumors? Why are such rumors are circulating? Anyhow, I will not respond.” As of yesterday, Shirley did not deny or admit her pregnant state. She took the initiative to send Gregory her blessings, “Having been together with Gregory for so long, he is a very, very good man. We are still friends after breaking-up. I wish that he finds eternal happiness.”

Shirley Still Loves Gregory?

Aside from Shirley’s pregnancy being an enigma, it was unclear whether her break-up decision was truly final. From the surface, it appeared that Shirley made up her mind to end her relationship with Gregory. However, Gregory’s elder brother, Lee Wing Hon (李泳漢), revealed that Shirley’s behavior did not match her words. “[Last night] right after midnight, she text messaged Gregory, ‘I still love you; I miss you very much!'” Wing Hon noted, “I don’t know what her intentions are. I hope she does not send such text messages anymore. Each time Gregory receives a text message, he grows more emotionally unstable.” When asked about Shirley’s pregnant state, Wing Hon refused to comment.

Gregory Crying for a Week

To prevent Gregory’s mind from dwelling on negative thoughts, his family has been very supportive and waited for him to get off work at 4 AM yesterday. Gregory was very moved by the support others showed, “I want to thank Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Chan Chi Kin (陳志健) and Tsui Wing (徐榮). They talked to me for a very long time. I want to thank them for their caring.” (Shirley said she broke-up with you several months ago, but why did she celebrate your birthday together last month?) “When I was at work last night, everyone was very shocked [by the break-up news]. Only several days ago, Shirley came to have dinner with me.”

Reporters crowded around Gregory at TVB City last night, who appeared extremely saddened. When asked whether he knew Andy Ng (Shirley’s alleged new romantic interest) and if Andy was her high school classmate, Gregory sobbed. After the press’ repeated questioning, Gregory said, “I want to understand the matter first before I explain the situation. I have been filming a series and do not have time to find Shirley.” When asked whether Shirley was pregnant, Gregory said in a weak voice, “I do not believe it. I do not believe it!”

Gregory indicated that Shirley had moved to Clear Water Bay Peninsula in April for a more convenient commute to work. When asked whether Gregory felt their relationship was awry at that time, he said, “I could not sense it. She still cared about whether I had enough sleep and whether I was eating well.” (Can you explain what the phrase, ‘a man’s greatest taboo’ meant?) “I will not respond. Anyway, we did not have any arguments. I don’t know what happened. I am very concerned about her condition right now.”

Gregory indicated his confused emotional state and noted that if the relationship can not be saved, he will accept the situation. He still loved Shirley deeply, “Whatever happens in the future, I will always help Shirley if anything happens.”

Gregory Denied Car Racing Caused the Couple’s Split

When the press pointed out that Gregory was addicted to car racing, he said irritatedly, “It’s not the first time this issue came up. In 2008, a team sponsored me and paid for the training, hotel and meals related to the racing competition.  Reports claiming that I used Shirley’s money to enter the racing competition were false. The sponsoring team wished to pursue legal action for libel as well.”

Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎) said, “My son only told me about the incident [Shirley’s pregnancy[ yesterday. He has been crying for one week. He was afraid that we would worry and did not want to tell us. Now my son is grievous everyday and kept asking why. I did not sleep the entire night.” When asked whether Shirley was dissatisfied with Gregory’s race car habit, Lee Ka Ding said angrily, “That’s an excuse! When you are in love, even playing with feces is okay!”

Reporters asked TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), whether Shirley was pregnant. Ms. Lok said, “She is not pregnant. She discussed her break-up with me. They made this decision after careful thought. Hopefully, this will not interfere with their work.”


Jayne: When I heard about Shirley’s pregnancy rumors from Aly, I did not believe it. However, based on Gregory’s reply, it appears that Shirley may indeed be pregnant with another man’s baby and thus decided to end her relationship with Gregory. Perhaps Shirley still loved Gregory and thus the break-up decision was as heart-breaking to her as much as to Gregory. Thus, she still text messaged him the day before to say that she still loved him.

Shirley and Gregory’s break-up is quite dramatic, especially with Gregory’s deep love for her and the pregnancy rumors. Gregory’s statement that he will be there to help Shirley no matter what happens in the future indeed seems to support the pregnant claims. He does not seem angry with Shirley, only confused by her break-up decision. Perhaps he is in denial….

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  1. well, whats done has been done. Only time can heal their wounds

  2. Oh wow!! 1) Might be pregnant with another man baby. 2) Breakup not sure if it truly final. 3) Texting Greg at night and say she miss him and still loves him.
    This is a joke? Or a publicity stunt? How did that insider source know what Shirley text on her phone to Greg? This insider must be very close to them, or else how can they know the textchat content over the phone, LOL!!!

    1. LeilaFan,
      Gregory’s twin brother, Wing Hon told the press that Shirley was still texting Gregory, “I still love you.” So it should be reliable…I don’t think Wing Hon is lying.

      The pregnancy is still a little questionable, but Gregory sort of admitted to this, admitting that this was what Shirley told him.

      1. Yes, but Virginia Lok (樂易玲), whether Shirley was pregnant. Ms. Lok said, “She is not pregnant. She discussed her break-up with me…”
        Virgina Lok said Shirley is not pregnant. So who should be believe, Greg or TVB executive?

      2. Definitely Virginia Lok is not to be believed…

        Not the first time she was saying a white lie for the “face” of her artists to be clean like angels.

      3. You can’t hide pregnancy for long so time will tell as her stomach and all get bigger. I have a gut feeling that it is true…

      4. Oh yea, but I sort of doubt that she will if she likes that Andy guy and wants to dump Gregory. If that were the case, then she will want to keep that baby…

  3. How can you love your fiance (soon to be husband) but end up pregnant sleep and have sex with another man?
    I don’t think any woman who is in a long term relationship or engage should get pregnant with another man.
    Please save some dignity for yourself first.

    1. Times will tell if she is pregnant or not, I really hope not. If it is true, then it only make her looks more terrible.

    2. LeilaFan,
      In the heat of an argument or temptation, sleeping around while in a relationship or even engaged with someone else happens.

      Many men go to strip clubs for their bachelor’s party before the wedding. They go into “special rooms” where extended services are given. Or strippers are invited to private off-site bachelor’s party and things go wild. I have heard of personal accounts.

      The common perception is that women control their sexual urges better than men….

      1. What Jayne just said about sleeping before marriage reminded me of that Patrick Kong movie starring some chesty models……

        Well, about this Shirley-Gregory breakup, perhaps there were inside issues between them that we don’t and might never know 😉

  4. Yes, I know this, but this is the moral issue here 道德
    I don’t think any boyfriend or girlfriend will OK with their long term partner go have sex with someone else, let alone they are getting married soon.
    To each of it’s own. Maybe society change, this is not our father and mother generations anymore, but as Asian, we should keep our traditional custom.

    1. LeilaFan,
      I agree that it is morally wrong to cheat and be unfaithful while in a relationship. Women tend to be more forgiving about their boyfriends and even husbands cheating, then men being more tolerant about such issues. I think men, due to stronger biological urges, have always been tempted greater and acted upon those urges whether married or not. In our parents’ generation, cheating occurred as well, but women may have kept quiet and been more tolerant of such behavior. Perhaps in past generations, when women did not have enough financial independence, they chose to stay in marriages despite man cheating.

      My friend’s father (currently in his 70s) cheated on his wife many times throughout their marriage while in China. However, his wife tolerated his behavior and accepted this as a woman’s fate. Also, many older immigrant Chinese men visit the underground prostitute rings in local New York Chinatown area. The Chinese men don’t see it as cheating and just as “men acting like men.” I feel this is also the accepted attitude in mainland China. My hometown in Taishan, China has a prostitution hall and many male residents visit this place and the wives tolerate it. While traveling in China, I stayed at a 4 star hotel that had an escort service. Our tour guide warned us to stay away from it. Prostitution seems very common in China and an “accepted” norm in society.

      1. All of what you right, I understand and known. I am from Xian, I am Chinese too, I know all this.
        But that does not means I will accept cheating. To each of its own, who think it is OK that is their problem. But as for me, cheating should try to be avoid especially when you in long term relationship or married, or soon to be married.

      2. You made some good points Jayne and my mom sort of has that type of thinking. She says that men just can’t control their sexual urges well and if women threw themselves at them, then they can’t refuse. She think it is ok for women to forgive men for cheating but men can never forgive women for it. Her thinking is just sooo traditional and old school that she often clashes with others who are more modernized…

      3. so is it unfaithful when a couple engage in threesome or foursome?

    2. Our father and mother generations also have affairs. This is not a new thing.

      And what has this moral issue got to do with Asian traditional custom? Cheating and extra martial affairs are universally frown upon.

      1. Kidd, if you put it that way then I sincerly wish your boyfriend or husband won’t cheated on you.
        Cheating is cheating, always will be wrong, even to any Americans, they will say it wrong.
        Cheating are universal known affairs, but let try to not get involve it in.

      2. Uhh, Leilafan… Kidd said that extramarital affairs have always existed in ALL culture, not just Asian. She didn’t say it’s the acceptable or right thing to do.

        “Cheating and extra martial affairs are universally frown upon.”

        Read carefully before criticizing someone.

      3. uhh, sehseh, where did I criticize Kidd? I sincerly wish that his/her other half won’t cheat on her, that is best wishes not criticize.

      4. Kidd said that extramarital affairs have always existed in ALL culture, traditional Asian custom or not.

      5. Leilafan.. you said:

        “Kidd, if you put it that way then I sincerly wish your boyfriend or husband won’t cheated on you.”

        Yeap.. sincerity.

      6. sehseh, yes you got it.
        Kidd wrote: “Cheating and extra martial affairs are universally frown upon.”
        Meaning cheating is an issue that the universal worried about.
        If it universal then it including us, since we live in the universe. Then that means I sincerly wish Kidd will have faithful boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife that won’t cheat on Kidd.
        That is sincerly wish.

      7. @ LeilaFan

        Frown up = disapprove of

        What I mean to say is cheating and extra marital affair is disapproved by all culture not only Asian culture.

        And I doubt your sincerity. Look more like cursing me.

      8. Really? aww, then you welcome to think what ever you want to think.
        But I sincerly wish all the couples in this world all have faithful spouse, and smooth marriage of which their other half won’t cheats on them.

      9. And that including my own spouse. I would be more than happy to pray and wish that my spouse won’t cheat on me.

      10. Everybody cheats, just to what degree. The question is will you forgive if you knew? If your spouse wants to come back to you? Women forgive easier than men but some men do recognise maybe they themselves contributed to this lack of judgment on the women, and vice versa. Or you wish to be ignorant?

        Kidd is right about the word frowned upon. Kidd, next time use simpler words lar!

    3. Everybody cheats, true. I sure many men mentally think of others women beside their wife. But girlfriend get pregnant with another man, or husband have “ernai” is more serious issues.

  5. Jayne, I was hoping this rumor is not true myself but I guess only time will tell. If Shirley was lying to Gregory that she was pregnant, it was probably a way to make him let go. I think with how much he loves her, he would still want her back and try to keep her even if she cheated on him. In fact based on his response, if it was true he might still want to amend the relationship. I also believe that Shirley, despite breaking up with him, still cares for him very much. Afterall they have been together 9 years.
    Gosh I feel like the spin on this news is like a TVB drama. There has been so much revelations and scandals this year! So much to absorb!

    1. Aly,
      Gregory’s words seem to support the fact that Shirley may be pregnant. He seemed to told his family the situation as well.

      I don’t think Shirley would use pregnancy as a break-up reason, no matter how desperate she was in wishing to end their relationship. Simply telling him that she fell for another guy would have been sufficient and given him enough time to digest it.

      If Shirley’s pregnancy does turn out true, the readers think this is too wild to believe. Can you imagine how Gregory must feel? They were preparing to get married. Not only did his fiance call off the wedding, she is pregnant with another man’s child! Betrayal, lost love, and cheating all at once.

      The Lee family mentioned they were afraid that Gregory would commit a rash act (hinting suicide) and were carefully watching over him. Wing Hon stayed up to wait for him to get home at 4 AM from work. Father, Lee Ka Ding, didn’t sleep the entire night after learning the truth. Even if Gregory loved Shirley deeply, does the end of a relationship warrant the family’s concern that Greg might commit suicide? This implies that either Greg has a very sentimental and emotional heart or that indeed something more shattering than just a break-up had occurred.

      1. Jayne, isn’t pregnant with another man’s child (a friend no less) when preparing for a wedding the ultimate betrayal? It is probably worse than catching her in bed with him. I can understand his hurt. And since he probably really loved her, I can understand the suicidal tendency but seriously, he should not put his family through such worries. But it is good to read how close they’re.

        Shirley, why did you do this to yourself?

      2. Funn,
        I think Andy is more Shirley’s friend than Gregory’s friend. Despite your comparison, I think catching your partner in bed with another person is the ultimate betrayal and you never live away the hurt. By physically witnessing it, the image is burned in your memories.

        This happened to my aunt catching my uncle having an affair with nephew’s wife. My aunt had a stroke and things have never been the same in my family. My uncle even married my cousin’s wife. This is the biggest scandal in my family.

        Temptation can be so irrational and can not be understood. But it happens and more common than we all think. It’s just a matter of whether people choose to talk about it because there is a degree of shame in the spouse who was cheated upon, as if something was wrong or insufficient that caused the person to cheat.

      3. Even worse than pregnancy? In bed is betrayal but there is hope. Pregnancy is like a finality, you have this kid forever reminding you of that hurt.

      4. Funn,
        It depends on whether Shirley and Gregory reconcile. If she is pregnant with another man’s child and ends up marrying this man, presumably leading to less contact between herself and Gregory, who will not see the child growing up, then he will live down the betrayal.

        If a couple were married and husband finds out wife had baby with another man and choose to remain married, then the kid is living reminder of the cheating. Yes this is very painful as well.

      5. Caught them in bed is 1 time. That is far less painful than know your fiance is carried another baby man. Who knows how many times Shirley in bed with that man, the statistic chances of one night stand end up pregnant is not as high as you think.

      6. Good points Jayne and I have a very good feeling that Shirley being pregnant is true. IF it is true, then Gregory will be even more hurt. However, I think with time, he will get over it and move on since I don’t think he would want to dwell over something unhappy for the rest of his life.

        It is great to hear how close the Lee family is… I am so touched to see how much Gregory’s father and brother love him so much. I don’t blame Gregory’s father for being so mad and angry. I would be if I were him as well. Glad to know that his family, collegues and friends are all supporting him through this tough time. Gregory does seem to be a very emotional type of guy so may think of suicide… I hope that he doesn’t because it is not worth it over someone that no longer loves you. He still has his family, friends, collegues,etc… that he has to think about… I don’t think he would want to leave them behind.

      7. HeTieShou,
        Gregory still proclaimed his love for Shirley and no matter what happened, he will be there for her. He is concerned about what she is thinking as he does not understand her behavior.

        More follow-up news in today’s papers about Shirley apppearing in a loose jacket, perhaps trying to cover baby bump?

      8. @ Jayne

        “Gregory still proclaimed his love for Shirley and no matter what happened, he will be there for her. “

        I believe he’s telling the truth. He will do that. He seem to loves Shirley very much. He didn’t show anger or hatred in his short interview, only sadness and denial.

        He could be a very good actor. I don’t know. But, he seems genuine. If he’s really acting in front of the camera, his acting is better than Best Actor Nic.

      9. @Jayne,
        Thanks for the info and I believe Gregory as of now. However, that can change with time… It is sad that they have dated for 9 years and he still cannot fully understand her. But then again, I guess you can’t always understand anyone 100% even if you have known them for a long time. But I honestly think that IF Shirley is pregnant and plans on marrying that Andy guy, then Gregory needs to move because it is no use for him to dwell over this issue for too long or else he will be sad for the rest of his life.

      10. Kidd,
        It is very sad that two people in love cannot be together due to the circumstances.

        My impression is that Gregory seems to believe that Shirley still loves him too, but believes that perhaps someone (Andy?) convinced her to leave Gregory, convinced her that no man can withstand the taboo of being cheated on with another man’s son. The reason may have come from even Andy himself. The break-up “that no man can withstand” seems to come from the point of view of another man? Takes a man to know another man’s taboo.

      11. HeTieShou,
        From the clues that emerged, I think Shirley still loves Gregory. The latest Sina article speculated that she may be 2 months pregnant, thus the hormonal acne and the loose jacket to cover possibly widening waist. Most women find out they are pregnant around 1.5 months, about 2 weeks after missing cycle. Over a week ago, Shirley told “admitted” to Gregory that she was pregnant and wanted to break up. She probably just found out about pregnancy and thought whether there was still a furture together and decided no. The timing now makes sense.

        At first I though Shirley was a runaway bride who regretted agreeing to marry Gregory and fell for old classmate. If her pregnancy is true (which I think is), she only decided to split with Greg because of pregnancy since she felt he can never accept living reminder of her betrayal. And if baby’s daddy promise to take good care of her and Shirley wanted to keep baby, she chose the pratical route. perhaps she did not want to deceive Gregory and pass it on as if he were the father. So she chose practicality over love…perhaps if we were in her shoes, we may have made same choice.

      12. Jayne, I am now waiting to see how Gregory would react other than just crying and what Shirley will do. I hope she doesn’t marry someone she doesn’t love just for the sake of the baby. If Gregory still loves her, I hope these two will somehow find each other again. I know it is a betrayal, but if Gregory can accept it, I think it is nobody else’s business.

    2. A choice of caught your fiance in bed with someone else and catch your fiance pregnant with another man, I rather choose the caught in bed.
      If Shirley is really pregnant, the baby is forever, not easy to forget when there a physical baby alive stands there.

      1. I agree with Funn, like what I write above, I rather choose caught them in bed then see a physical baby stands there everyday.

  6. I have a gut feel Shirley is pregnant. No woman on earth will say she is pregnant for the fun of it, and being pregnant with another man’s baby? That’s even worse.

    As artists, they’re worse off. They face ridicule and comments from people who do not even know them.

    2011 really seems like a scandal year…

      1. No one knows when the end of the world is. They keep on making one prediction after another and none of them are true at all.

    1. I agree with you have a gut feeling that it is true as well… But with artists, they can still get away with it and say that they were only rumours too. However, if they were lying about it just to play everyone then that is wrong and will hurt their image even more. Yea, 2011 is a very scandalous year. I wonder who is next??

    2. If she’s nit pregnant then she’s pretty immature for making up such a lie. I feel bad for the guy.

  7. You would be surprise that most studies show that around 25% of men are raising kids that are not theirs that they are not aware of. Luckily there are dna testing now but previously only the mom would know the truth and she would be die with the truth.

    In a 2009 study in Beijing, 1 in 3 or over 30% of the men that were test were proven NOT to be the father of their children – from a site

    1. Thuy,
      Interesting data you mention there. What kind of study was this? Professionally administered at medical or academic facility I hope? I am interested in the link to the article if you still have it.

      25% and 30% men tested were not the true fathers of their children. Wouldn’t everyone question the features of baby and keep mentioning they don’t look like dad?

      1. the 25% i put was actually too high, it was suppose to be much less than that after I saw I typed it too fast 2-5%, the studies I found were not a big one but mainly from small clinical trials and dna testing centers. The china one was people that suspected their spouse of cheating so they brought their child in, so that is why the 30% is high, overall it will be lower in the single %.

      2. usually the features would be hard to tell if the baby look more like one parent then the other, my brother raised a daughter what was not his, they broke up for a week, she had a one night stand and they got back together, the baby looked exactly like the mother when she was younger, they broke up and my bro wanted custody of the baby and took a dna test and was upset when it wasn’t his. One of my girl friends had an egg donor and she personally carried the baby to term and only us close friends know it is not genetically hers but ppl and her family(she hid the truth from them) would always say ‘oh your baby looks like you’

      3. Thuy,
        Thanks for sharing your story. I can not imagine the hurt and betrayal your brother felt. I think during the brief break-ups that occur frequently in a couple’s relationship, it is so easy to walk astray. You feel hurt and think that there is no chance of reconciliation and act upon impulse, but you have to live the consequences of your actions.

        It is true that kids may only resemble one parent. If baby has zero features from dad, people would always mention this physical discrepancy and perhaps implant the mistrust in the parent.

      4. My university is next to a DNA test center. I saw a lot of men bring kids to test. I always feel pitiful for the kids. They are the most innocent ones. Some men beat the kids nearly die after the test is – (not his kid). I saw a very sad story where the mother is raped but dun dare to tell the husband. When the husband received the test, he slapped her and accidently made the kid (only few months old)fall. I heard that the kid was saved but would be blind and deaf forever (his brain was injured). The wife committed suicide after that not so long and the kid is sent to an orphan house. It’s truly sad.

        In this case, if Shirley really pregnant, her decision to quit Greg is totally right, for her, for him, for the baby.

      5. @Fox,
        Thanks for sharing the stories but gosh, that is so sad. Even if a kid is not yours, he/she is still innocent and doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. I mean, people can adopt and raise kids that are not biologically related to them so how can people be so mean and treat a kid so badly even if they are not theirs. I find that so sad and tragic…

      6. @Thuy,
        Thanks for sharing your story. I feel bad for your brother. It is sad to know that a child is not yours, but if you have raised it for awhile then they are like your own. I mean if people can adopt and all, then I don’t see the biggest deal about raising a child that is not biologically yours. However, I think the biggest issue is that the wife cheated on the husband. That is what hurts the most.

      7. @HTS: It’s different to adopt a kid and know a kid isn’t yours. When you adopt a kid, you know he doesn’t have blood link with you from the beginning so you prepared for such thing. But know a kid isn’t yours, you will be very shocked.

      8. @ Fox

        I think that DNA tester center should be conscientious and took steps to prevent such incident occurring. Separate the father from the child first before telling him the result. Put the child in a safe place and let him calm down.

      9. @FOx,
        That’s true but even if you are shocked, that still doesn’t give the father the excuse to hurt or beat the child. I agree with Kidd that the child should be protected and separated prior to knowing the results.

      10. This center is unprofessional, yes. But they can’t separate the man and his wife/the kids forever. They’ll go home and…

        There are tons of men who are not educated well or come from the villages in the far places. In there, there isn’t such thing called “calm down to think wise”. Especially the drunk men.

    2. so the moral here is always use a dna test to make sure you are the real father hahaha

    3. Did you guys ever watch those talk shows like Jerry Springer where he reveals if a wife has cheated on her husband and stuff?? Basically, a wife goes on the show to say that she has cheated on her husband so the children/child that they have is not necessary theirs. THen the DNA results come out and confirm it… It is so sad to hear that first of all, the wife cheated, then IF the child is not his it is even more painful… No wonder some kids don’t look like dad at all.

      1. I just wanted to add that I remember something that my psychology teacher told me. He said that you always know who your mommy is, but you never know for sure who your daddy is.

      2. Cuckold her husband not enough, but, has to tell the whole world about it? What kind if thinking is that? I know hiding a secret for so long is stressful and tiring. But, can’t she tell a counselor or confess in a confession booth? Why hurt her husband like that?

      3. I agree but I have always wondered if those cases on those talk shows were even true at all?? In some if not many cases, I heard that they were being hired to act just for the show. Not sure if it is 100% true though…

  8. It’s crazy now. She pregnant, still love him, tell the public she dumped him? Kinda blur.

    Where is Shirley?

    1. Haha! U right Fox, love him but let the whole world know she dump him, how can you say you love someone and treat them like this.
      Pregnant with another man but still love Greg, but then tell the world she dump Greg. Drammar roll 🙂

    2. Fox,
      If the rumors are indeed true, that is why Gregory is going crazy now. He’s been crying for an entire week. The Lee family’s story seems cohesive.

      Virginia Lok may possibly be lying when she denied Shirley’s pregnancy rumors. Ms. Lok is smart enough to realize that if she said anything other than “No,” tabloids would run wild in their speculations. Whether Shirley is pregnant or not, Ms. Lok would say no because the news is getting more wild each day.

      If Shirley is indeed pregnant with Andy’s baby, her bump will soon show and wedding bells may be ahead with Andy.

      I suspect the Lee family will not keep quiet about this. Gregory’s brother, Wing Hon, seems upset about the situation. Greg’s father, Lee Ka Ding, is very blunt and reminds me of Patrick Tse in his “blunders” while speaking to the press. The reporters will continue to ask the Lee family questions everyday. Based on Lee Ka Ding’s personality, he will likely blurt out the truth with his unconventional attitude.

      1. Like want to cut Andy’s hand? Do you rmb the rumour that Patrick wanted to cut Edison’s hand?

      2. I agree Jayne and since these are all still speculations, who knows what is true and what is not. Time will tell and I think that the Lee family will not keep quiet either. Gregory’s father seems very upset and mad that I would not be surprised if he did blurt out the truth..

  9. She’s pregnant with another man’s baby, but tells Greg that she still loves him. She’s making the situation worse by telling that to him. I’m starting to form a really neg. image of her.

  10. Oh dear, what a mess. She may have been having an affair but her heart may still be with gregory? Shirley what have you done?! Frankly if Gregory loves her, he may be willing to accept this child as his. But I doubt his family would. What a mess.

    I think I pity her.

    1. Frankly that he might accept her kid (if true) at this moment when he still loves her, but anything can happen in the future. How good Greg is, he still won’t love the kid especially when it’s the proof of Shirley’s betrayal.

      1. Exactly, so I think it is better that they separate if they will have an unhappy future.

    2. HK / TVB news just gets more and more dramatic these days. If this is true, Shirley’s only hope is that Gregory cuts the family off and accepts the child as his.

      “Shirley, what have you done” indeed. So much drama!

      1. Yea, this does sound like a plot in a drama….

      1. I don’t either since she bought it upon herself.

    3. If she still loved him then why did she cheat on him and get pregnant(if it is true)?? Even if Gregory did accept the child, he will not love it and his family will not happy at all. They will then be living in a messy and unhappy life…

  11. It makes sense now why she decided to get an apartment of her own 2 months prior… b/c she wanted easier access for her affair? Cheating is never ok, but I still pity her for her current situation. Her image is gonna flop and she will lose a genuinely good man in Gregory — he loves her dearly and seems willing to forgive her even if she cheats.

  12. Things are getting really messy in this fiasco! Shirley rumored to be pregnant and all!

    But anyway, I personally think that Shirley is most likely to be pregnant since she didn’t deny the rumors (if the report is to be trusted) which is weird, considering that usually, a woman, especially a Chinese celebrity, regards her chastity of the utmost importance and would deny or even go as far as to sue the publication for any slandering of her reputation.

    But which also leaves me to wonder, if Shirley was indeed pregnant, then did she two-time or cheat Gregory in any way or was she involved with this Andy guy during some of their on-off period (re: and somehow this guy managed to worm his way into their relationship?

    In my honest opinion, I doubt this Andy guy is any good news either, considering that he actually announced his “victory” on his blog over his courtship for Shirley. I mean, dude, this is hardly anything to be proud of man, you ruined a couple’s 9 year relationship and not to mention, a couple that was about to wed plus he could have possibly took advantage of Gregory’s explicit trust in Shirley and his friendship to woo Shirley behind Gregory’s back.

    Speaking of which, why are there no photos of this Andy guy from the efficient HK paparazzi?

    End of the day I think Shirley should just give up on their relationship and move on and stop “pestering” Gregory since nothing can change matters now if she’s indeed pregnant with Andy’s child, there is no way she can get back together with Gregory again since after this big ruckus, everyone in HK will suspect the baby isn’t Gregory’s and I seriously doubt Gregory’s father (given his ferocious temper) would accept Shirley again (given that she driven Gregory’s mom to almost faint) and not to mention, if the child is a illegitimate one.

    P.S. All the above points are just my pure conjecture.

    1. But if she’s actually pregnant with that guy’s child then the fling/affair would be a recent matter and that would be considered cheating on Gregory. I hope this matter will be resolved soon, so many ‘scandalous’ gossip this year.

      1. @Lily:

        Yupp definitely agree with you!

        Which is why I wrote that this was my pure conjecture, thus maybe they had some brief lovers’ spat and broke up in the middle throughout this year and Shirley got involved with this guy, we as outsiders and bystanders will never get to know the whole picture (:

    2. Ah K,
      If Shirley is pregnant, I agree with your conjecture that she got together with Andy during and earlier argument with Gregory.

      Depending on how long Shirley has known about her pregnancy (if she is pregnant), she may have even considered marrying Gregory and passing off the baby as his. Last month, the couple hinted at marriage before the press. Did Shirley know she was pregnant then? About a week ago, she was still having dinner with Greg’s family. Did she find out about her pregnancy just one week ago?

      Today’s newspaper features Shirley in a very loose jacket, as if she were hiding a bump. If there is an emerging bump, most skinny women start showing flabby waist around 3 months. Most women find out they are pregnant around 1.5 months. So depending on when she found out, it may indicate whether she intended to pass off baby as Greg’s. She moved out of his house in April…perhaps conception may have already occurred and she was slowly distancing herself?

      Moving out but still engaged to Gregory while Andy apparently was in love with Shirley. Was Shirley just buying time for herself because the man she loved the most is Gregory? If otherwise, no need to drag things on further. The fact that she dragged things on indicated she cared about Greg and wished to be with him, but she eventually decided that down the road perhaps he will not be able to accept the origins of the baby.

      1. If she is pregnant then this is not a ONE time tempation sleeping with Andy. I sure she have been sleeping with him more than once in order to know the baby is Andy and not Greg.

      2. If she loves Gregory the most why she sleep around with Andy for some times?
        Women are not men, we not easily climb into a man bed unless there feelings into it.
        This is not a one time tempation thing with Andy, if she is pregnant this has been going around for some time and she in his bed more than once.

      3. “This is not a one time tempation thing with Andy, if she is pregnant this has been going around for some time and she in his bed more than once.”

        If the time is right, one time is enough.

      4. Can’t assume that Shirley slept with Andy more than one because up to now, still not sure that she is pregnant or not.

      5. LeilaFan,
        “If she loves Gregory the most why she sleep around with Andy for some times?
        Women are not men, we not easily climb into a man bed unless there feelings into it”

        I believe one can love a man and still be attracted to another. If the woman had argument with boyfriend and felt hurt, vulnerable, and lonely, physical intimacy can yield a lot of comfort. I agree that women have to have a certain emotional state before going to bed with someone, but not have to necessarily love that man.

      6. It’s actually not as easy to get pregnant as one would think… there is only a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant IF you have sex during ovulation. I believe it was an ongoing affair for a period of time. I also believe that she does love Gregory… I think it’s possible for a woman to have sex w/ another man even if she loves someone else.

      7. Judy, I agree with you. Statistic research show that getting pregnant with one night stand is very low. If it is high than all the women who have 1 night stand end up pregnant in this world then.
        If anyone say it is high, please show the actual statistic.
        This is definately not a one night stand with Andy. If she is pregnant, it have to be an going on sleeping around.

      8. @ Leifan

        No one say it’s high. We just say it’s not impossible. Even if statistic is low, it’s still possible.

        “If it is high than all the women who have 1 night stand end up pregnant in this world then.”

        Not all women who has one night stand have sex on the ovulation days.

      9. And Shirley been in this business for long time and date Gregory for many many years, and she not know about this ovulation stuff. I sure she know how to protect herself more than any of us here since she is a celebrity, they take careful of their actions.
        The chance of Shirley have one night stand with this guy and get pregnant is very low, let alone she knows this baby is Andy and not Greg (if she really pregnant).

      10. @ LeilaFan

        If she’s so good at protecting herself, how the hell did she get pregnant with Andy’s child? Wouldn’t she be extra careful when cheating? Especially when it’s a continuous affair and not weakness of the moment? Condom broken?

        The chance of Shirley have one night stand with this guy and get pregnant is very low,

        Low doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

        “let alone she knows this baby is Andy and not Greg (if she really pregnant).”

        Well, maybe she and Greg hasn’t done it for sometime and that’s why she knows?

      11. condom broke? she not on birth control when she with Greg for many years? I pretty sure she is on birth control if she and Greg sexually active for all these years.
        Kidd, obviously you and me and some others people here don’t have same opinion, so it is useless to continue this.
        Cheating is cheating, doesn’t matter if it 1 time in bed or 100 times in bed. This is a betrayal on Greg side. What ever excuses Shirley might have, certainly she handle this situation not very well and majority people will think she is wrong.

      12. Woah, now we are talking frequency?

        Anyway it can happen. Some people never get pregnant for years and suddenly just 1 time, 1 mistake, and voila, pregnant! Some wants to be pregnant but many many times never did. We are assuming she is pregnant. If she suddenly comes back not pregnant, my conclusion is she aborted the baby. Anyway it can happen, where she lets her guard down one time, no protection and got pregnant. That is how unplanned pregnancy comes about anyway. Or even when there’s no penetration, it could happen.

      13. ““If she loves Gregory the most why she sleep around with Andy for some times?
        Women are not men, we not easily climb into a man bed unless there feelings into it””

        Women have needs to you know. Sex is not one sided anyway. It is not always about feelings. It can be about release, frustration, anger, jealousy, pleasure. In fact women’s body is made for pleasure the way I see it.

  13. Statistic show the percentage changes of getting pregnant at one night stand is not high. If Shirley is indeed pregnant than she must sleep with this Andy guy more than once. Obviously she sleep with Andy more than Greg to know that it is Andy baby and not Greg, Lol!!
    I really hope she not pregnant or else this image will not looks good for her.

    1. Chance is low but isn’t impossible. Can count days and know who is the father of the baby.

      1. And basically, still guess. She is truly pregnant or not, she still SMS to Gregory or not, all are from Gregory’s side.

        That’s why I wonder where is Shirley.

  14. I am absolutely apalled and disgusted with Shirley Yeung now. My God, any woman who can sleep around while in a relationship is a true “s***”. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I can’t find another better word to describe her. I will not watch any more of her dramas either. If the roles had been reversed and Gregory got a girl pregnant while still going out with Shirley Yeung, I would say exactly the same thing for the man. I am old fashioned when it comes to relationships and thinks that cheating is absolutely unforgivable. I would find it extremely hard if my husband did it to me. They say that Chinese brought up in the Western world may feel differently but maybe its because I was brought up in a very strict family and thats why my ideas are very reserved. Its bad enough she goes off with someone else but to be actually pregnant. I can’t write anymore as I may say something quite upsetting if I don’t stop now!!!

  15. I find it’s funny that everyone is trusting Greg’s and his family words now. Please consider his emotional is very unstable at this moment and he could feed the press/his family what his thought/suspect the reason of breakup. He couldn’t knock her up after 9 years together, she must be on birth control. What make you all think she won’t be on birth control assuming she was cheating with Andy? I believe she would not announce the breakup to the press if indeed she is pregnant. She would run and hide in another country. Any way times will tell she is pregnant or not.

    1. Because it is consistent. It takes only 1 time to get someone pregnant. It can happen.

      1. This remind me of some TVB series such as BF3. ONS easy come easy go and pregnant.

      2. @CY: Friends?

        BTW, the actor (I forgot this chac’s name) is very understanding when he accepts to be a father. I think he can be a good father.

      3. @Fox

        Yup, tht’s from Friends.. I think you mean David Schwimmer? Yea but I feel he should, I mean he is the father afterall.. I think he is a good funny, but he is just too funny sometimes.. haha

    2. Maybe she was on birth control while with Gregory, but wanted to get pregnant with that Andy guy??? Who knows???

      1. if it was the case she should have dumped greg and then got together with that andy guy. makes no sense…

  16. Now this is crazy!!!

    What I get from the news reports is first Shirley might have some relationship with Andy while dating Gregory, and then Shirley got pregnant, and then Shirley told Gregory that she’s pregnant and initiate break up, and then Gregory in denial and didn’t tell his family, and then Shirley decide to tell the whole world about the break up possibly to force Gregory to accept the breakup, and then Gregory got down, Lee Ka Ding explode, the mum fainted and then now what? Crazyyy!!!

  17. If is true that she pregnant, then she must sleep with Andy Ng often then, often enough to know that it is Andy child and not Gregory. Then this is not a one time temptation, it been going on.
    We need to know if she indeed pregnant or not.

    1. Yes if it’s true about the pregnancy I don’t think it was a one night stand. She couldn’t be that lucky and surely she got protection so that her bf wont know. Even if she was pregnant how can she be sure that it was Andy’s child? Unless she never made love with Gregory or they didn’t have sex according to the age of the fetus

      1. Hard to believe that Gregory and SHirley never had sex after being together for 9 years…You guys may be right that it was not a one night stand with that Andy guy. It may have been going on for awhile now behind Gregory’s back.

  18. i don’t believe she loves him. just the media opinion.

  19. She can kiss her career goodbye now. What a shame! She’s already being demoted by TVB and now this. Poor girl

  20. This is a classic example of a couple together for a long time and they probably lost that passion/initial excitement over the past couple of years. Shirley probably still “loves” Gregory, BUT she is NOT “in love” with him and probably hasn’t for a period of time. That is why she had an affair with this Andy guy because he probably brought some excitement and passion back into Shirley’s love and sexual life. Now that Shirley is pregnant kinda proves that Greg was not satisfying Shirley enough sexually. In this generation, being in a relationship is not just about being together, take care of each other, be a provider, etc. Women are more empowered now and they want more from a man than who can just provide for her, Shirley needs a lover as well and obviously Greg wasn’t doing a good enough job. It’s his fault because it’s always the guys responsibility to keep the relationship exciting and fresh. Greg needs to just move on and find another girl because he ain’t gonna be able to “verbally convince” Shirley to come back. That’s how just not how women works.

    1. ” It’s his fault because it’s always the guys responsibility to keep the relationship exciting and fresh. “

      This statement reminds me of the motto of ‘Obedient Wife Club’, just that the gender responsibility reversed.

      1. Maybe you can disagree with it, but that doesn’t mean it is not right. The reason I made that statement is to highlight that no matter what your POV on relationship, man and women have their own roles to play. A man still needs to be a man, for example he can still be macho and sensitive at the same time as they are not mutually exclusive. But as women gain more power/influence in society the past 30-40-50 years, most men forget about their roles and become wusses. So a man has to play his role meaning he’s the one who decides if he wants to marry the girl, and be the one who ask for a women’s hand in marriage on his knees. Have you ever seen a situation where a women decides and ask him to marry her and she bends on her knees and ask him to marry her? I don’t think so! Things have changed a lot, but Greg still needs to be a man and play his role in the relationship and make her happy. If Shirley is not happy, then Greg needs to move on to date other girls and not be a wuss crying about it over days and weeks. A few hours is okay to let his emotion run but then he needs to man up and deal with it, not be a wuss and cry about it. Trust me, there will be other girls out there who might be better or worse then Shirley, but point is there are tons of girls out there for Greg to be with.

      2. “Maybe you can disagree with it, but that doesn’t mean it is not right. “

        Yes, my disagreement doesn’t mean your statement is not right. But, it doesn’t mean your statement is right either.

        Making a relationship exciting and fresh is the responsibility of both parties. The responsibility should not fall on either man or woman alone.

      3. Kidd, OWC is that one where it aims for all wives to be better than 1st class prostitute? If gender reverse, can men become first class gigolo?!

      4. @ Funn

        Well, training will be provided, right? So, of course can. 😛

      5. @Kidd

        Not sure why you gave such a diplomatic or soft reply. You should’ve just said it straight: “You’re wrong you backdated delinquent” or something like that.

      6. What if this was the other way around, the is it Greg that cheats, I sure you will all be pity for Shirley and WOULD you say that “it is the woman responsiblity to keep the relationship fresh and exciting”?
        Really, be fair alright. This is the 21st century, men and women are equal. It take 2 to build a family so it take 2 to for a relationship to last.
        You say Greg cannot keep the relationship exciting so she left, then what happen when Andy cannot keep the relationship exciting, Shirley will left for another man? Let just say if Andy is more rich than Greg so she left, then what happen when there is another guy that is richer than Andy, she will left Andy?
        I do not want a spouse who always compare this compare that, you will never live a happy life if you always compare with everybody.
        We in USA, have a job, a family, a house over my head, food, car, etc.. We all here are millions times better than those poor children in Africa and North Korea right now die of hunger.
        And I don’t think be together long time is lost of exciting, this is up to the individual, not everybody. I know a couple who been together since their freshman year in high school and now they are 30.

    2. if he still has some dignity left in his body he will never ever be back with shirley unless it’s for the sake of revenge haha

    3. If she needs excitement to stay in a relationship, she’ll probably gather several more partners to satisfy her over the course of ten years until she no longer needs excitement.

    4. I don’t agree that it is the guy’s responsibility to make a relationship exciting and fresh. It is the responsibility of the girl as well… Why always burden the guy? That is so unfair…

  21. Agree with you, totally agree. He should find someone else. As for her, well I hope her career is over, serves her right!!!

    1. Maybe Greg is so sad, because he knows he can never find someone as good as Shirley?

      1. I don’t think so… There are plenty of better girls in this world. Shirley cheated on him and now dumped him. I am sure that he can find many girls that are better than that…

      2. @HTS: One again you don’t give Shirley a right to be doubt. Why don’t think that Gregory is doing a PR stunt and killing Shirley’s career?

      3. How good Shirley is, Gregory knows better than us. There inside story, Gregory also knows better than us.

    2. Netizen and parents in HK are kind of picky. When there too much kissing or sexy scenes in movie, they always files complain and stuff. If Shirley is pregnant then I sure many viewers in HK see her as the bad image for their kids. I remember when Sheren Tang back then get drunk and publicy announce her loves for Kong Wah, and at the time Kong Wah was already married and TVB was mad, they frooze her for some time not give her any roles. I really do not think TVB will be very happy if this turn out that Shirley is pregnant.

      1. Shirley might have villain baddie roles in TVB after that. BTW, I think she acts villain in Brick of Law very well, better than all of her goody-2-shoes roles.

  22. Shirley always had the innocent “good girl” image, very shocked to hear about this scandal and the info being revealed each day.

  23. I think the pregnancy rumors are true. She announced to the public that she and Greg broke up two months ago b/c her baby bump will be showing soon… she was probably trying to avoid speculations that she cheated on Greg.

  24. too much tvb actor scandal lately, maybe tvb try to make-up a story…

  25. i speculate she has been having a romp romp affair with Andy quite often if was able to slip birth control. poor Greg didn’t suspect a thing. he should just let go, even if he forgive her now, who says he wont be mad later and resent mother and child. Shirley should stop torturing this man(with her texts) and let him shut her from his life if he is to have any healthy frame of mind and hopes of moving on. im sure he deserves better than someone else’s woman now.

    1. maybe she wanted it to happen even without knowing it so she can give herself a reason to dump greg.

    1. Gregore admitted that he received her SMS.

      Shirley looks tired with a lot of pimples. She denied she isn’t pregnant.

    2. LeilaFan,
      thanks for the article link. Shirley looks as if she may have hormonal acne due to pregnancy. Perhaps the speculations are right.

      1. Jayne,
        Shirley has always has bad skin. Way back in 2007 when she competed in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, there were clips on her practicing dancing with her partner. She didn’t wear make up at that time, and it can be seen that her face has acne scars on it.

      2. Kidd,
        didn’t know about Shirley’s acne history. Her skin always appeared so smooth onscreen. So the hormonal acne as a symptom of pregnancy is still debatable.

    3. its a hot summer day for someone to wear what looks like an oversized jacket. shirley looks awfully starved, hope she feeds her bump.

      i remember many pregnant HK celebrities dont like to admit they’re pregnant due to some superstition about it being bad for the baby at the beginning trimester, .

      1. Humid, if I may add.
        Crazy people dress like that during this time of the year in Hong Kong, unless its going to rain.

  26. Really? I just skim through the articles, not read fully yet and I thought it say that she still NOT answer about her pregnancy situation.

    1. well dont expect an answer out of her anytime soon. they either avoid or deny.

  27. IF she is indeed carrying Andy’s offsring, then for the sake of the innocent baby’s future she should leave.

  28. Lets give Shirley some credit for actually telling Greg. She could have gone along and pretended that it’s his child and he wouldn’t have been the wiser… or she could have simply left him w/o telling him a reason except she doesn’t feel the same way anymore. By doing that, she could have avoided all of this media frenzy!

    She was honest and didn’t take advantage of him. That at the very least is respectable of her.

    Sometimes, people makes mistakes. We shouldn’t call her a s*** or whore…

    1. I agree with you on this, Judy.

      If she is indeed pregnant, she did the right thing. She’s honest to Greg and did not deceive him.

    2. Even if she didn’t tell, I don’t think she can hide it forever. That Andy guy will continue to bothering her, after all he did announce in his Weibo that he succeed win her over.

      1. Should give credit to her for telling him by now if it’s true, better than tell him when the truth is unable to hide.

    3. sorry for the duplicate posts… it wouldn’t post yesterday for some reason!

  29. We should at least give credit to Shirley for being honest w/ him about it. She could have simply let him believe that the child was his and he wouldn’t have been the wiser. Or she could have broken up w/ him by saying she doesn’t love him anymore. She could have avoided this media frenzy… but she told the truth and at least that is respectable.

    Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. We shouldn’t call her a s*** or whore… all people make mistakes.

  30. TVB Men…these days…

    Sort of remind me of Marco Ngai Chun Kit and Joyce Tang Lai Ming… long standing relationship, after that….ended with Marco goes with another young girlfriend, and start a family.

    Similar settings, this time is bad girl Shirley. TVB do this drama!

    1. Actually i feel pity for Joyce, she has been with Marco for so long just ended up being dumped. Even up till now, Joyce is still looking for her mr. right while marco is already a father of 1 daughter.

    2. That is why ladies and gentlemen, ladies especially, never ever ever live with a man without marriage. if marriage is what you want, make sure marriage is what you get before you even live together.

      1. Don’t forget if they want they can get divorce. Nothing can keep unfaithful men.

    3. Don’t blame Marco only. Joyce did wat to make Marco left her, have you ever thought of?

      I kinda ew to Joyce when she acted like pitiful innocent victim. Who said that “I tasted him from toes to head”? Then still can act innocent…

      1. Again, TVB men these days…

        add another couple….Moses Chan Ho and Bernice Liu Bik Yee….

        speaking of Bernice, bye bye for her at TVB because of 620?

      2. @Larry 3
        “add another couple….Moses Chan Ho and Bernice Liu Bik Yee….”

        in this couple case it’s Moses who act like a pitiful innocent puppy. Now that I think about it almost made me vomit

    4. Oh yea, this does remind of Joyce and Marco. THey also dated for 9 years and in the end, they broke up.I wonder what the reason was?? I guess that’s what you call fate. You can date someone for many many years to no avail and then break up. However, there are some that you just know for a very short time and then just get married and have kids…. I guess you can be with one person one moment and another person the next. Everything seems to be separated by just a threadline…

  31. Hm, life is stranger than fiction…so many of us just jump to conclusions. I did too when my friend encountered such a situation. I had a childhood friend who was in the same situation as Gregory Lee. His gf dumped him out of the blue and was pregnant with a mutual acquaintance. It turned out his gf had been raped by their mutual friend and gotten pregnant. Her rapists, who’s psycho BTW, told her that if she didn’t become his woman, then he would circulate the videotape he made of his assault on her. My friend’s gf agreed because she didn’t know what to do in the face of trauma. She was also quite young and came from a traditional family. Well, I don’t want to get into too much details (because life is damn stranger than fiction) but my childhood friend found out the truth in the end. He truly loved her (still does) and didn’t blame her. He’s now married to her and is the father of their (her’s) child. He will be to only father that this child will know.

    In the beginning, we crucified that poor girl. Only to realize she was the victim. That guy who raped her (and my friend in a sense, for destroying their lives) ended up fleeing the state.

    Moral of the story? Don’t be like me kids. It’s bad to assume when you don’t know the facts clearly.

    1. Are you suggesting Shirley was raped?!

      Anyway good for your friend to be a better man and a good man in one. Not many man can do that, but he did, and I applaud him and the girl is very very lucky to have him.

      1. I am suggesting that we be more open minded about the cause of the break up.

    2. Thanks for sharing your friend’s story, but I am so sad to hear that… Your friend is a great man and I applaud him for being such a great guy since not many guys can do that.

      It is true that we don’t know the facts which is why we guess and speculate and I don’t feel it is wrong to do so(as long as we don’t go overboard). I highly doubt that Shirley was raped though. If she was, she would not be behaving the way that she is. She is spotted smiling in public and all… Rape victims don’t act like that at all….

      It is true that we should be more open minded, but it is hard to not guess and speculate since we don’t know the true facts.

  32. The baby was fathered by…. wait for it… his twin! DUN DUN Duuunn….

    Not a fan of hers, seems fake all around.

  33. I give credit to Shirley by actually telling Greg the truth. She could have just pretended the baby was his and gotten married and he wouldn’t have been the wiser, or she could have left him w/ another reason, such as she doesn’t love him anymore. She could have avoid this whole media frenzy, but she told him the truth. I respect her for that b/c she didn’t take the easy way out.

    We all make mistakes. I don’t think she’s a s*** or whore as some people here call her. No one knows what goes on behind closed door or what circumstances their relationship was in what she cheated (not that cheating is ok).

  34. I can’t remember which child roles Gregory was in. Was he in dramas around the late 1980s/early 1990s. Was he in “Price of Growing Up” where he played the child role and Alex Man Chi Leung played the adult. He and Francis Ng both lived in an orphanage and when they both grew up, both fell in love with Kathy Chow Hoi Mei. Was Gregory that little kid? If not, was he in “Looking Back in Anger” where he played the young Ding Yau Kin and then Felix Wong Yat Wah played the adult part.

    1. Yes, Gregory played young Felix Wong in ‘Looking Back in Anger’.

      1. He looks the same as when he was a kid and now as adult. Even hairstyle is the same.

      1. But now Augustine looks weird. Like his head is so big.

      2. I can’t see the photos at all. Do we need to cut and paste the address instead of just clicking on the link??

  35. @ Kidd, Thanks for the info. Do you know which dramas he has been in as an adult?

    1. @Pineapple:

      I think he acted as the ambitious son of a social worker (of a Children’s Home) in this TVB drama, “Seed of Hope” which also starred Kenix Kwok and Patrick Tam.

      He also acted as a blink-and-you-will-miss-it calefare as Shirley’s operator colleague in “Always Ready” which also starred Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Ekin Cheng, Linda Chung, Lai Lok Yi and Elaine Yiu.

      And if I didn’t remember wrongly, also as a blink-and-you-will-miss-it calefare in “Best Selling Secrets”

      And of course “Blade Heart” (which starred Adam Cheng and Liza Wang) where he played Shirley’s admirer and where he and Shirley met and fell in love in real life.

      Hope this helps! ((:

    2. Besides the one listed by Ah K, he’s also in ‘The Conqueror’s Story’ as the useless second Qin Emperor (that’s how the term ‘yi sai jou’ came about).

      Another series he has a more prominent role is where he played a young men who has a terminal sickness and ask for euthanasia. But, his mom won’t let him. It later turns out that his mom has cancer and all these while they have been keep each other alive mentally. Each stay alive for the other person. I forgot what series is that.

      Would appreciate if anyone can tell me what is that series.

      1. Thanks Sam.

        I suspect it’s either HH3 or ‘A Great Way To Care’. But, I check his wikipedia and dramawiki entries and both don’t have HH3 or AGWTC.

        I guess the contributors of both Dramawiki and HH3 missed it.

  36. Listen, for the sake of discussion, let’s not include outliers such as she got raped or maybe she got blackmailed, etc. Because those are not generalized situations and IF that did happen, then every speculation we all did were wrong and if that is the case, then what’s the point of speculating if she got raped already.

    But again back to a more generalized discussion and specifically in regards to the “50/50” concept, I firmly believe in that as well as I am not from the stone ages. But with that said, at a conscious level women ALWAYS say that it’s a partnership, things should be 50/50, we should compromise, etc, but at a subconscious level “most” women would preferred the guy to take charge of most situations.

    But back to my point, that doesn’t mean women can’t decide for themselves or can’t make a decision. Yes you’re right, in general our society has become a lot more busy with tons of responsibility and info overload. A lot more women work now and they can perfectly perform the job at work and make proper decisions. But when it comes to relationships, women “preferred” the guy to make most of the decision such as where to go eat, where to vacation, where to hangout and where to have FUN, etc… because women are already stressed out about work and they don’t feel like making decisions at home on these trivial matters such as food/restaurant or hang out to have fun. And let’s put this in perspective of all this is happening at the “subconscious” level where women don’t even know they prefer that or want that. (This just proves that women say one thing and mean another, this is true for most women and they don’t admit it because they don’t even know they do that especially at the subconscious level)

    Also let’s put my previous comment in perspective where Greg was not doing his job as a guy to keep the relationship interesting and fun and we know it’s not a money issue because i think both of them are not poor and we know she is not a gold digger because they were together for 9+years. I’m specifically focusing on why Shirley dumped Greg and the need for Shirley to have an affair.

    All I’m saying is that it is Greg’s fault because he didn’t keep the relationship interesting and fun and I know this is most likely true because let’s assume that he’s a 50/50 type guy like all of you say that guys and girls should be. So therefore it’s safe to assume that Greg is NOT a dominate guy, rather he is a 50/50 type. So if Greg is a 50/50 type guy, then how is that working out for him right now?? NOT GOOD…. because he got dumped at the end of the day because Shirley decided to cheat on him with another guy. So yeah everyone is saying 50/50 is the way to go, BUT at the end of the day, how is that working out for Greg in reality??

    So ask yourself this question, assume Greg was a 50/50 type guy and he just got dumped and crying about it, then logically it means that this concept of 50/50 DOESN’T work even though all of you and society say that it should work in theory.

    All I want to point out is that at the conscious level 50/50 theory sounds great BUT in reality and at a SUBCONSCIOUS level from Shirley’s perspective, she didn’t like it and that is why she felt like cheating. I always believe that no man really steals the girl from you, it’s always you LOSE the girl to the other guy. Whether Greg is not man enough, show insecurities/jealousy behavior, etc….We know that Shirley used to love and be in-love with Greg because they were together for 9 years, but Greg didn’t keep up the excitement and fun and therefore he lost her, in simple terms.

    1. ” But with that said, at a conscious level women ALWAYS say that it’s a partnership, things should be 50/50, we should compromise, etc, but at a subconscious level “most” women would preferred the guy to take charge of most situations.”

      ” And let’s put this in perspective of all this is happening at the “subconscious” level where women don’t even know they prefer that or want that. (This just proves that women say one thing and mean another, this is true for most women and they don’t admit it because they don’t even know they do that especially at the subconscious level)”

      And how do you know women’s subconscious more than women themselves? How do you, a man, know about women’s subconscious which women themselves don’t know?

      “So ask yourself this question, assume Greg was a 50/50 type guy and he just got dumped and crying about it, then logically it means that this concept of 50/50 DOESN’T work even though all of you and society say that it should work in theory.”

      No, this argument does not work. You are using an assumption to argue for something that’s fact.

      Fact – Shirley dump Greg
      Fact – Greg cried about it
      Assumption – Greg is a 50/50 guy
      Conclusion – 50/50 doesn’t work

      You statement still reminds me of the ‘Obedient Wife Club’ motto, only in reverse.

  37. I don’t understand why Gregory would reveal that Shirley was pregnant with someone else’s baby. It just shows that she cheated on him. Unless that’s what he wants the media to portray her as.

  38. I read this in golden forum.


    Can anyone tell me what happen to Shirley during the time of Bitter Bitten?

  39. Shirley should have dumped gregory long ago, he was a famous kid many decades ago but now, he is nobody. If it wasn’t for his dad, he would not even work as an extra in TVB. Just look at the dude, not attractive whatsoever. Nonetheless, Shirley’s acting sucks, she can’t act for shiet! She needs to get some braces too, her teeth, something wrong with her teeth like she had given too many BJs or something. Anyway, forget that and let’s concentrate on both of them, she is a typical superficial hoe and he is nobody, they would have gotten a divorce if they were to be married anyway. Just look at her, she is the type for any rich guy to LEASE not to own, why would anyone wants to own something like that. I hate to say it but all my friends and roommates though Shirley is the hoe in the relationship and it’s just a matter of time before she dumped that sorry dude. Thank god they didn’t get married, he is nobody in TVB and she is a C-RATED actress if not worst.

    1. This criticism and name calling is uncalled for. Please don’t forgot that Shirley has been with Gregory for 9 years. Their relationship was not looked on favourably because Shirley made more than Gregory. Shirley was even frozen by TVB because she was very open with her relationship with Gregory. But, through all these, she never gave up on the relationship. If she’s a ‘hoe’ she would have left Greg long ago and hooked on to someone richer. She didn’t.

      So now, she has a changed of heart and want to quit the relationship for whatever reason, she’s a ‘hoe’ and ‘gold-digger’?

      1. I suppose yes, but took her 9 years to realise money is more important. I won’t blame her, but I just don’t like the way she goes about it and now having the worst PR move ever, like Charlene Choi’s interview. She can have her change of heart, but the way she went about it, I don’t blame the name calling. Why don;t she just tell the truth. Because whatever she said in the interview seems to be news to everyone.

      2. Hey, get use to it, Shirley is the type most guys would do a hit-and-run, if u know what i mean. LMFAO! I think she was naive in the past but finally woke up from reality that money is more important than being with someone who has no future. Gregory is one sorry dude, like i said before, if it wasn’t for his dad he would be begging on the street of HK. Shirley is too used up to have anyone who is wealthy to marry something like that. However, she could make a good BJ mistress, just look at those lips and teeth. LOL! I know some of you may say something nasty about me, like who am I to judge but then again, I am not an actor who is trying to make myself look good in front of fans. You know Shirley is trying to make herself look good out of this break up, what a gullible hoe, LOL!

  40. In the end, only the two of them know “the truth”……

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