Shirley Yeung Shows Fighting Spirit

Strong-willed and determined, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) looks past the challenges she has experienced and continues to work hard every day to support her five-year-old daughter, Krystal. Although once a leading actress at TVB, Shirley’s life took a sharp turn in 2011 when she announced her break up with long-term boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), and became pregnant with ex-diver Andy Ng‘s (吳帥) baby. Breaking up with Andy, Shirley became a single mother and faced criticism for the messy handling of her romantic life.

Despite her life having been a roller coaster of a ride, Shirley remained strong and picked herself up for her daughter’s sake. Continuing to do her best every day, Shirley expressed, “Right now, earning enough money to support my family is more important than anything else. Happiness and sadness, and the ups-and-downs – I’ve experienced them all. The most important thing is to take good care of Baby [Krystal]. It doesn’t matter how busy work gets, it’s all worth it in the end when I see my daughter.”

On the possibility of returning to TVB, Shirley said, “That’s where I started my career. I’ve worked there for over a decade – there are a lot of good memories and it gave me a sense of belonging. If there is a chance, I would definitely go back.”

38 and Still Fighting

Proving that age is only a number, the 38-year-old actress showcases her toned physique on the set of movie, Special Female Force <辣警爆王花>, among her younger female co-stars. Taking on a role of a female fighter, Shirley even daringly wore a bikini during an action scene. Shirley laughed, “I actually haven’t done a lot of jobs that require me to be sexy lately, but I have to give it my all when it comes to movies! I’ve been learning how to become a female fighter and filming has been very fun. I found out that I do have slightly visible abs! I was so surprised seeing this as I rarely exercise.”

Source: East Week

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  1. Oo, a positive light on her. Never found her sexy; more cute, nerd next door vibe. How is wearing a bikini “daring” xD She’s a fighter. Shouldn’t the way she fights and how convincing she looks like a fighter more important than looking skimpy in bikini? O.o

  2. she has a great body and she doesn’t look 38. i am suprised to hear that she rarely exercises b/c i know a few women that age. they used to be skinny and flat belly but after hitting 35, i saw their mid sections ballooned up. she’s lucky that she doesn’t exercise and still have such nice curves and abs. i thought she’d at least do yoga.

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