Sisley Choi Doesn’t Care About Her Wardrobe Malfunction at “Presumed Accidents” Promo

(The following article contains spoilers for Presumed Accidents.)

Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Selena Lee (李施嬅) and more attended an event in Tsuen Wan to promote their TVB drama Presumed Accidents <純熟意外>, which will be airing its final week of episodes next week.

Sisley, who was wearing an off-shoulder white dress, accidentally revealed her adhesive bra and tape while playing games with the cast on stage. Sisley said in a later interview, “I wasn’t expecting to get so into the games.” Asking if she had put on any safety undergarments, she boldly said, “No, but it’s okay!”

Lawrence pointed out that he was the one who inadvertently exposed the most during the games. “Some of the buttons on my shirt came off. I guess my pecs were just that great!”

In Presumed Accidents, both Lawrence and Sisley play insurance claim inspectors. While it was implied on the show that Lawrence and Sisley’s characters might end up together due to their spiritual connection, it was later revealed that Lawrence is actually Sisley’s birth father.

In regards to this revelation, Lawrence said, “It’s supposed to be a shocker.” Asking Sisley if she finds it to be a pity that she was unable to play a couple with Lawrence, she said, “No, I actually like this better! It makes more sense!”

Gossip rumors say that Selena and Sisley did not get along on set due to Sisley winning out in the lead female role. In response to this, Selena said rookie actresses like Sisley deserve to have more opportunities to cultivate their abilities. Sisley also clarified, “We all got along really well. I’m very happy and honored to get Selena’s support.”

Sisley then said that cast relationships aren’t as messy and dramatic as the media make it seem. “It’s all just gossip. They’re never true.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I’m very surprised about this drama; it’s actually quite watchable. The twist relationship certainly took me by surprise, which I found delightful because I had been rolling my eyes at the Lawrence-Sisley age gap. (Although, the romantic implications suddenly then became even ickier in hindsight)

    The series itself is a bit too dramatic (for insurance fraud), but it’s keeping me entertained, which, in this age of lowered standards, is enough.

  2. If it weren’t for Sisley’s improved acting, I would not have watched it this far. The father-daughter relationship is a twist but poorly written and doesn’t make any sense for all. The old bow tie guy has poor acting skills, he acts the exact same way in every role he gets. I have lost all interest in the series now.

    1. @mike the relationship between lawrence and sisley was going fine until the part that it became father-daughter spoiled it all. lawrence’s character is supposed to be a rich guy who doesn’t need to worry about money and has all the connections…but he is too well dressed all the time, even when cooking.

  3. This series is definitely watchable, but mostly because of the individual insurance claim stories, which are entertaining, but highly unrealistic and way too overdramatic.  In terms of the acting – sorry, but Lawrence is outright boring in here and Sisley’s acting is still bad despite the slight improvement from prior series (mostly to her voice, which it’s obvious she toned down quite a bit)….her facial expressions are still lacking though and I feel absolutely nothing for her in any of the emotional scenes she has.  On the other hand, some of the supporting cast are actually quite decent in here in terms of the acting – at least I don’t feel the urge to turn off the TV like I do with most of Sisley’s scenes.  And yes, the ‘big reveal’ scene was poorly written and poorly executed, which is a shame given how critical that scene was to the series.  I think the story itself has potential, it’s just that the script is poorly written and overall execution was also poor. 

  4. i don’t quite understand why there is a group of sinister characters who are out to kill. but i do enjoy each episode of the insurance claim and how they cheated.

  5. Personally, I don’t even mind the father-daughter relationship. It was weird and awkward but it was still ‘suspenseful.’ What I really didn’t like was the whole being immortal and coming from the Yuan dynasty. That was completely unnecessary and could have been entirely removed. It made the entire drama seem like a joke.
    Also… Lawrence’s scenes from the Yuan dynasty were cringe-worthy. I cringed every time he tried to look ‘devastated’ by the princess (Selena Li)’s death…

    1. @melia880 the repeated nightmares he had from Yuan dynasty really made me cringe. the other ridiculous thing is his endless connections with important people to get information.

  6. The father daughter twist is OK, but Lawrence acted like he liked her as gf and chasing after her, rather than fatherly love. His acting sucks here. Sisley is OK here. She is getting prettier too. But too thin….

  7. the whole series is so unrealistic , just watch to find out how the ending goes , still NO NO to Sisley acting , no expression

  8. the show is watchable with difference insurance claim stories, and i enjoy watching Joyce and Raymond cho. Sisley has improve slightly with her acting and i guess her character is less annoying.

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