Song Joong Ki’s Revenge Drama “Reborn Rich” to Air in November

Starring Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Been, upcoming Korean Reborn Rich will air on November 18. The fantasy series is based on a hit novel about a loyal employee, who after being murdered by his employer, returns as the reborn son of the family and plots for revenge. Set in the 1980s, the set and locations were meticulously planned to emit a nostalgic  retro feel.

In the series’ teaser video, the main leads read a small snippet, revealing the overarching plot of the storyline. “This is a story about a man who was born poor, becomes a rich family’s slave, and even gives his life. But this is also a story about the rich family’s youngest son, born into wealth and embroiled in a journey of businesses devouring other businesses with a demon-like greed.” Panning to Song Joong Ki, the 37-year-old actor reads to the camera, “Is rebirth a blessing? Or is it another nightmare?” The solemn expressions of the actors and eerie atmosphere piqued the audience’s interest.

Song Joong Ki will be portraying two characters – one as the poor but loyal employee, and another as the reborn son of the chaebol family. The main antagonist is the head of the chaebol family, portrayed by Lee Sung Min, who is ruthless and greedy. Actress Shin Hyun Been will portray a prosecutor of The Corruption Investigation Office (CIO) who  becomes embroiled in the power struggle within the family.

“Reborn Rich” Trailer

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. To be frank, reborn theme is extremely popular in Chinese fan-novels.. I do enjoy reading the really well written novels… I am excited to watch how Korean is using this genre to create a drama!!! Super excited….

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