Steven Ma Won Lottery on Birthday

By on November 9, 2010 in Hot Gossip!, NEWS


On Steven Ma Chun Wai’s thirty-ninth birthday, he won the lottery! Since the good news spread, many of Steven’s friends congratulated him. Previously, Steven has never won the lottery in his life time.

Steven won the third prize and over $30,000 (HKD). Although the prize money was not a large sum, winning the lottery was a very auspicious sign! Steven laughed and said that while filming Thunder of the Forbidden Palace <紫禁驚雷>, all his colleagues came over to shake his hand, hoping to receive Steven’s good luck streak.

While working, Steven was reunited with dog actor, Ah Wong, who was his canine partner in A Watchdog’s Tale <老友狗狗>. The pair established a good friendship from their past collaboration.
Source: the Sun

Jayne: I buy the lottery occasionally when the jackpot hits over $100 million, but haven’t even won a penny yet! Congratulations to Steven Ma, maybe this is indeed an auspicious sign for next year.

5 comments to Steven Ma Won Lottery on Birthday

  1. Kidd says:

    $30,000 (HKD) is a lot to me. Congrats to Steven.

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  2. Allen says:

    Awesome birthday gift, winning 3rd prize in the lottery is amazing. Congratz

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  3. HeTieShou says:

    Maybe that is a good sign for him? My brother buys it all the time but has hardly ever won. He only won a small amount once in his life, so Steven winning $30.000 HK dollars is a lot.

    Glad to see that he has reunited with his canine friend. What a sweet and cute picture of the 2 of them together…

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  4. Aly says:

    What a great birthday present. The best I ever did on the lottery was winning 4 numbers, and I think I got like 80 bucks or so for it, but that was the closest I ever got.

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  5. yen says:

    ssooo cuteee of his pic with the cannie!!!
    lovvee them both in a watchdog’s tale!!!

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