Tavia Yeung Endorses For A Six Figure Sum, Exposes Receiving Lingerie From Steven Ma

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Tavia Yeung (杨怡) endorses lingerie for a six figure sum and commend that men who accompanies her to shop for lingerie are able to win her affection. Tavia also expressed that Steven Ma (马浚伟) had ever bought lingerie as a gift to her!

Hong Kong’s popular female artiste, Tavia Yeung, was invited to endorse Sorella’s  “B-Lifted” lingerie line. Tavia flew into Singapore yesterday (27 August 2011) and visited three shopping malls to promote the product and to interact with fans.

This is Tavia’s first time endorsing a lingerie brand. She had apparently been in talks with the lingerie company for more than a year now before finally meeting a consensus on the endorsement deal.

Tavia accepted an interview at Nex shopping mall, self-professing to be a conservative person thus of course having her misgivings and hesitating about the endorsement offer earlier on.

Tavia expressed, “Previously, to me, lingerie should only be hidden at home and wore and seen by myself. If I bought something sexy, I would keep it well after looking and didn’t dare to wear it.”

Tavia who didn’t gave much emphasis to lingerie in the past, felt that this endorsement was an iconic project as it marked her first step in surpassing herself. Furthermore, as this was also the first time the lingerie company, Sorella, was finding a spokesperson for their brand, Tavia felt that they were especially fated with each other.

Tavia said that friends and relatives around her initially thought that her endorsement of lingerie would be extremely provocative. However, upon watching the Sorella advertisement she filmed, they felt that it was very beautiful, very fashionable and modern and were thus acceptive to it.

Not intentionally showing off her sexiness

It was such a pity though that Tavia did not show any alluring “career line” (cleavage) at the events yesterday. Tavia laughed and said that there was no need to show off her lingerie as it could be seen that her confidence had already shone through.

Asked about how wide her measurements were, Tavia professed that choosing to shoot a lingerie advertisement was not meant to showcase her sexy side but rather to convey the message that a good lingerie could deliver confidence and knowledge to protect one’s body.

As for her acting job, she would go according to how the plot will be filmed but would try her best not to be overly sexy and do the necessary precautions to avoid any accidental exposure.

Tavia expressed seriously that she isn’t a person who would deliberately show off her sexy side.

Being curious about the remuneration fee received for this one year endorsement, Xinmsn [a entertainment web portal and the interviewer of this interview] asked Tavia about it. In reply to this, Tavia smiled, thanked the boss of Sorella lingerie and said, “I am extremely satisfied with the remuneration received. Hope that we will continue to have the opportunities to work together again in the future.”

After which, the lingerie company, Sorella, was willing to reveal that the endorsement fee was a six figure sum dominated in Singapore dollars.

Tavia shared with the media that her first time buying lingerie was with her mom, who had brought her there. At that time, she would pick those lingerie that were very conservative and wouldn’t protrude her chest, for example, a sports bra, as she felt embarrassed and didn’t wish to let guys see it.

However, upon growing up, she realized the importance of a lingerie and that lingerie should be chosen based on something that suits yourself. Tavia revealed that apart from consulting an expert for opinions, she would also shop for lingerie with the friends around her.

Tavia even urged those female audience present at the venue to try asking their boyfriend to shop for lingerie together as men usually have a keen sense of taste.

Tavia explained, “Men can bring us greater confidence. If a lingerie is worn well, he would sing your praises and you would be even more confident.”

[Caption: Fans arranged a birthday surprise for Tavia, Tavia happily expressed that this marked her first time celebrating her birthday in Singapore.]

As for men who might feel awkward being at the venue, Tavia smiled and extended an invitation to the male audience to accompany her to walk around the lingerie shop together. Her fans then screamed hysterically upon hearing this.

Tavia felt that since women do not mind accompanying men to select their men’s underwear then men shouldn’t feel embarrassed (shopping with women for their lingerie) too. Tavia even advised the male audience that sometimes their wives’ lingerie were meant for their eyes thus if they saw that their wives’ lingerie was already old and worn out, they could buy and give them new ones.

Hearing Tavia dishing out tips like an expert, it was believed that those types of men were especially good at winning Tavia’s affection. Then in that case, is being able to shop lingerie with her, one of her criteria when looking for a boyfriend?

Tavia agreed and said, “That would be nice and considerate. In knowing what we women need, it could pull our relationship much closer.”

Steven Ma gave Tavia Yeung a leopard print lingerie

Although Tavia had been rumored with TVB male actor Chris Lai (黎诺懿) in recent days, she expressed that she hasn’t found “someone” who was willing to accompany her to walk inside a lingerie shop.

However, Tavia revealed that she had ever received a lingerie given by a male and that person was none other than TVB colleague Steven Ma (马浚伟)!

Tavia went on to describe that at that time, Steven Ma went to Canada for work and asked her what present would she like to receive. Tavia then replied to Steven  to buy anything as she would still like it, even a hand moisturizing cream would also do. In the end, when Steven went into the shop, he chose a lingerie and a leopard print design lingerie at that!

When Steven gave her the lingerie, he said, “I don’t know your measurements and I don’t know whether you like it or not but you can go back and wear it for someone who likes you to see you in it.”

As for the fate of that special present, Tavia laughed and  disclosed, “After trying it, I placed it at the bottom of my closet.”

However, Tavia was still very happy as that was her first time receiving lingerie from a male and highly praised Steven for being a good role model to men out there.

Tavia had ever endorsed a breast enhancement product which had seen results but she didn’t wish to reveal the measurements of her current cup size and emphasized that health is her main objective when endorsing such a product.

Tavia will be proceeding over to Malaysia to promote for Sorella before flying back to Hong Kong.

Source: Xinmsn

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. exoidus says:

    Steven had “even”?

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    • Ah K replied:


      Wow, you have sharp eyes! 😀

      Hmm but actually “… that Steven Ma (马浚伟) had ever bought lingerie as a gift to her!” sounds alright to me lehs lol! Haha maybe wait till the chief editor cum “shifu” sees it and decide heh! 😀

      Thanks for suggesting and pointing that out though! 😀

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      • exoidus replied:

        ok la just wait for master roishi LOL

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  2. Kidd says:

    Haha. Steven is funny. He did it on purpose to tease her I bet.

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  3. Pineapple says:

    I wonder is Steven and Tavia going out together or something?

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    • Kidd replied:

      Steven has a steady girlfriend already.

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      • LeilaFan replied:

        Oh, who is Steven steady girlfriend? Is she in the Entertainment Circle?

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  4. Pineapple says:

    Who’s Steven’s girlfriend and does Tavia have a boyfriend?

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  5. claimine says:

    I don’t know why Tavia brought that last year bra incident up again, and with her much abbreviated version of the whole incident made it seemed like SM was so out there giving her a pair of bras out of the blue.

    The first time it was funny though the joke was at Steven’s expense and quite quite embarrassing to him because of the way she told it. But the incident did show their ease and playfulness with each other.

    Frankly I was quite irate at her when she recently brought up the incident again not telling the whole story. (in youtube)

    How that came about:

    In Today’s VIP Steven and Linda’s interview, Steven was queried about that intriguing report of him buying Tavia bras as souvenirs. Steven clarifies the incident.

    Paraphrasing from memory:
    That Tavia! I was going to Canada for work so I said to her: “I’m going to Canada for work.”

    She exclaims: Yay! Buy me some souvenirs!”
    I said: What do you want?
    She mentioned some boutique store which I wasn’t familiar with. But she said just go in and buy something there.

    Myolie Wu was there then and she piped, “Are you really going to go in there?”
    I said: What does it sell?
    Myolie: She’s pulling your leg. It sells feminine stuff!

    Later, Tavia text me with what to buy, perfumes and such…(?) When I got to Canada, I really found that store. There were all kinds of bras displayed all over the store and of myriad colors too. It also has other products like skin-care products and lingerie. But I’m not going in there. So who bought the bra? Louise Lee Sze Kei’s daughter, Yip Qing, went into the store to get the bra. (She got the leopard print bra too?) I suggested that. Tavia was so naughty, so I chose that leopard print bra for her, see if she dares wear it!

    Note: The store was Victoria Secrets.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Not cheap! A rather expensive gift!

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    • Ah K replied:


      I think Tavia was just trying to think of a joke appropriate to the topic of men buying lingerie and could only thought of that lahs. I’m sure her friendship with Steven is strong enough to know that he will be magnanimous enough not to mind lahs! 😀

      Anyway, I don’t mind seeing Tavia and Steven together as a couple! I like their pairing up in the TVB drama, “Sweetness Of The Salt”!

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        I love them in… Land Of Wealth.. the one with Moses. That was one series I really liked Tavia. A pity…

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      • Ah K replied:

        @Funn Lim:

        I like that one too! The one where Moses’ character was some fugitive on the run after his entire family died except him right! Then Tavia’s character loved Steven’s character but married Moses in the end to carry on her family bank business and so that he can help her dad or something. But in the end, Tavia’s character died shortly after giving birth, damn sad! :'(

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Ah K, yes that one, such a sad love story for Tavia and Steven. I really liked their pairing, like perfect for each other and Tavia was graceful in there. What a pity such an ending.

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      • josie replied:

        I don’t think tavia’s ending was as pitiful as Steven.At least she and Moses’ character grew to love each other.

        I notice Steven ends up alone in a lot of series- LoW, SitS, where the legend begins (lok sun), sentinel, etc… maybe too righteous for his own good.

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    • Jayne replied:

      Thanks for providing more details of the story of why Steven bought Tavia lingerie. LOL, a humorous story!

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    • Faith replied:

      Of course Steve wouldn’t know Victoria Secrets. lol

      He should got her 5 panties for US$25.

      I think Gap has better panties and bras. It is so comfortable.

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      • josie replied:

        I can’t believe Steven has never seen a Victoria’s secrets catalog. Poor, deprived guy.
        Surely, Ron ng could’ve lent him some reading material.

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  6. claimine says:

    The VIP Today interview was last year during his and Linda’s A Watchdog Tale promo.

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    • tvbholic replied:

      tavia brought it up in relation to men buying bra for girls.

      also, To me, the reason why she didnt relate the story in full was because she was really tired that day and i guess cos she had to say it in chinese, thus, she wasnt really comfortable and fluent in it.

      also, i dun think steven minds cos he didnt respond playfully directly to tavia about it on weibo!

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      • tvbholic replied:

        sorry, i mean, he DID respond… not didn’t

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  7. Pineapple says:

    Ah K: Was Sweetness of the Salt about a triangle love story with Tse Tin Wah whom Tavia ended up with in the end? It was rather an unusual story and I was disappointed that she picked Tse Tin Wah rather than Steven but thought it was quite a good series. Something about their astrology (birth signs) or something.

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    • Ah K replied:


      Nope! “Sweetness Of The Salt” is the periodic drama starring Tavia, Steven and Raymond Wong. The one where Tavia’s parents are illegal salt smugglers and got arrested by the government officer Steven Ma so she has this love-hate relationship with Steven and she later married the heavily sick Raymond Wong. (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweetness_in_the_Salt)

      Hmm…I think the modern drama you were referring to is “Cupid Stupid”! The horoscope drama starring Tavia, Steven and Michael Tse right! 😀 Haha sorry I didn’t really like that drama actually, felt it was quite boring lol! 😛

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      • Pineapple replied:

        Thanks Ah K. So You didn’t like Cupid Stupid – really, ’cause I thought it was really quite good maybe because I like all three actors in it. Funnily enough none of my other friends liked it either. Oh well, can’t all be the same. This “Sweetness of the Salt” sounds interesting though. Can’t remember it being shown in the UK. Can you remember when it was shown?

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      • SDS replied:

        I think Cupid Stupid was watchable only because Michael and Steven were there- not something we’ve seen before really. They may have been able to replace Tavia with someone else and I would still have watched it though 😛

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      • Fox replied:

        Haha SDS, you are so straight forward :P.

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  8. ada says:

    Glad that Tavia is making some ‘serious’ money…lol…..
    Regarding steven ma’s incident- very cute! That’s what good friends do for each other for fun!

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    • Jaelyn replied:

      Damn, I wish I could think of seomtnhig smart like that!

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    • bfefgjow replied:

      MeHcfE xvzlmbdlfcer

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  9. AC says:

    I remember that bra story from Steven’s VIP interview. haha

    I think they make a really good onscreen couple, but they always have such sad endings!

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  10. SDS says:

    Tavia may be the last TVB fadan I want to see in lingerie… Cause I’m willing to bet its just as boring…

    😛 joking

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  11. samche says:

    that’s just so cute of steven ma !!! hes very sweet.

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  12. impmuse says:

    Wow, Tavia looks great here!

    Love her hairstyle and glowing skin texture and colour. She also looks relaxed and happy.

    Don’t like the bottom half of her dress though -what was the designer thinking?!

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    • POPCORN replied:

      Ha! thats what i was thinking!

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