Synopsis of TVB’s Ghost Comedy “House of Spirits”

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Synopsis of TVB’s Ghost Comedy “House of Spirits”

Paying homage to TVB’s past ghost comedies, the new supernatural comedy House of Spirits <一屋老友記> will be gliding into Hong Kong TV screens on Monday, June 27th.

The 31-episode drama is inspired by the 1980 TVB ghost comedy Don’t Look Now <執到寶>, a hilarious comedy about an elderly, retired fireman and his row with four ghosts who enjoy possessing his family members to communicate with him.


Retired dim sum sifu Bo Luk (Lau Kong 劉江) suddenly passes away. He leaves behind a will, and names his eldest son Bo Foon (Bobby Au-yeung 歐陽震華) as the executor. As instructed on Bo Luk’s will, Bo Foon gets his three younger siblings to come back to the main house, where they are to live together for nine months before offering the property up for sale.

Second daughter Bo Yan (Joyce Tang 滕麗名) is an inconsiderate wife, and refuses to bring her Mainland Chinese husband Mui Chiu (Tsui Wing 徐榮) and their daughter back to Hong Kong with her. Third son Bo Yu (Jonathan Cheung 張穎康) and his wife Yu Fa (Koni Lui 呂慧儀), both stingy and profit-minded people, are more than happy to come back and take advantage of the house. Youngest son Bo Yi (Bob Cheung 張彥博), who is studying abroad, immediately returns to Hong Kong after hearing the distress call.

Amidst all the sibling conflict and rifts, Bo Foon discovers that he has the ability to see ghosts. He befriends Bak Wah (Bowie Wu 胡楓) and Yi Lan (Helena Law 羅蘭)—a pair of elderly, bickering ghosts who have been haunting the house for many years. The two elders often use their wit and powers to help Bo Foon solve his family drama, but their help is often hilariously futile.

Meanwhile, Bo Foon employs the help of hydropower technician Chu Chan-chan (Nancy Wu 胡定欣) to fix the house’s pipes. Bo Foon and Chan-chan struggle to get along, but their constant squabbling leads to an interesting fate.

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  1. mulder99 says:

    Great series so far, really funny…
    Koni Lui actually steals her scenes….

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